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The Endangered Species Act requirements foreign leaders complain that producers continue to pay a price National Kennel men’s Nils Hansen on the impact of Otis on his Wyoming cattle ranch under the ambiguous.

An overreaching 2015 rule. It’s impossible to know whether we are exempt or not .

As a family ranch. I should not need to hire hydro le just engineers and attorneys to figure this out .

American Farm Bureau reports that producers might soon need to report normal midwives talk waste missions to the Coast guard‘s National Response Center that answer was picked up by the National Pork Producers chief Howard Hill.

It should be noted , the EPA , the US Coast guard and state and local emergency response. Authorities have all gone on record saying not only is there no need for this information , but that its volume will create a major management challenge for them and that it will interfere with their other legitimate emergency functions .

Hill says the national power producers Council’s backing a legislative fix to it. American Farm Bureau president zippy DiVall says all of this is taxing agriculture and hurting its future .

As committed as young people or , like my sons who are forming a ranch they cannot continue if the over regulatory burdens continue to grow. Farm income is down about 80% compared to 5 years ago but I assure you the regulatory Karl said not going down any these bags would give pause to any even the most dedicated farmer and rancher around this country .

DiVall believes livestock emissions reporting will harm national and food security. It will expose producers diva more activists lawsuits filed 10 now here on the came Jay at report and the came to his center here’s Madoff .

Stop. Thanks very much , John . York Good Friday morning , one and all we have breaking news in the KMJ newsroom Fresno was Blackstone Avenue remains closed from Garland Ashland as police continue to investigate an early morning shooting officers say someone in one vehicle opened fire on another car hitting it and a 3rd vehicle 3 people in total were struck with one reporter to be in critical condition at this hour Fresno Police say they expect to remain on scene for several hours as they continue to investigate the shooting . We will have live reports from the scene . Beginning on KMJ Morning News at 6:00 AM the Fresno City Council clears the way for Snoop Dogg to play a grisly Festen Woodward Park late Thursday the council voted 5 to 2 to allow promoters to hold the annual musical event within the Northeast Fresno Park . The vote was delayed for 2 weeks over possible violations of the city’s 10:00 PM noise ordinance deadline only council members Gary a felt and Steve Brandau voted against allowing grisly for us to play in Woodward well I huge day of trades for one NBA team will break it down for you next in sports weekends . Yes .

He better for Fresno area kids adults and seniors. The CFR as the parks department has partnered with friends now and Central Unified School District offer free recreation and fitness programs throughout the year . Enjoy sports fitness and nutrition programs for having access to green space at participating schools from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM on Saturday and Sunday . For more information call 51-2900 that 62 1-29 hundred are you doing this weekend .

For over 30 years Kennington jewelers says specialized in custom designed drinks if you’ve had a design in mind you thought no one could bring to life you need to set up a consultation with Kennington jewelers Kennington jewelers is the only store in the Valley with a milling machine for precise wax models they’ve already designed over 600 pieces of jewelry with their 3D matrix program at all. Work is done in-house Kennington jewelers at the southwest corner of first inmates call 4-3 5-31 33 or online at Kennington .

Tell you Rodman’s back from is buying trip in in Las Vegas and he can’t stop singing Viva Las Vegas at the top of his lungs , making his wife a little crazy but she really went crazy when Lou comes home and said I only about a few things and you know what he’s doing. So here we go all of Lou Rodman’s clearance merchandise at Rodman’s bar stool and superstore has got to go now to make room every item is yellow tagged in , you will not i say again , you will not believe these priceless what’s really exciting is all the high-end stuff he picked up over in Vegas including brand new never before seen dining room sets in bedroom sets from the Amish craftsmen extraordinary nor bomb trigger you like contemporary you like modern , check out the new load of American made dining sets that are oh so contemporary and Lee Rodman will beat any price in town out of town on the internet . We run Barstow indicting superstore Blackstone between Barstow and bullet it under driver quickly run bar blanket on Facebook , follow along on Instagram now .

But KPMG sports report from the Wendy’s sportscaster meet again in the NBA.

