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Things and come to be kind of fruition when it happened , it was a sellout event one and 2 sold out pretty much every hotel on the Fresno Valley area so that generated a lot of revenue and its own , but the event itself was fantastic. You know , chief Jerry Dyer was there . Alan actually had me at the time of their and it it went off . Great . They had no fights in the stands no DUI arrests after the fight , it was a fantastic event . So it’s good that we did one and 2 .

Why was I I really real you know how it happened.

We we tried , we try to do it again in 2013 and was pretty much turned down , we got down by the city council we we tried just every avenue we could do. But they would not let a do apart really I I don’t know if it was the residents voices louder than ours but time truly mentor prone change combat who brought down event I got so frustrated . They took it to Las Vegas , and that was the end of it here . I know the phenomenal event the other stadium that is then it’s out there down to inside is its candidate the wrong woman type Coliseum . You know the other concrete season . It was a perfect event and we did we tried part 3 and it just got shut down . And again , you know we’ve , we’ve brought in a lot of people from outer areas from out of state to watch the fight about a hotel go but you can even book a hotel .

Well , did you enjoy learning did you end up in a city council meeting with the public comments , and all that.

Correct yeah I I start both of for both events. Why you .

But you wonder you won that argument on one and 2. And you’ve got to have your right .

Yes , we did. Yeah , and it was like , you know with the for normal event , there was , you know , we don’t have a lot of what was preceded it’s gonna be a lot of irrational people drunk and whatnot it , none of that happened , I mean it was a Sanchez given and I think the same will be with this event , I think , once it’s over people gonna see that they’re not gonna leave the park trash is not going to be excessive fighting or anything of that army .

If you let me ask you a question I want to ask you Christina’s question here Christina’s can view of this is that people around the park. Think it’s their park , you know , did you get that important , you know .

The time I did. Absolutely . And the only reason why because the council meeting we originated in 2008 the majority of people came out was from that district , and I know you know deftly wanted to hear their concerns but we try to do is reassure him that it would not be you know that they were not be that type of destruction one and park but again chilled actually right it is taxpayer funded , you know , some people in all areas , that have achieved a dollar going to the park out there have a stake in it , you know , so if you’re paying tax payer money . The city of Fresno , that’s part of your part as well . And you have your complete saying so all the councilmen you know they’ve got a very a lot of good points . Well they have just as much say as I believe anybody else .

Yeah , but they all it. I mean if you know . Yes , no council person gets more of a vote here know you know we pose that question when this was going should they because it’s in their district get like double voters , but it doesn’t work like that now . Hello , Mike , on KMJ .

Yes , you’re on.

Well student. Well , first of all , I want to commend Christine , I see where she got her talent from she’s so well spoken imprecise now back to the matter in . I don’t think it’s any grave . The people are complaining about the job part if the name of the person that is not to carry out the concert in in the party are judging the guy on past history of what he had done everybody changes . Okay . Those were let them cast a flow and in a guy , a couple of people they’re calling to talk about the drugs in the marijuana prostitution you know all of this if you can go in sit in their living room . You know you guess for half an hour . How they probably be on the 11 o’clock news , right . So , so they don’t need to call in and try to debased . The situation just let it go . Go on , and cursed Christina . I still believe you should become a mere .

Thank you. My . So just to clarify what prostitution yeah I I don’t I all .

Was talking about using local ordinances to clean up prostitution on G Street nothing about this event.

Yeah , I don’t. I still don’t know how it relates to the Savannah does nothing to do . It has nothing to do with itself .

Next year on KMJ.

Yes , I was calling you. I’m super happy we’re having this conversation . I think it highlights a bigger issue and a lot of the communities , whereas in fact no I’ve worked on key Canyon Road . I think again you know drug once I come from poverty . I don’t know how many people in this north side of Fresno understand only 3 to 5 year olds have parents not a got drugs right out . But for the city council be spending their time manpower and a half of the waste . If this is their Google and all those people should feel shameful and if they’re so worried about those people doing drugs . I wish you go grab a Bible and you stayed out of and you preach about the war , and what the boy can do for you . Instead of standing on Ohio and saying help what everyone else by yourself . It’s disgusting .

Their car who they also Takashi I need to know why mediocre.

Mike you’re on KMJ.

I I have more of a fundamental issue if this you know we have laws on the books ordinance which govern how the power can be used. Kinda like we have immigration laws in this country that we refused to we ignore them and pick and she was what we want to do . I just think it’s a good idea have something like this and I’m not against it . But to change the rules for a buck . I just kind of like what’s going on in this country in terms of let’s kick which laws were gonna enforce and which ones were not going to enforce the laws should be enforced universally regarded as or ordinances if you well regardless of what they are . That’s all I have to say .

Okay. Yeah , you know , this one of things I brought up during the course of this debate last time around . Yes . Was it if if we part of the debate was selling for a hick town 10 o’clock curfew . What is that , you know , big cities , wouldn’t have this problem . He’d be a able heavier concert go until midnight or 2 or whatever . And I said you know well before a hit town in 10 o’clock early why was a changed the curfew for everybody . Instead of doing this one exception wages change the curfew and say they were big city now we’re gonna stay till midnight all the time it was wrong with that .

Well , yeah , you know , I , okay , so I appreciate the noise ordinance and 10 o’clock. But I do think that exceptions can be made from time to time , well , in the end , and that’s where I stand still for 2 nights . I personally would it would be okay with that . I like the 10 o’clock or noise ordinance though what every morning you never yeah the other night of the week . But for 2 nights . The year .

You know , and if another event came around , and they wanted a night , maybe I’ll consider that too as well , but you know , so I I I feel like exceptions can be made from time to time will tell.

Nic Lee speaking we are following the rules because we are role is , it’s a 10 o’clock curfew but technically speaking the big council can change.

The attack Council can change and they can make an exception. Yes they can . So we are following the rules and they went through the process of doing that .

4-9 zero 5-8 5 HR Brodsky Christina moose on talking about Woodward Park Snoop Dogg in the concert in May on KMJ.

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