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Don’t have to teach us new math for the effects. I’m not good at math , but I know that while there were no that line . Go ahead . Well , we want to get into this , we will look at this story about these ice raids . You know , here in the valley we looking for undocumented work .

You know if I guess it’s not really fair to call them ice raids because they don’t just show up. They give you 72 hours notice you know .

So , well , whatever you know HS2 in my first thought is I feel for the employers. I don’t want people are feeling for these employees they’re illegal . You know there warned that this is going to happen , so they don’t show up for work , but you know we here . I’m trying to figure a way to express this in my frustration with us . The inability of the federal and state governments to get this straightened out and who gets punished . Not , not the federal , state , they’ll get punished the employers get punished and the employees get punished and I just in our , in our farming community here , you have all these businesses like packing houses and harvesting where things have to get done at certain times and you have these very often and I don’t wanna blame the ice raids on with the regulation .

They’re doing their job right ice agents are doing their job. I get tired .

They are doing their job. That’s what they’re supposed to do . It is their job to enforce the borders of this country , it is a federal deal that’s constitutionally protected . That’s what they do so I don’t get the impression blasting them but but the people who are at fault . Here are the politicians , again they can’t figure out a way to solve this problem . And here you have a state like California which just doesn’t care about who comes in . They’re only borders . They don’t care . You know Statue of Liberty , all that . So just bring us your tired , your poor come will take your driver’s license sanctuary state and yet the federal government , which is now trying to crack down . But how do you operate in California when your employer and you need people to work and these people shop and a lot emptier fake documents and data looks okay well he supposed to do well .

Okay. So these the people and the employers are caught in the cross hairs between the state and the federal government . That’s it . It’s a shoot-out between the state and federal government over this and the people being caught in the middle are the employees and the employers and no resolution has come about 30 years . This problem has been going on , nobody in 30 years has come to a resolution . So now they’re reactionary to something I don’t even know then I believe that they’re gonna be reactionary to this because I believe to on the state’s side it doesn’t benefit them to be reactionary to this , so for me , this is the failure of government to do its job and once again the people and the people trying to do business in the state . Get caught in the middle of politics and it’s infuriating to me where we’re at the start of the busy season ice is doing its job . I get it , they’re going to places where I think they believe they can get people .

Fruit isn’t being packaged because people aren’t showing up for work.

That’s the bottom line here and these employers will get fined in targeted by the feds because they did employ people even though documentation looked legit they will get fined because they hired people who were in the country illegally. So they become the bad guy in this instead of the feds . The state being the bad guys , who I think they are the bad guys in this .

Know well , I think about it. California has a really wanted to deal with this problem . No . And so you’re old .

The. The first one I deal with us , but I mean that’s . Once again it Nancy Pelosi yesterday for 8 hours . You know but on grandstanding .

I mean that you know the. The Republican party in this country wants to deal with border security . The Democrats don’t and in California , they just don’t want to deal with this at all . Would you agree they Avalanche illegal immigrants pour into this state driver’s licenses a sanctuary state will protect you all those kinds of things and this whole thing is evolved over a long period of time through so the economy has adjusted and there certain kinds of people who do certain kinds of work and they’re available . You hire you’re just that you’re somebody was get the job done , you know whether you’re hiring you know through the restaurant , hotel business or farms whatever you just want to get the job done . People apply you hire them and now you have these 2 government entities fighting each other and disrupting your business . He did create this atmosphere . It’s not your fault . So , but there you though I was going punish the people who actually doing the work and try to get stuff done of the ones get punished the politicians who can’t solve this , there’s no punishment for them .

And both sides blame each other. By the way , probably some legitimacy to that but it just seems kinda counterproductive to me to have these rates . I’m not . I’m not getting on you people that are doing your job you’re doing your job you’re paid to do . I don’t you to stop doing your job .


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