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Dave Wilson
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Grand Marshal


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Ruskin on here on KMJ are sweet deal this week , which is on sale Friday morning $25 gets you 50 bucks suspended suck and I as Japanese restaurant on sale Friday 9:00 AM only at KMJ talking about president Trump’s plan for a military parade , a grand military parade reminiscent of the Bastille Day in France.

Yeah. Big a big deal out of it was , you know a big deal . The media thousands and thousands of troops missiles tanks everything .

Yeah why overfly fireworks. Yeah , I mean meals mud colored smoke .

If Donald Trump , the biggest the best ever. Right . Yes . So we’re not talk and just a parade , a huge deal .

What do you think for 9058-58 4-9 0-5 8-5 8 Tracy Europe next with Ruskin , good morning.

And John here Christine 0 I I think it’s it’s a great idea. But I I turn it almost into a convention , I’d have a NASCAR race .

Similar to the side , maybe into Virginia I you think I’m kidding. Then I’d have like some kinda hackers convention like featuring the Pentagon would come up with good you know hack into a system you know for some million dollar grand prize and then I’d probably have a couple of other events make it like a week or a few days or a weekend . And the main event being the the show of military might . From the point of view of the technology more so , and also from that the men and women who serve not like I can beat you , because I’m America but honoring I I always felt like Veterans Day is honored , the people who have served already or have to have been in the military and left . I think this is for more like the active duty now Trump could probably turn it into a situation . I could see it worries isn’t the greatest leader since the beginning of time , and he’d be standing up there are big podium in and they turn it into something like a Kim Jung-Un event . I wouldn’t want out but I I think that if you did it in a way that that you know paid on or to the people are in the service now and if you put NASCAR in there I think after country show up in DC , DC might not like that , but I think you have a big event . So .

All right. But there are no I can’t .

I kinda like it actually the NASCAR well over the NASCAR‘s not really my thing , but the whole making it a bigger event. You know , hackers come out to you know who can hack this the fastest I I kind of think that maybe he’s on to something because like I said , the things that I want to see you are aren’t things that they’re really gonna showcase . But I do think that there other than our military might and missiles . And you know vehicles in and flyovers , there are other things the military does very well that couldn’t be showcased in a parade .

Know I I doubt I kind of interested in what he said we was talking about how Donald Trump could turn this into a something about him. So as they how should Donald Trump participate in this , I mean , would he be like the grand marshal in the lead car .

Would I I don’t think that you should participate at all should not even be there. Well , no , I think that he could obviously white . You know I have a reviewing stand yeah maybe your fancy employees would have put or maybe they go by the White House and he sending out on a balcony . I don’t know , but I am .

I don’t think that he should be a part of the parade just because now that from the other impurity who said they were naturally is the security is the security part of it you know people are talking about security with us they got it , you know what’s gonna do like right around the Pope Mobile.

You know behind us there , which is saying a bubble , but if you get him some kind a reviewing stand. It also sets him apart and makes it look like he’s getting kind of the special treatment but is commander-in-chief of this whole thing right . The English on KMJ .

Yes , good morning. My idea of funding it is take the money that we spend at the NFL having these flyovers and military items and put it toward the one big parade and if the NFL wants to fly overs help them pay for it instead of the military .

Well , let me ask you this , let’s say , there was enough money there to do that. Where do you think the military would get the most bang for here they’re recruiting back , do you think they get it in more in one parade , or in all of these reunion things they’re buying from NFL games .

I think more than one parade right now because while we had ourselves that are taken are taken a knee.

I know better there , but they still have this reunion stuff going I think that stuff still works tell you it’s very compelling yeah he who can turn that off.

Kandahar you , Nick.

You know it is , it is hard to turn that I don’t know.

A lot of people see it for what it is , it is a recruiting tool.

We had the World War II that that called and talked about the reunion at Lemoore at Naval Air Station. I had the honor of as a reporter . When I worked in TV covering one of those and it is it’s very compelling especially in person to see these children who haven’t seen their dad in after months you know run-up to their dad so exciting tears in their eyes just sheer happiness . You cannot help but but well up and be moved by that it’s very compelling .

And that’s why the mill in the military saw what you saw and that’s why you know it’s a zero fell and said they wanted to buy the time to do these and when people found out that the NFL was charging the military they got upset but it was the military who went to the NFL.

Well , I guess the NFL supposed to say no and and for you , no charge. Yeah , I mean the pope . We should have probably should have PR Arsenal forward but it wasn’t clear idea , but as we know it today . The NFL needs ratings and money . You know , so I guess we’re gonna take it from whence it comes Thomas next with Raskin , Good morning .

Good morning. Interesting topic there some real opportunities here for our military to help establish you know another path for role models for kids , as well as illegal immigrants who want an easier path to citizenship by serving the country . So I think this is a great idea . They like it was , do it . How about .


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