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Energy Efficiency
Gas Taxes
Kill Auto


So Chad believe it. I mean there’s talent but their heads and towels and we want you know .

There’s always an experience to remember to check chance gold with joining us enough relax for hours and our luxurious spa or indulge in a soothing afternoon of the silhouette swim here Algarve peaceful around 34th lit up with world-class concerts and events and died at any of our 6 incredible right all before heading back to your room for the night. You can even visit Yosemite in the morning suited so close but we know you love the view from the certainly .

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Ruskin my son here on KMJ several sweet deals on sale right now. It came to . In fact , the one that went on sale this morning sock and I am Japanese restaurant that sold out in 5 minutes . And it should . Yeah , so , but we still , that’s a really good ones out there 50% off at the Witter Shim company half off to see the Fresno monsters hockey you’re salon destiny on sale KMJ could the sweet deals tab we’re talking Woodward Park and grizzly fast couple minutes left here in the show . Let’s head to the phones Vernon Europe next withdraw skimmers on .

I I’m from Clovis , so we’re all kind of worsening he has very much complaints.

Already , you know from woodwork partly because I thought yes and if you can. The regional sports complex Jensen and that might not be endowed ideas and is fairly large it has 5 what baseball fields and life for some her they consider actually is for all the an artists to perform . I didn’t hurt this out away from the city . You can hear is , you make the city buses several people , and I don’t think it’s a bad idea . But for the future . You know , you know .

Jimmy , that’s , that’s a good idea. I just don’t know if they had in the evil tournaments going on there . You know in May .

Because may Mai is baseball season , so they may have had some baseball tournaments you know going on out there already.

Get a gunshot. Get a good chuckle out there .

All of us are , you know , I get.


Rajoy out as that’s.

They’ve been you’re on KMJ.

How you guys doing this morning.

Do you on care but you Saudi exhausted.

Where I am kind of exhausted about thing you know , I live in the world where parking area. I’ve been there now for about 2 years you know Carol same store I you know here from poverty . I mean my . But I was up there at sheep and goat cheese you know outbreak , a small folks nor and you know they were pretty good life , but the bottom line is , I’m pretty conservative but I was , how to talk about 13-year-old daughter about this she actually wasn’t you know with near when were in the car and you know , she said . Well Dougie coming , she said . I I wish I could get on it so well , I think you know maybe we get all that but you know that right now .

You know so well , you know , but the bottom line is you know she’s kind of sad listening to the comments that were coming from the folks who radio and she said , you know.

They’ve got away. Just to come out and play that the fans have a right to go there and listen .


I think this is all based out of fear. But the bottom line is this : we wouldn’t be having this conversation . It was clearly under was , but then you .

Why do you say that.

Well , I think a lot of it has to it you know and I had to say that I am Hispanic. But I think a lot of its racially based .

Well , you know , like when they play some.

You know , John , John has a sound bite here.

You know , Jerry Bremer felt address this because there’s been a little bit of that like.

They don’t want those people in their neighborhood. Okay , okay , so this Gary brought it all had to say about that .

I’m really disappointed when people bring up and play the race card. The people in in my district are not being racist when they have concerns about their neighborhood or the traffic concerns over safety concerns or wondering what impact this is going to have fun in their neighborhood or were part and it’s . It’s very disappointing that that often gets it gets played hopefully at some point we will get past there because I think they would have the same concerns us . And so what I if Eminem was playing their Tobin night or there is country music going to midnight .

So then you still there.

You know you know turn him out there we go.

Yeah. Know . Kudos to Mr. I’ve ever felt that that’s pretty awesome statements but but still I think it’s just you know there is a fear there in whether people want to say it . I think that’s out of sight . A lot of parents may have their fear you know it I I’m just kind of it out there . Not , not really playing it but you know it was something that came to my mind , you know , like you said know now mail in the area that kind of came to my mind as well , you know , do you do . I really want their demographic in my area .

You know in them.

I don’t know , you know , do I want this for we would park. I don’t know , but the bottom line is you know it’s not my pocket everybody .

Well , so I go back to , I would hope that this has nothing to do with race that this is I I don’t believe that this is a race issue. I think that this is an issue of the people around Woodward Park . The impression I get is that they believe it is their neighborhood park to me , it is a city park for city events to be held at we all go to Woodward Park . I think that that is where the debate is really happening here I don’t I believe Gary brought a thought when he says , I think it be the same problem , if it were a big country cancer in it where Carrie Underwood or whatever . I think the people around Woodward think it is a private neighborhood park and it’s not .

It is a city Regional Park and we all get to go there and so therefore what we all want gets to happen and I think the majority of the city does want this to happen there.

Now , I think that the people there.

They were , they view it as something in their neighborhood because it isn’t there. It is in their neighborhood and they have to live with whatever goes on there and they live with quite a bit already . Okay . And they have some rules about how it’s used so I get their concerns and I think they have every right to express them , and they did , and they lost .

And a story right I mean but that’s how the process works. You get to talk you calcium you calcium added right for you . He did his best but in the end the other 5 said no way and on that note , we gotta go .

Well , I thought to rescue sitting from Appleton today.

He’s coming up next on KMJ.

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