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Gerri industry is hoping for reform spokesperson Chris Gayle and says immigration reform is crucial because dairy farmers need is stable workforce.

We need to have a stable reliable source of workers in Derry and a lot of farmers have come to rely on foreign born immigrant workers a number of whom are not legally documented. We know that and so this is an issue that we’ve been working on for quite a while . We’re hoping that because of all the attention being paid to the immigration issue on Capitol Hill . So far this year that we can thread the needle and try to achieve something important for our members .

Congress is currently negotiating on Dhaka as part of the overall budget however Galan says the deer industry needs Congress to focus beyond..

Immigration issue happening right now. Course is the future of the Dakar program and what to do with the hundreds of thousands of dreamers who are not here legally , but who , under the previous administration have been granted some legal protection . So our specific focus for the dairy industry is not so much on the dark issue but on trying to create a new guest worker program for agriculture and our hope is that as they look at this immigration issue and are looking at a comprehensively beyond just the Dhaka issue that they can also find a way to adopt a new agricultural guest worker program .

He says the current discussions or an opportunity that agriculture does not want to miss to make valuable immigration reforms for farmers.

We understand the need for additional border enforcement and that’s something that the White House certainly talked about but the White House has also been very sympathetic to the notion that farmers need to have access to workers including their existing workforce as well as potential future workers coming into this country. I think our concern is that if they deal with the doctor . She was part of the overall budget . Picture . And they say well we fixed immigration because we’ve extended aka program , but that means it’ll be harder in the future to deal with other elements of immigration policy , including this critical agricultural guest worker program .

That’s national milk producers federation spokesperson Chris Gayle in a special guest is scheduled to attend this year’s World Aggie Expo Jennifer Fox marketing and sponsorship manager at the International Agra Center tells us who’s coming to tell area on the first day of the big show.

Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue is scheduled to be on the ground on Tuesday for the show talking some California producers and we’re just excited to be able to host especially on opening day.

His town hall meeting at the World execs starts at 10:30 in the morning. On Tuesday the 13th in today’s attack spotlight we hear from the NFL ready with women and advert mentoring and empowerment . You know , tells us why everyone can benefit from the seminar series women and add mentoring and empowerment will be offering at this year’s World I to Larry .

The women and mentoring empowerment sounds like we’re just for women , and a lot of people get thrown by that , but actually we have a goal to help everyone who’s in agriculture , who is transitioning into the industry to make those connections and get the information necessary in order to be a successful informed agricultural and to be able to advance in their careers. So when we created the speaker series , we want to make sure that it did go across a broad range and covered food safety and advocacy communications marketing and then upcoming legislation because that’s always something that people are nervous about new technology , because that’s another thing that people sometimes can get nervous about not knowing what’s available to them . So we wonder just across a broad range of topics , so that we could have something there for everyone . We did partner with my job depends on ad and they are also going to be hosting a networking mixer with us one of the evening’s so everybody is welcome to come and hang out with us and meet other people . It’s kind of at the end of the day , sort of good wind down time . While we’re waiting for the parking lot to clear out .

You know similar start at 9:30 and run through the day tell us more about some of the topics.

We’re starting out with our technology. What’s hot and what’s not . One of the people that I’d like to highlight on that panel is Danny writer and he is the vice president of technology and integration at California‘s premier smart farm . So that is really core actually live next door to them and they’re doing just amazing things over there and then we have them , also featured during the food evolution movie with a discussion panel on Thursday , because that was featured a couple of months ago and it’s been traveling up and down the state but we wanted to have a discussion panel on that and give people a chance to really dive into what’s going on with the food system .

In really something for everyone including foreign leaders in the future.

We actually have something for students. We haven’t you mean networking reception was said Malvo which is the female sorority for agriculture were from the school campuses , and then we go all the way to , you know like for the younger people , too , especially in those are trying to start new farms cannabis is now legal in California . And so we have a seminar about that on Thursday and how it’s going to mainstream . Now we have a lot on food safety . At least one thing : everything all day how to , how to get hired a career roundtable but then we’re going all the way up to something that you see with older people with philanthropy , because now they’re established in there in a place to be able to do that as well as brand of allotment and financially how agriculture is bearing now and in the future .

And Nina says women and mentoring and empowerment is offering up to 8 topics a day at the world expo.

The great thing about this is that we’ve tried to spread things out a little bit so we don’t just have one day on food safety and one day I’m legislature. So maybe I know for me when I come to seminars and I’m kind of thrown back because all I really want to see this on Thursday . But I mean to be there on Tuesday . We tried to make sure there was something for everybody , everything all day .

Our thanks to Nina feta ready , who is a board member with women and add mentoring and empowerment. Well you can join Team GB’s rate Appleton as he broadcast live from the 2018 World Aga Expo February 13th through the 15th from the International Agra Center until the show is sponsored by case I each tortilla nursery Murphy’s bank and lender equipment .

5-55 now here on the came G8 report with another look at weather here’s Kevin Reimer.

Abbey Thursday patchy fog through 10:00 AM today then sunny with very mild conditions 76 expected high this afternoon for tonight hazy in cool 47 the overnight low before your Friday patchy morning fog in sunny and 74 degrees from became Weather center on FOX 26 News chief meteorologist Kevin Reimer your hometown whether connection.

And taking a peek at some of the temperatures currently in the valley in Fresno. We’re looking 47 degrees done 44 an anchorman its 43 degrees .

Do you have an Aga event coming up. If so , we want to know about it . Contact KMJ tag director York by email at Don.York at . Now here’s today’s KMJ ad count .

The California garlic and onion symposium is set for Monday , February 12 until Larry the symposium is across the street from the world get school grounds on Tuesday the 13th the world again Expo starts its 3-day run CPR and first aid training is set for Thursday. The 22nd at the Fresno County Farm Bureau office in West hedges and on Wednesday February 28 the acts all their and irrigation efficiency workshop has been held it takes place at the CPD ES Hall and Easter . That’s it for the game . Jay act report . Thank you for listening and thank you for farming . Up next for us those morning news .

I 4 is a time to meet up with old friends and make new ones. The smiling faces of Murphy banker looking forward to doing just that . At this year’s show . You’ll find key Bank decision makers happy to talk with you about financing including Murphy bank special payment plans for farmers that lineup with harvest time paydays from tractors trucks and prayers to harvesting and irrigation equipment newer used stop by and say hello , and Booth , 3706 and building C Murphy bank serving the valley for more than 30 years member FDIC .

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