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So the money and and I think that’s true. Okay , because that’s how it all started when the promoters went to the city , and so we can’t do it in Chancey Park , the city said . We want to keep it in the city .

Yes. If they want the money .

They could have done it somewhere else. Yes , that they wanted to keep it in the city . So that’s why we ended up Woodward park instead of at the fairgrounds or someplace else where somebody else will get the money . Yes , but when he says you know and I guess the , what the parks department is gonna get the money is right .

I think that that’s what I read.

But that doesn’t really solve our parks problem our parks problem is so huge $100,000 doesn’t do anything I mean made sounds like a lot of money to people that you know I done or what these people the what the parks problem solved in our community. It’s it’s millions and millions and millions of dollars , isn’t it . Yes . Yeah , so it’s not going to be like $100,000 is gonna solve our part .

That’s $100,000 more than yesterday.

But if you know , if we had 2 of these a year and a $200,000 we almost have to beg them to go over to get the penalty to make any real difference what must start right 4-9 zero 5-8 5 HR Brodsky Christina Mossad on KMJ 10:30 check the news. Here’s let’s Kern .

Thank you John and Christine District Court Judge Gonzales Korea. The federal judge who’s impartiality was questioned by then-candidate Donald Trump because of his Mexican heritage is set to hear a case involving the president’s border wall Sara Sidner has more from San Diego .

We have not heard anything back from the White House as to whether I Donald Trump still feels anyway about Judge Korea Al what we do know is that the federal judge has never uttered publicly a negative world about Donald Trump.

The case is being brought by the state of California and multiple groups. It challenges the Department of Homeland Security’s power to waive environmental laws to construct the border wall saying it’s a violation of the Constitution and state laws . The Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau is in California today meeting with Governor Jerry Brown at San Francisco’s Fairmont Hotel later on Trudeau will participate in diversity discussions with members of the tech industry and the CEOs of eBay sales force and Amazon among others . The Prime Minister will then fly to Los Angeles this afternoon , delivering an address at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library on Wall Street the Dow off 420 points at 23,000-4 39 it’s 10-30 one it KMJ Valley weather right now 62 degrees at Radio City under hazy sunny skies today . Partly sunny . A high of 76 tonight hazy alone overnight , a 48 then for your Saturday we will see sign and some patchy clouds a high of 73 tomorrow with news on the hour on the half and , when it breaks I’m Liz Carr new stock 5-81 0 5-9 KMJ .

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Good morning , John. Rossi Christina Musab wrap it up this Woodward issue it’s a done deal . City Council has voted concerts going to happen .

And , but still. People are upset .

You know they are , you know I say give them a given this shot given might give him a shotgun a chance if it’s really terrible. You don’t get a second chance .

And if it’s really terrible maybe nobody gets a second chair.

Well , and that’s the possibility too.

Claudia on KMJ.

Okay , guys. Christine , welcome back .

Thank you.

Hear your voice again so so here you know I live across the street. They’ve been there 28 years . Okay . But I don’t know when , and I man just off of Bryant there and I would tell you every time there’s any kind of a large event there were park . Well , it’s a matter of stretched out over a day or 2 . The parking comes into the neighborhood of spills over the trash spills over out of the people’s cars their cans bottles of soda bottles , whatever their spell over there and in the people wander through the neighborhood they come driving through there very fast on our streets and another street sex scene it what should happen and not only that , right now we are experiencing in massive over flow of people being you know crossing streets . That’s one of the hardest reached cost at that pump or the bridges the 41 overpass and people were running across there . So there’s gonna be traffic problems like the Council even hopefully nobody did you know and not only that we have with service , the police department has to spend their time at this this event now saying that and thinking of this . Why is it something like that . Even if you did you may never think about maybe this fairgrounds grounds . They have a power all theater and they have the parking . They have , but the staff they have everything they need there . What a perfect place I’m thinking for that type of of an event , but it is not a good place and our neighbors and I’m sorry , it’s just , it’s just a bad idea and I you know my will supported Lee branded of all support of our city council with the best of their interests of the city , but they were really dropped the ball on this one . By the way . Hats off to Gary Brent for standing up .

So you feel like Gary brother felt represented you on this issue.

Absolutely , and you know , you know , going to be it’s not all about Alexis this is you know rich people that live at Woodward Park ageless as middle class , they couldn’t believe me I’m not a rich people. So it’s not about that at all . It’s about doing the right thing and this is something that this promoter , but we’ve never door’s been open now and it’s kinda continue moving that in that direction . It’s not going to be good .

So you think this is like the slippery slope we’re getting into here.

Oh , absolutely. Without a doubt there is I I I I know this I mean promoters are promoting to make money . Look I I’m fine with the guy making money whatever you used to do , but not on this , I was just , then it’s not witnessed this plan . It’s not good , it’s just not good and he got away and he snuck it in there and then you know you face the music her grandchild with you and everything , you talked about this , but I think by that point it was too late . I think people argue China we committed to be honest with you .

Okay , well , EMI alleges frequently to your question about the Greg. Yes , okay , this is my address at the fairgrounds isn’t city . No , okay . Then the city wanted to keep it in the city for the revenue . Yes , so , yeah , with , I mean should yeah a clash with the city have just said you know it would be better if it went to the fairgrounds . And they got the money .

No , I mean if I’m if I’m thinking of myself in my best interest rate. I wanted to be one of my values here . Well , I I can provide and and make some cash . I think the personally .

I think there’s I understand promoter went to the city and said you know chance he’s not going to work for us. Now we need to go somewhere else . We need more room .

Yes. Where can we go .

And the city said. What we want to keep it in the city . And so this is what the city came if the city had done something else . And so we can find you venue might now be in the city are of the promoter we care broader the venue .

No , I think that’s , that’s the way I understand it , you know , I’ll just remind people once again that the promoters themselves no definitely no their shoes. Their deaths . They grew up around the park . They want to Clovis High School they they know the issues a pertaining to these events . And I think they are really are sincerely working to make sure that these problems are mitigated as best as possible . You know it is I mean it once again it is a city park and I’m sure that there still parking problems and other issues on days like 4th July Memorial Day and and other big holidays when everybody’s out Woodward Park picnicking with their families and you’ve got cars lining fry it and an autobahn you know for people walking into the park to go to family a bit , I mean when I drove past 4th July , oh my gosh , she was a madhouse at the park and I’m sure they were parking in the neighborhoods there and and leaving their trash on those days as well . What is it about trash right away . I hope I don’t know , Brian with you on this , what , just throw your trash and a trash can , for heaven sakes , which is what is the problem . Take it home taken home leaving your Karzai who don’t understand with the trash thing as I don’t we over the promoters who they know there were lots and lots of trash cans like it . We were not gonna look I hope there’s a trash can . You know .

There’s not a trash can. You don’t have to throw it on the ground .

I know.

Tea Party was meeting.


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