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Federal Government
Jerry Brown Anastasia
Jim Peterson


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Price Chrystia. And on your issues your community and your input now on KMJ .

Raskin Marson here on KMJ if you miss one of your favorite shows here on KMJ click on the podcast pager came and catch up any time talking about the ice raids local businesses here in the valley , as head of the. Just a couple minutes left . So let’s get to it , Mark Europe with Raskin moves on .

I you know I agree with most people call the show I don’t hate illegal illegal aliens themselves. I just hate our immigration system which is a laughing stock , and I do agree with the last guy who said Jerry Brown Anastasia a California on among themselves when they basically said , well we refused to pick up anybody with a lot . I mean in the jails disease are good people , even though they’re in jail , they’re good people , I got a problem with that and I have a problem with the fact that you know some people call in the show also and say , well you know these people just need to go . They’ve been here for decades . They just need to go and get legalized , have any of them actually tried to do that . The people have called in the show could let me tell you , it is not easy to be an illegal alien and then get you can just walk in and some government Saturn say I wanna be a legal citizen now and proof that happens it doesn’t most the people that are here illegally will never be unless they’re given Jacko or some other type of mass legalization . They will never get a legalized because the government won’t allow them to do that , so you know I don’t agree with some people who say well those people have been here for decades , and they just haven’t you know got themselves legalize because your chance unless you married a US citizen , and I think even then if you be if you were an illegal alien any unmarried American citizen you may still have a problem with the federal government because you’re out it’s the chicken and add which came first and they came first . They were here illegally . I just am sick and tired of you know forever , you had to Hispanic people who would literally say hey it’s not your job to judge people on immigration . That’s the federal government‘s job will now the federal government‘s actually trying to enforce our immigration laws . Literally no one on the left want anything to do with any enforcement of our immigration laws , when most of the you know civilized , European or Asian world have very , very strict immigration laws and it seems as though Americans just falling apart . I mean , especially here in California . I own a small business . I don’t have to hire people who are here illegally . But I gotta tell you in a couple years . My wife and I are out here to , we’re just sick and tired of California’s legislators and I don’t see it getting any better in the long run . Thanks for your time .

Yeah. Thanks , Mark . They happen again you know , how are you supposed to operate here you know you can pick up maybe your business , you’re a farm . You can pick it up .

No you can’t. And you know he brings up another point . When I think of the application process dealing with the federal government on anything . I do not think of efficiency that is not what comes to mind fast or efficient .

But John , you’re on KMJ.

Hi guys. That Christina welcome back . John : I I I I ran for Congress in 1995 and by the way I support governors wholeheartedly Supt just one and I think that a record , but in in 95 I proposed a guest worker program use biometrics fingerprints to validate people have you could get them qualified to work whatever country they are from . They could be ready to work and authorized work and ready to come across the border if if they were , if they were prepared and they and they got there . The clearance in their country , and then that when they’re done working they go home I talked to workers .

But why haven’t we been able to do this.

Well I play guy Yahoo is a great guy , but he runs an if I would leak told me that they have their own programs they want to push and you can see how well that did it , did you every program , there’s been proposed so far is opposed by some group that and an important group like the farmers they they they’re not ICE agents , they should be responsible for checking IDs , but if they had it if they could download a list of people that are eligible every night. So the next morning when they showed up to work they could just simply haven’t you know put to push them here . Great . You’re walk in the work great you’re walking to work . Great . You walk in work and then when it when they get so is not authorized , sorry you can’t work and to be very simple to order you know 40 workers 100 workers , whatever you need to to roll the trays . One that when the rains coming .

John : I gotta go our allotted time here you know I do know it’d be great if he say the federal government‘s to make sure that this is operating say if anybody seriously bill higher it is they shouldn’t be here if it took the federal government says you Sunday here right they should be the ones punished not the employer. And with that .

Okay. We’ve got might Manuel Jr sitting in from Apple today he’ll be talking by the federal budget deal .

All right. Stick around makes up next on KMJ .

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