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Bill Murray
Super Bowl


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George locked onto the valley snagged outdoor news talk 5-81 0 5-9 KMJ. Here’s KMJ act record John York 5-4 .

We now on the game. Jay agri port with a news update here’s Madoff .

Stop. Thank you very much , John . York , good morning again one and all . Fresno police continue to search for the driver who struck and seriously injured a man in the tower district . Officers were called the Belmont in Palm about 8:30 Wednesday night .

Walking in traffic is the major factor here. They contributed the other issue though is that the driver of the vehicle has a duty stop .

Fresno Police Lieutenant Steve card said witnesses saw the driver make a U-turn to see what happened then sped off the victim rush to see RMC in critical condition now officers ask anyone who witnessed this accident to call Valley Crime Stoppers at 4-9 8 stop California water officials are now moving ahead with a smaller version of Governor Brown’s controversial twin tunnels program. The latest version of the so-called water fix now involves just a single tunnel connecting the Sacramento San walking Delta to Los Angeles still comes with a hefty price tag . Though the one tunnel , estimated to cost nearly $11 billion we’ll recap the 2018 Fresno State football recruiting class next in sports . Getting the most out of what I’ve patrols .

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Something special that happens for a short period of time and then it’s over , it’s all in bloom. A flurry of almond birds . Plus , I mean with promise and potential extend this moment with protein plant growth regulator for California retain the deuces ethylene giving more opportunity for blooms to be pollinated and increasing that’s and keep the beauty of all in bloom longer with retained to learn more , talk to your PC 8 or disagreement outcome/retains always read and follow label instructions .

Breaking news for retailers now approved for aerial application as your PC a retailer about a new offer for almond growers Appleton broadcast.

From the world for February 13th 14 down 15 exclusively on News top 5-81 0-5 JFK.

Behind you diet quietly nurturing were very at all record.

Now but KPMG Sports reports from the Wendy’s sportscaster Fresno State Lady Bulldogs held San Diego State just 2.

Points over the last 5 minutes in order to secure a 66-60 win Wednesday afternoon at the house arena. The win is the women 6th in their last 7 games and improves their overall Mountain West record in 9-4 Lady Bulldogs a little bit of a break there taken next week awful for returning to the same Art Center Valentine’s Day February 14th though Sandy San Jose State scuse me tip off scheduled for 7:00 PM Fresno State head football coach Jeff Ted for continues to tout his 2018 recruiting class . The Bulldogs received 15 national letters of intent , including commitments from 8 Valley players . Those include Clovis West wideout Ricardo areas in Sunnyside high linebacker Sharon King the dogs open their 2018 season September first at home vs Idaho nationally . The University of Georgia pulls in the nation’s top recruiting class followed by Ohio State and the University of Texas . Boise State topped the Mountain West in recruiting the Broncos have the 66th overall ranked class in 2018 and Colorado State posted the 74th best incoming class of football recruits on the links at Pebble Beach dirty Harry top Carl spectacular at the AT&T Pro I am team Clint Eastwood faced theme Bill Murray in a 5-hole tournament Wednesday at the celebrity golf event the 87-year-old actor director’s team took the event Bill Murray‘s foursome did win the final hole . But it wasn’t enough to secure his 3rd consecutive win at the event over on the Central Coast and get ready , Philadelphia Philadelphia officials say today Super Bowl parade will include some dramatic surprises along its 5-mile route Lord knows what that could be players and team officials will parade up Broad Street from near the team’s stadium to City Hall . And then on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway to the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art . If that sounds familiar , it is . That’s where the famous Rocky statue resides . Of course this was all made possible thanks to the Philadelphia Eagles , winning their first Super Bowl , and a 41-33 win over the New England Patriots . Just a few ticks away from 5-45 and that does it for news and sports for now but you and I , we’ll chat again this time tomorrow until then watch the fog stay cool in this near record heat and we’ll talk to you then Mr. Don York back to you .

Yes indeed heat I think would be a good way to describe what we’re gonna be seeing again today. Okay . Let’s find out from the is huge all just Kevin Reimer if perhaps maybe it could be a record breaking day when it comes to high temps .

Get set for another very mild February day across the valley. Patchy fog through 10:00 AM then sunny and extremely mild today with a high of 76 degrees for tonight hazy and cool 47 the overnight low for your Friday patchy morning fog been sunny and 74 cooler air moves back into the valley . By the weekend from became Weather center on FOX 26 News chief meteorologist Kevin Reimer your hometown whether connection .

And currently , we’re looking at 47 degrees in Fresno port of Ville 46. Same goes for Churchill it’s currently there 46 degrees certify crop adviser rich craps of ultraliberal plant food was to make sure growers don’t have problems with tying up nutrients in the soil .

Donna Reed card in the past about reaction have been there and in a reaction and it there’s no place that it’s more prevalent than actual chemical composition and how the actual chemistry works with each other and I think sometimes the best intentions can cause a negative effect that we just didn’t know would happen or we didn’t do the research beforehand , so that we could predict it actually happening and one of the biggest issues is with calcium and phosphorus too you know nutrients that we need in abundance to make crops grow but quite often we title is and we , we don’t realize we’re losing 2 nutrients by applying one I think lots of times with the heavy fall gypsum application you know chips just only point to 6% soluble , so even though you quick now you know 2000 pounds. You may be getting a pound of actual soluble calcium that’s coming out of that . So if that’s still sitting in your soil and then all the sudden when soils recall ever getting ready to warm up . Now we go out and put another product that’s not plant ready like a a phosphate products now we’ve tied up the any calcium might have soluble at all with the phosphorus . We just put out to make the crops grown given some energy so we locked up 2 nutrients by applying one now you know into the spring season . So we need to know the chemistry so that we can actually better predict if we’re gonna be able to get at the plant at all or for just creating summit on our soil .

The rich is a possible you could damage your crop if you tie up perhaps 2 or more nutrients.

You can with certain products , there are some things that get kinda hard if they break off some sort of elemental sulfur or they created a city you are basically in the soil burn roots. There are products that we over apply , but I think the biggest thing is we’ve talked about spoon feeding forever , it’s putting on smaller amounts were frequently . So you’re only putting on and now plant taken at the time , and not just keeping an overabundance that’s sitting there and then continuing to react . So the bottom line is , don’t waste your money , when you put something out . You wanna make sure it’s happening and then again go back to what we always talk about tissue testing to see if they get the plants are not only at the levels we need to be and then also know how those nutrients move is an immobile in the plant . So those numbers are just gonna keep going up throughout the season or is it something that you know is is volatile and a plant and the numbers go up high in the spring and then they start dropping throughout the rest to see so and if anyone has any extra questions to of course we’re gonna be a forum show him 49 so start by asking questions and if there’s other topics that you’d like answered . Please feel free to and the SMS .

Thanks. Rich rich perhaps as a certified crop adviser with ultra grow plant food . The national milk producers federation says dairy farmers need immigration laws fixed with immigration policy , a hot topic , currently in Washington .


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