Despite 29 points from former Bulldog Paul George , the Oklahoma City Thunder fault to the LA Lakers 82 and Kevin Durant’s 24 points off the Golden State Warriors and their 2-game losing skid. The defending champs took down the Dallas Mavericks by the final of 22-1 0-3 staying in the NBA . The Cleveland Cavaliers blew up their roster . Ahead of Thursday’s NBA trade deadline , the Cavs traded 6 players and a first-round pick to 4 teams in 3 separate deals . The Cavs added George Hill Rodney Hood Jordan Clarkson and Larry Nance Jr . They gave up Isaiah Thomas Jae Crowder Channing Frey Dwayne Wade Iman Shumpert Derrick Rose and their own 2018 first round pick . Cleveland making a push to try to get back to the NBA Finals in college hoops number 21 North Carolina takes down its Tobacco Road rival and 9th-ranked Duke the final there 82-78 elsewhere 12th ranked Gonzaga topped and civic 71-61 and unranked UCLA upset 13th-ranked Arizona 82-74 on the links American Kevin Austria and Bo hustler each year opening-round 60-fives to take a share of the lead at the AT&T Pebble Beach program over on the Central Coast Fresno is Nick Watney shot 2 under his first round that put him 5 strokes back Bryson to sham was a one-under 70 and Kevin Chappell fired a one-over 73 play resumes in the very picturesque links in and around Pebble Beach today and through the weekend . By the way a bunch of celebrities over there , too , including Bill Murray , Aaron Rodgers and Wayne Gretzky 5-58 is the time now that does reduce sports for now but you and I , we’ll chat again in about 30 minutes , until then Mr. Don York back to you .

Well , thank you very much. That day . Let’s check out your weather forecast says we are looking very closely at the start of a new weekend is it gonna be warm what’s find out now from meteorologist Kevin Reimer .

Happy Friday. Patchy fog around this morning before 10:00 AM then hazy sunshine and very mild 74 degrees on tap this afternoon for tonight hazy and cool 44 the overnight low before your weekend both Saturday and Sunday . Mostly sunny and cooler with high temperatures in the upper ’60s from became Weather center and FOX 26 News chiefly figure urologist Kevin Reimer their hometown leather connection .

And right now in Fresno 47 degrees , Somerset , 45 in and by Thalia , it’s 48° under a mostly clear skies and coming up in timid from now here on the team G AG report will have new ATP numbers to share with you right now pest control adviser John Martin with guard to tell you is reminding tree crop growers to make sure it’s safe to spray during bloom time.

I things I’ve been talking about. I just wanna keep reiterating isn’t the honeybee safety issues and I really think that if we’re not careful about it , we’re gonna see some large fines just 7 year for the county , but if you know the place where you nearest still Doris fraying or maybe you’re gonna be doing some troops on nectarines and you have some bees in the area . Make sure you tell those beekeepers it might have to move on October the highs and make sure you know spray applications are at night time to help minimizing impact on any bee populations that might be in the area . Many of our materials can be sprayed at night and still be safer these but check the label , check with your PC as far as well is safe and that saved to sway and also the beekeepers and then this most registry was carrying . So if you’re doing and any insecticide sprays right before Bloomer when the Bulls are happening I would you know all of those beekeepers won’t know you spray and let them make the decision as to should move a course with all the acres moments . We have now , these are hardly you know . So these are common in the from you know outside of our area from other states you as I drove around the country and I’m already seen beehives placed in orchards , so even though we our we may not think that these are gonna be an issue . They can only be sittin in the field in that we sit and one of your neighbors fields and you have some leads in your field when you do your garments rare your own trains and you know effect of these well that could be condition that you get in trouble with where a beautiful now looking for you to buy some eyes , which is you kill even as maybe it wasn’t here spray that cause a problem it becomes awfully hard to prove that when you have a big kill and used his fellow news report which is sprayed when those , these were in the area so I know I keep talking about to be issues but I know it . There were some areas last year where they had sort of large problems in the county was investigating it very hard , you know , I’d hate to see anybody get trouble because of that issue statistic that in mind as plan your Garnett’s raising here and sprays are grateful not to talk about course the lack of rain a lot of guys are doing some irrigation , but we’re starting to get close to the size , were wounded in the you know he’d applications , so I know there is some to 40 but .


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