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And the attitude seems to me you know people can call in and agree or disagree. This is just kind of what I get by osmosis , you know . The attitude seems to be when you saw these big military parades in places like the Soviet Union , which mainly where we saw them , they said . We will have to do that , you know you have to do that here this year people that you are mighty . We are the world’s superpower . We all know it . We don’t need a parade to convince the people of the miracle that we are the world superpower similar to other countries needed to do that to show their countries that they were kinda okay right .

That they were like up to our standards. That’s the thing is I think other countries do this because they’re trying to be like the American military , they’re trying to say where number we’re just as good as they are . See I in , so I feel like we don’t have to do this because everybody else is trying to BS . That’s how I feel .

Yeah and I think that’s the added. Nobody in the United States is clamoring for this right . Donald Trump , he saw this and France . He wants to do it I I’ve not ever heard the people . United States‘ demands we already have veterans Day over there parades around the entry and we honor our veterans and and one of the things they’re thinking about , what would you have this they thought it all like July for it when it’s IOU you a holiday hell July for , it’s a good one Memorial Days . A good one . Think about Veterans Day a good one . We already have Veteran’s days where we honor veterans . Not necessarily .

We have a parade here in Fresno , right.

One of the biggest yes that kinda curious how people feel about this you know. Having said all we’ve said and there is more to say by the way , I’m not , it absolutely against it you know you know it , it would be okay is I guess I’m I’m underweight . If anybody thinks there is a negative to this is , there is , should we not have . It is the attitude of not needing one better than having one . Is that a better attitude to have all these years , like the last one we had was after the first Gulf War in 91 we won that war easily the one in Kuwait right we chase the Iraqis back to Iraq . We didn’t follow on because they thought they would get into a big mess if they did so we didn’t follow that with go take Baghdad and we had a parade didn’t have parades after Vietnam or Korea because we didn’t win .

It is hard evaporate after we’ve left Vietnam. You know , it took us a long time to really honor Vietnam vets . Yeah . Even in Veterans Day parades Simon . I think there’s a lot of mixed feelings . People can have about this , but like I say , if , if we have one I’m not gonna be like a protester .

Oh , no , no , no. And I’m open to everyone saw on this 2-4 9058-58 4-9 0-5 8-5 8 because we do have a lot of veterans that listen to us . I’m not trying to be disrespectful at all in what I’m saying I honor and cherish our military and the military members , however I don’t I don’t know that we need this , but that’s the question and I would really , I’d like to hear from others on this because you might be able to change my mind . Phil : I you know I’m open to the possibility . I just feel like .

Where we are , we are the military leader of the world , we know that and we don’t have to show it in a parade , let me let me put it this way , and I have so much honor and respect already. I don’t need to honor and respect through a prey necessarily .

And I think we all like the Veterans Day parades and we. I wish there were more of them . Yes , you know that I . To me that’s more we’re honoring our veterans on Veterans Day by having them in the parade and honoring them for their service . Now this would be I think more of a current members of the military kinda thing show of force kinda thing but David but not saying that now saying it’s a show of force their factor I think they see they said they’re honoring the men and women who serve who give us freedom so they’re honoring so I I don’t know exactly who would be in it . I get the feeling would be current members of the military , which we , you know we don’t spend a lot of times honoring them likely to veterans .

Right. Well , I mean , so , but still day this is the description of dismissed deal there it’s troops marching down the shops so you say with military tanks , armored vehicles gun trucks in carriers , complete with quite fighter jets flying over the Arc de Triomphe painting the sky was streaks of blue , white and red smoke for the colors of the French flag . So that’s what they’re talking about here , Bill . That’s the idea .

I think it sounds kinda cool it sounds good bid kind of anything , doesn’t it.

Yeah but I you know I I guess I feel like we have aspects of this throughout the year. Now , not all at once , but throughout the year , for instance , we have the Blue Angels . You know that one magnificent show still spectacular know you know we have Fleet Week in New York and answer everything Francisco we have Veteran’s Day parades . You know we have aspects of the royalties are the French put it all together on one day , we had this stuff throughout the year in different aspects in different cities all across America there and it’s you know this would be a one-day thing . In Washington , DC . The majority of us , that’s the other thing is this France really isn’t that big of a country they have it in Paris , where the majority of the country lives right here in the United States be in Washington , DC . The majority of Americans would probably watch it on TV . We wouldn’t even be able to be a part of it .

Let it distract from the parades that are in communities like our C exactly and they would have.

Would it take away for instance if it were held on Veterans Day would it take away from Fresno State , Veterans Day parade. Maybe it would .

They might. Here’s the other thing I can remember Audrey my life seeing these news reports about these big parades like they have in the Soviet Union . You see those on the news , I can never remember anybody in my lifetime saying to me . Boy , I wish we do that right now . One time anybody seeing those parades . We just see the phrase . And so you carry go well , that’s the Silvio here you know I thought they’d overnight I never nobody ever in my life , said . Why don’t we do that . Yeah , up until the long term .

Yeah , I wish I wish we’d not.

4-9 zero 5-8 5-8 Alan. What do you think about all this .

Good morning. Good morning . My my wife’s from Coronado and I’ve seen about 10 or 15 parades down Coronado with tanks come down that the the Boulevard the flyover of EU 70 seal demonstration in the bay , there absolutely phenomenal . And if that doesn’t get you going as far as the Patriot nothing . Well , I believe that their wreaths every large city should have one of these parades throughout the year . Besides , you know the Veterans Day it’s brilliant that that Donald Trump wants to our young needs to see this because more and more of this really happy at the football games and more and more people are back our you know my you know daughter’s friends and stuff nobody seems to be patriotic I I’d never served in the Navy in the service for knife . I’m curious , I have a flag on my house on the most patriotic guy in the world and this needs to be checked out and I think this if Donald Trump does this it’s gonna secure him for another 4 years because if he does over every year and keeps doing this it’s gonna bring out a lot of people to to get back to the Patriots thing that we used to do .

Because he’s do you think we need to do it.

Absolutely. Okay . Yeah , I think I brilliant move on his part because I can’t get enough of the you know but mean the parades with with at the military Coronado I really stress everybody should go down there and CDO bats and everything else , it’s an amazing parade absolutely would I don’t wanna best in the nation heard and it and that kind of stuff get you , you know that , you know , into the patriotic feel that I think we’re missing in this in this country .

All right. Alan . Okay . You know well you know there’s no doubt that it would be a feel good moment , it would be . We also we all feel it in the , in the pre-game show of the Super Bowl , same kind of feeling so I felt good about all that we have finally NFL got it right .

He brings up a good point though and that is the patriotism of the youth in America. Do they need to see something you see something like this because you when I talk about us , we respect and honor the military we are patriotic Americans however within kneeling that’s going on with a lot of this social stuff that is happening out there with the younger population . Is this something that they need to see is it worth spending millions upon millions of dollars for something to try and .

Market to almost the youth of America patriotism American patriotism.

This is gonna be a away overnight millennial issue , what it was with the snow flew to the snowflakes neither.

Well you know what’s so interesting is I you know , I’ve been reading a lot about millennials what millennials want and need , is a cause.


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