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South Korea
Valentine's Day
White House


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That’s 100% Valley authentic and that’s one of the absolute greatest thing is that we have going for us. I mean it is a blast to walk into work every day . We literally and 3 generations of people in the restaurant at one time I mean one of the coolest things going as friends of mine at our age they were go my kids are telling me it’s their place . Now I think that’s , that’s pretty cool .

Valentine’s Day is Wednesday , February 14.

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You are welcome. And we really appreciate that you’re here .

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Mr. world here about to take on the world’s wildest rodeo bull obviously he’s nothing like I class world the world’s best way to buy glasses. Because the people that I class world well they don’t try to throw you off with confusing prices no you make everything clear and simple without all the ball I glance where else the world’s best way to glasses can get to Paris for $78 if it I guess . Well that harvester located the topic details this is .

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This is foreign to you you need blankets in days Barney she is live commentator Joel Stein farm deal is brought to you by pollen application service just got a call an that’s pollen and by the Coalition for property rights. Now here’s Joe . Hello . Welcome to farm view it takes off .

Paramount of land to maintain a profitable farming operation and yes I did say profitable as in profit. That’s the idea . You know this is still America , at least for now . So the last thing America‘s farmers need are more property taxes in most states , there are certain legislative requirements that must be met before property taxes can be increased , but that doesn’t stop some special interest groups and their political cronies from raising our property taxes anyway and , when property taxes go up farmers are especially hard hit . Because of how much land they need to own in order to do business , when we get back from the break . I’ll tell you just how sneaky some of these tax hungry people can be .

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Okay. I was talking about how sneaky some special interest groups in their political associates can be when it comes to figuring out tricky ways to raise our property taxes without calling them property taxes and thereby getting around legal requirements how something called benefit fees . Hey . That doesn’t sound like property taxes but they’re added to your property tax bill . Just the same . They’re supposed to offset the state’s cost of protecting structures in rural areas from fire damage and things like that , but you get charged for these benefit fees . Well , you have any structures are not even if you already have fire insurance benefit fees to benefit who not farmers and ranchers . We all need to stay alert to these sneaky property tax increases . I’m Joe Scott and this has been . Foreign view : the opinions expressed on this program are not necessarily those of this radio station or its sponsors always remember no farms no food so long .

I 35 now here on the team G Agri Park. Let’s take a look now at Joe weather forecast to find out if this warming trend will continue as we approach the weekend .

Across the valley today look for patchy fog before 10:00 AM then hazy sunshine and very mild 74 degrees. This afternoon for tonight hazy Ian cool 44 the overnight low in for your weekend both Saturday and Sunday : mostly sunny in cooler with high temperatures in the upper ’60s from became J Weather center on FOX 26 News chief urologist Kevin Reimer your hometown whether connection .

Right now , in Fresno , we’re looking at 48° sample keen it’s 44 and over ran its 47 degrees under a clear sky.

Industry lobbyists for cotton in say safety net fixes are nearing he industry lobbyist told how extreme report they believe there will be fixes to the problems in the cotton and dairy programs and the appropriations in disaster funding that Senate leaders are currently working on AG leaders in Congress have been seeking to fix the cotton and dairy programs in the disaster bill because they don’t think they can find the budget authority to change those programs in the farm bill , the disaster bill that the House passed to help hurricane and wildfire victims contain both cotton and dairy provisions NJ news time 5-36.

The Senate and House have approved funding for the government following another shutdown that took effect at midnight but correspondent Abbie Phillip reports some government workers aren’t sure if the shutdown is really over , since President Trump has not signed the bill Congress passed.

It’s just unclear why the president isn’t gonna sign it immediately at all. Paul Ryan’s office says that Bill’s been delivered to the White House this morning . Already it is possible that the White House could want to do this publicly .

In Pyongyang South Korea that country’s Olympic figure skating champion you like him as lit the cauldron for the 2018 Winter Games and the sister of North Korean dictator Kim Jong is at the Games correspondent Ivan Watson reports. Her name is Kim Il Jung , she was greeted by South Korean she shook hands with the South Korean president Moon Jae-in , they have a lunch scheduled together on Saturday . European and Asian markets opened lower , following yesterday’s big Wall Street losses the losses were relatively modest right now . Dow futures are down I .

This piece KMJ the rally. So be sure species .

Good Friday morning. It’s the 9th day of February , you know , looks like another warm days ahead , we’ll have your complete weather forecast coming up in just a bit from the just Kevin Kramer also coming up later here on the KPMG AG report we’ll be checking in with independent certify truck adviser Mark Silverman who wants to let you know that we could be in for a quick bloom season much more ahead please stay with us .

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