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Designated Driver
pot advocate
Snoop Dogg


I don’t live there , but that’s what I would want a file of there.

Well , but that’s not the wrong Europe , you know you chose to live around the park. That is a city park and it does have an amphitheater and it which by the way this concert is not going to be taking place in the amphitheater . I do understand the amphitheater was built to resonate sound enter Tesco talk of suspicious of this way too small for this . This is not going to be taking place in the amphitheater . But you know , I’ve always wondered why we don’t have more events happening in the amphitheater because that is a gorgeous venue , and the reason is is because the neighbors who came after the amphitheater .

Don’t want it. The neighbors can’t stop you from doing something the amphitheater . They can’t stop here . So if you know , doing it because the neighbors are stopping you you’re not paying attention . Life does go to the city and do it they can’t they can’t stop this went past 10 o’clock they to stuff to 10 we won’t have been debating this .

The impression I get is the neighbors were prefer for nothing to happen with were promoted be be the nice as as Laura described in this or this isn’t too you know put on anything you said because I think that you made some good points but lawyers it it’s a bird sanctuary. This must be nice and quiet . No , but I , that’s not , that’s not how the rest of President views .

So , but if you live next to a park when you like it , just to be nice quiet part.

Well , I hope there a lot of things I’d like to I’d like 4th July in Fresno to be nice and quiet , but it’s a war zone. That’s the reality . I live in .

If you could do something about you would steal your own KMJ.

Or say I totally agree with Christina and these people were my down. Not that I I think it’s really is really much ado about nothing . And so I’ll put it like this : if I was gonna I would go to a Snoop Dogg concert straight up , but I would be less likely to go grizzly park downtown in area I I don’t think it’s savory you take that same thing in women to Woodward Park , I’m much more inclined and it will probably take my mom , I think that when they’re gonna do theirs and change it . I think some of the people that would typically go that would prefer in downtown up Miami that’s unsavory crowd that crowd might be deterred from going to more north because I think there’s a beer , be a police presence people can’t there’s an act of war over there . So if you can get the worst of the worst to behave in that area and see how it goes . I believe that all of pave the way for other activities that happen and if it’s about noise like come on and then some of these people saying bothers prostitutes and they’re gonna be doing all kinds of drugs it might happen but it’s not like everybody just blowing smoke in your face and being disrespectful . I think moving up to that then could class up a little bit so .

Well , well , okay , but he’s making an argument here. Yeah , that we need to do that we need to .

Right. Need to address this , I mean I disagree with you steal on the aspect of chick Chancey Park because I do think Chancey Park is a great venue for this . It’s my understanding that the stage for this event is going to be bigger heavier it we do damage to the baseball field . That’s why it’s not being held a Chancey and yes personally as a concert goer , I would like to see dissident I would I like chip Chancey Park just because I could sit out in the stands and kind of be away from the crowd but still see and watch things that were here personally .

Here’s the other aspect , though he says , you know , I wouldn’t go to charity to what he says , but I might go out of its out here. Now here’s a whole thing . All we hear about is downtown downtown downtown river when they .

Well you know running felt addressed that last night.

Chelsea Park when they built to also have concerts also be part of it. We paid for the state a lot know stuff never happened now now now we finally have a cancer that works and they wanna move it out of downtown and he’s saying now we’re gonna get the people of the north to go to the concert hysteria given the North to go downtown . Yeah .

No credible Enron. It’s a , it’s ironic and I just don’t agree with it either the unsavory crowd in downtown I I don’t agree with you , I believe , have no reserve and they were going on , they were getting people from the north to go to for grisly fast the last 3 years of resolve .

To some degree. Yeah , Josh KMJ .

Well , and by the way , guys. Chris you know my great job sparking up a anti .

If they.

I I think it’s great Dolores point I would fully agree or are maybe not agree that it the venue should be changed , but I would at least respect your point of view or hard , you know , folks in the neighborhood who were sold on the entrance of the park. I think you know if there be more peaceful and quiet and , you know , only holding smooth jazz concerts and me in the amphitheater or what have you and and I respect that . At the end of the day where I chimed in . And as far as tuning into your conversation it was . In regards to folks having an issue with Snoop Dogg the cussing , just the , the type of music . Also being overly concerned . I think with with the cannabis use and you know we’re living in a world right now where I I just constantly significant you know hypocritical scenarios where folks are just overly concentrating on on you know refer madness and making it seem like you know marijuana so horrible that alcohol’s okay because gosh darn it , I mean we wanna watch out for drinkers and drivers but homicides in the city . Downtown and let’s not monitor half the population that leaves in the city in their cars . You know and let’s let’s just hopefully they get home safe and we’ll catch that on the way I I really see I I I really see hypocrisy in the conversation here and and I wouldn’t see this , if this was Hank Williams Jr right think and there was a bunch of beer drinkers , or maybe it is all just about loud Nixon and having totally to do with the venue known if it was downtown nobody would say a peep . I don’t know but I’m I’m really sick and tired as Joe Citizen just hearing this constant oh my God , it’s Snoop Dogg and marijuana oh my card sight . My God , you know you have 2 or 3 beers and you’re on the same level as someone who has ahead of time and and whether people agree with honor non we’ve got scientific studies out there looking at Israel , look at Canada , look at other countries where science actually allowed to reign supreme , I’m not , I’m not okay with people driving under the influence of pot or marijuana our excuse me or alcohol . So , gosh , darn it , I’m sick and tired of hearing this witness hypocrisy I I’m not going to Snoop Dogg . You know I love them firmly back in the day , and I’m not a big pot advocate but I’m sick and tired of the hypocrisy and and that’s , that’s what I’d like to chime in on .

Okay. Well , right . Yeah , you know , obviously there’s a lot of events involve alcohol . Yeah . And you know , hopefully is white , but hopefully we’ve done a good enough job with public awareness about drug driving which you know now , we have over , we have left which is gonna be part away .

Yesterday , you know what they North at Council I say they’re like a thousand were and left drivers for that night.

But I think people pretty much get the message when they go to. If that’s you know , you better have a designated driver use one of these other services , and hopefully that will happen here too , you know , but you know . He also said something he didn’t think this would be a problem if it was like a country beer drinker concert right that’s what he said so said if it was beer and country we different and Snoop Dogg and dope anything that’s hypocritical yeah 4-9 zero 5-8 5-8 807 7-6 58-58 John Christina Masonic KMJ .

Hi Madoff’s starting in the KMJ Newsroom investigating a case of animal hoarding in Fresno County and sexual harassment allegations being brought against a female state lawmaker those stories and more are coming up for you. At the top of the hour .

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