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House Intelligence Committee
Mo Brooks
Snoop Dogg


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Sunshine in Fresno at Radio City a potential deal for Snoop Dogg to play Woodward Park. Good morning , one and all I am at outside live in the KMJ newsroom and now on Amazon Alexa of this news update sponsored by breadcrumb cyber security , the Central Valley’s leading cyber security firm massive fines of being proposed to ensure grisly fast goes on as planned it would were Park and km Dominic McAndrew as the details .

The event is scheduled for May and set to include Snoop Dogg , but it has itself been dogged by the matter of noise emanating from the venue and potentially disturbing nearby residents to revise special license agreement , set to be put in front of Fresno City Council today includes fines for every minute past 11:30 PM weather’s quote amplified sound , it starts at $1,000 goes as high as $100,000 City Council member Gary felled represents the district. It’s set to take place in .

Promoters of seriously address the concerns that residents and their purse had around the park.

But he says he is still voting against it. However , fellow Council member Clint Olivier says he’s for it .

It looks like something has been worked out to better protect the people who live around Woodward Park.

The matter is scheduled to be heard at 4:30 PM. Dominic McAndrew KMJ News .

Many House conservatives balking at voting at the Centers it it’s rather bipartisan plan to prevent a government shutdown tonight.

The Senate is expected to approve the McConnell Schumer 2 year spending plan later today , but it may run into bipartisan opposition in the House Democrats led by Nancy Pelosi’s it our floor speech want reassurances about the dreamers fate and Freedom Caucus Republicans like Mo Brooks of Alabama worry about the $300 billion in increased spending.

This is the most disappointing piece of legislation pushed by Republicans that I’ve seen since I’ve been United States Congress. But if the information we’re getting is accurate . This piece of legislation will push us over the trillion dollar and deficit mark for this fiscal year .

Brooks was on Birmingham’s W’s e r-r radio Bob Constantine in Capitol Hill.

Speaking of money at 3 minutes after 9 o’clock checking in on the Dow and things are taken a nosedive once again on Wall Street the Dow Jones Industrial Average currently trading off 3-50 one volume now sitting at 24,051 update your current temperature for here with hazy sunshine 52 degrees already here Fresno Radio City taking a run for the record books today. The record on this date for Fresno 74 degrees forecast high temperatures for today 76 advertising 60 while that is news on the hour on the half and , when it breaks . I am Matt Onstott live on News Talk 5-81 0 5-9 FM KMJ crusty and on Monday . All right . People .

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Thank you for your courageous breed the only now worried the road network at all this KMJ how John brusque and Christina loose on making sense of hope that next or ask you know John Paul.

Good morning , this is brass came loose on KMJ. I’m John Brodsky and I’m Christine thanks for joining us today . Got it . As usual , much to talk about today . Yes we have heard us talk about our local Congress and Devin Nunes who seems to be the target of the left for his role in the House Intelligence Committee investigation of all this dossier stuff , well I call electronic Watergate .

I think that’s an accurate description of us.

Basically trying to spy on the Trump campaign by getting a feast that document to look at somebody’s associated with liberal this , all this started , they would investigate somebody , but really they were after somebody else who they were associated with yes if they couldn’t get a feast a document for them so they were getting for somebody else and then monitor their phone calls with each other and then indirectly. Get the information they were looking for . Correct . This is like a way to monitor the campaign by going after somebody who was in there and talking to people . I don’t get too much in the woods on that , it just like to get infected Devon newness is the chairman , the House Intelligence Committee and otherwise have oversight over all these things , so they’re looking at this and Devon is being attacked mercilessly over the all over the country .

What you , it’s interesting. They’re calling it the Nunez mammal because it’s really not his memo .

Yes , House Intelligence Committee member , yeah , but he’s the chairman. So I guess you know it .

Notes , taken from documents that they would like to release actually but I guess can’t right now.

Apparently the left views. All of this as nonsensical and unimportant and merely a smokescreen to protect ultra-up .

Well a Watergate was not.

Yeah. You know when you after Watergate . This is that the movie The posters out right now , yes . Her role Wick investigation of Watergate by these fearless reporters .

Who know again Duggan W Dougan Doug right their lives on the line to do this year.

And now they’re totally uninterested in this you know with.

Course goes , it’s not in the right around.

And that’s kind of what it looks like isn’t and it looks like reporters are only interested in scandals when they’re on the right , they’re not heroic they are partisan.

The Left hates President Trump so much that the idea of potentially making him a victim of something is you know they just can’t do and so excited unacceptable can’t can’t do that , so more they ignore or defer the the attention to something else like Devon UNESCO and make instill make the prize and out to be the bad guy you know.

And now handle the attack on Devon Nunez is to the point that we have people from all over the country , sending money to his opponent. Quite a bit of money .

4 hundred thousand dollars or or more in the last week or so.

Yeah. And more and more to come and they’ll and also letter writing I wanna call letter-writing campaign I wrote a letter-writing campaign think a campaign is it organized but was just spontaneous people writing . I don’t know I don’t either . They’re not like form letters the ones were saying .

No , you know it was who was first when I read this one during the promo. But I just . I like it , and of one it creek here from someone keep him on the family dairy farm or hope .


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