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Stop doing your job. But it just seems counterproductive to me to be raiding these businesses that is this is damaging to all of us , especially in the food business . When you’ve got a harvest and you’ve got a pack at a certain time , you know you can sell like a cell phone . It was attack in 2 weeks . Stuck in a rut right you know the beaches right Rod beaches , no good . So I don’t know if anybody has an answer to this . This I guess gets into the illegal immigration argument that California’s like these people are they supposed to do : Yelena men who were not gonna let of work . Okay . Income up . We can’t let you work . He got a stated lights some poor across the border . They don’t care with employers posted are they supposed to be the enforcers , I just don’t get it .

Well in this , so you have a state with one set of rules. You’ve got the feds with another set of rules , who’s rules do you follow either way you’re not in compliance with somebody .

And you’re the bad guy in the situation. California we or the bad guy .

California would probably like to prosecute for not hiring them.

Yes , your average resilient guy about that dress.

People that have come here to try to get a better life showed higher than.

But if you do , you’re the bad guy. If you don’t , you’re the bad guy . This is why people moved to Texas .

4-9 zero 5-8 5. What do you think about all this . These these raids on these businesses . Seems to me that we’re punishing people who are just trying to get along and in the state . They live in 4-9 zero 5-8 5-8 job Rossi Christine Amazon 10-30 time for the news worthless current on KMJ . Thank you .

On a felony charges filed in Kern County against a man for misappropriating public funds from a public school district. The DA there , says Richard will afford received more than $140,000 from Mountain Meadows Community Services district in to hatch happy while he was a board member will avert is charged with 18 felony counts of unlawful appropriation of public funds and 6 felony counts of entering into contracts with Mountain Meadows CST in which he had a personal financial interest . No arraignment date has been set to California tech companies have taken the lead on co-worker dating in the me too air of combating sexual harassment in the workplace .

Employees at Facebook and Google KN ask each other out , but only once after you are turned down either cold no or a more subtle I can’t that night or I’m busy. That’s it . You can ask anymore if there is no yes then no second chance pursuing someone in the office could be considered harassment .

Jim Rupert boarding the Dow having another rough afternoon down as much as 2.5% one point today business correspondent Maggie Lake says people are a bit concerned about the rapid decline.

What’s unnerving is the speed that the selling on the downside seems to pick up again that’s technology. Some of those algorithms kicking in and selling to the volatility we saw at the beginning of the week seems to be coming back with a vengeance this afternoon .

Strong earnings reports and economic data were not enough to offset the Wall Street worries of rising interest rates. The Dow shed more than 500 points so far in today’s trading , the S&P 500 and Nasdaq also sharply down , currently the Dow’s at 550 points off it is 10-30 one it KMJ Valley weather right now 60 and sunny at Radio City a high today of 76 tonight hazy with some patchy fog later on a low of 48 Friday morning fog in the morning hazy Sunday afternoon , a high of 77 temperatures are gonna start cooling to the low ’70s by this weekend with news on the hour on the half a when it breaks I’m Liz new stock 5-81 0 5-9 KMJ .

Stay informed sticky we Fox News by ABC 1 0 5-9 KMJ.

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The more John Rossi Christina moose on having a discussion today , we talk about Devon a time but these raids in California. We have one government to state governments has come on in .

Your future is here , legal or illegal , we don’t care. Come on in the other federal governments is that we don’t want you yeah so they raid the people that the state has invited in there . Poor business owners are just trying to get stuff done trying to satisfy the state and the feds and they can’t make anybody happy and their workers don’t show up because they know there’s gonna be a nice right .

So maybe somebody has a solution. Mike , what do you think .

How you guys doing great have this show because everytime might listen. You guys , I feel like I got something to say , but I want you to know that there is a program , it’s a good program . It’s called the H2 way visa program and go online and take a look at this being an insurer a farm labor contractors into and cold storage and packing house operations . What do you have to do as an employer if you apply apply online and you have to provide certain things for the employees that you want to come into this country under a visa program that you become responsible for him and you can have a mirror for up to 6 months , you have to provide certain things form including transportation medical and the UK them , of course , you could you supply food and the housing . It’s a good program . It’s been used in Washington and Oregon and now down in Santa Maria where we do some business . We have about , maybe a thousand or 1500 farm workers that have come in under the H 2A program it does solve the problem for the employer because it keeps them out of the possibility of having a range a raid and getting fined .

So like is that you , is it easy. Is it , is it easy act when I think of dealing with government . I don’t think of it being easy or quick process .

I’ll tell you this : Christina , it does take as much as 6 months to have the things prove that you need to have approved and so the process had to be started sometime last October , November for the season that were coming into now some people have already done it , it’s the , it’s working effectively in areas in Salinas , but particularly in Santa Maria. There are , there are some pitfalls to it because you do have to find a place to house these folks and you know the that those those facilities need to be inspected and they their approved you you have to have some form were contractors in in days past his you know because your parents were in this business . Dear ticket damage of a lot of things were farm laborers well right now . In fact , recently as just a couple of weeks ago , we had some people being solicited to walk out of the field unless they could be paid immediately $15 to $18 an hour to stay in and prune vines . Well that’s a rip off , and that’s being coordinated by some of the unions . They do know they can hurt the employer but the answer not getting hurt is to look into the the program the H 2A limited visa program where you can have these folks here for up to 6 months .

Okay. But what if , what if I don’t do their what if I don’t do that . What if I need somebody right now I don’t have 6 months , and a higher somebody Maya Maya bad citizen .

But you know I don’t think the euro citizens and I and I actually think that when you have to have a labor you’re gonna bring them in , and if you’ve got documentation that’s fraudulent ice is gonna look at it , but they’re not gonna hold you totally responsible. It’s like anything else they taken off of the field because if they’re not here with a visa and you hire them , because they 3 Social Security numbers and 4 different names for the same person . That’s not something you’re gonna be fined for that we’ve seen , and like I think we have 8 that 12,000 farmworkers ensuring in Southern California Fresno cell none of our employers have been fined , but we’ve had some weight and our problems .

All right. Mike I gotta go take off your but I appreciate that but I just seems like it’s a business we need stuff right now . Right now , here you know me , I gotta harvest right now I need somebody right now you walk on wait 6 months .

Well , I guess that’s his point though is , is it you know wait time you know what , when the busy season is so you prepare back in October , knowing that come February you’re gonna be your busy season you but once again.


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