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There’s no way you know we’re stretched so thin already. It’s not in our budget and this would cost a fortune time the government has to do something all bike regarding logistics the cost only 3 to forestall that what you know , the private sector be able to do .

They’re not currently Trevor I’m kind with Christina here I thought you know I asked earlier , what the country could vote on this , you know what would , how would we vote in a and I and I say this very sincerely , I think the country might vote against it right , but not for any anti-military feelings just just a conversation we’re having , but we’re not gonna vote on it and Congress doesn’t , I don’t think we need to vote on it , I think the present do it Kenny probably just within the budget of the military. Just tell us commanders were having a parade . It’s going to happen like this .

I held out I I think it’s gonna happen. I think he’s gonna find a money source for and I just I think he is so set on this I do .

I don’t think he needs to go to Chuck Schumer for a vote. I don’t think so . Now they mark your on KMJ .

You know , guys , good morning , or out to talk about.

Short. Oh I’m sorry fight Al-Qaeda , wherever there’s my brain again one more time before you guys came on , this is all about prematurity Zubeen that’s he should make us more , you know , should be on Flag Day .

Flag Day , but we don’t do anything on flyer worry.

No you don’t matter fact I doubt the scores even do anything anymore. But you could say about like day Anatoly and so they can bring out the military in the Revolutionary War supine the subject I wasn’t as a Plaid .


And has officially speaking , you bring up the revolutionary tourist well you know any kind of our actions , the driver. We would like to do it to modern day , which apparently was we should be enjoyable their own be patriotic .

I had.

In the temperatures and in this country.

You know I think they’re still I think the shoreline.

The group there with a wrister neither veterans that the president talked to have to think though.

She a beloved UN.


I guess we can have a debate about the state of patriotism but I still go back to what if you want to promote the military. Is this the best way to do and I think they’re doing a pretty good job of promoting themselves like with these reunion things you do see some added some recruiting ads the talk about technology and learning and traveling and getting a free education and a lot of things like that . Yeah , I think the words : kind of out there isn’t it . They could get could be better I guess .

I I you know I don’t know , I would love to , you know what would be so interesting to me is to hear from like a 20-year-old.

Well , again , is this parade , which they say is to honor the men and women who give us freedom. That’s what the parade is supposed to be about : we’re all drifting to recruiting and patriotism and I guess that’s all part of it , but is that it’s really about is really about recruiting .

I think it’s about patriotism just Bhutto patriotism and I think through patriotism naturally comes recruitment right tugging at the heartstrings of people.

So we better off having a big focus national event to get that message across or all these little of their across the country.

Which was better , that’s the question. I don’t know , we have a quite .

We already have a lot of veteran stuff going on on Veterans Day everywhere , all over the country we have ours , yes we need one in Washington DC The takes the attention away from the little ones. Maybe he’s right Michelle flagging nobody has anything on Flag Day .


When I’m sorry what mothers find AM while flood is June 14th that’s a , that’s a good day. Not so hot good weather .

Then you’re on KMJ.

Good morning and patriotic with the best of them , but I don’t need a parade , you could get $100 million to spare and put it into the veterans or already military itself.


Well I mean he can’t do. We always have to think of some better to do with the money . Yes . Can we just have a nice parade and have some fun toys have to go . There’s oysters some better to spend a dark .

Well , but if the government John didn’t flush. A lot of it down the toilet , then we wouldn’t be thinking that way about but work can we kind of have to , you know .

Well , I’d like you now fear of being prudent with how we spend money but every time somebody comes up with a fun idea do we had it will be able , we could spend it better somewhere else , I mean this is. This is a good idea , it’s a terrible idea . I don’t do I therefore not gonna do it there’s reasons not to do it but it shouldn’t be . But the money to me if we want to do this we should do it .

John , I think , are you a Republican. Yes I .

And I’m also patriotic and I think , look at , I don’t think we need to do this , either. But if we’re gonna do it . Let’s do .

I get I get your point. Okay thank for off my soapbox . You know , that’s okay .

Dave KMJ.

I have entire toughest snowballing people moan and groan of the money. Thank you . Why don’t we take the money out of our little slush fund that we hear billions of dollars , all these countries that hate us , they take our money but they don’t like the fallen handing out of their fun , you know it’s about time that we did something for America .

Do you like the idea of a parade.

Well , here you know.

Yeah , I would be a winner.

Meaningless environmentally naked Perry , you know , let’s get that you know that , let’s get the ROTC is out there is a big kids our future soldiers there are gonna protests continue. You know , let’s get them , you go , you know , there the girls got you know make other national parade there is supporting our of our military .

Well , okay , I tell you , it’s just , it’s just kind of our discussion in that there’s a lot of people against it but for good reasons not bad reason right you know right 4-9 zero 5-8 5 age Brodsky Christina right back on KMJ.

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