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Bastille Day
Dave Wilson
Donald Trump
United States
Washington DC


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Now he’s finest frosty and Mossad right on KMJ.

Trust him as here on KMJ if you missed one of your favorite Kim Jae shows just click on the podcast page came to catch up any time we’re talking about president Trump’s plan for a grand military parade I I think he wanted in Washington DC , much like Bastille Day and I still you John off the air. This is kinda makes me think of you know I am . I had a boss at one time that talked about the big things that happened over the course of the years in American history . Like the building of dams infrastructure things exploration and space things that brought Americans to gather to watch in awe . And I think that this is President Trump’s thing a big parade Americans can come together . American patriotism to watch in our because we are divided . Right now , as a country so we need one booed we do one big thing . Could this be and I think that this for him . Is it what he sees as you know something : Americans can can watch on TV come together as families to watch see in person bring about American patriotism . I get that . I think it’s a want not a need you know personally .

Well , we have a caller who just hung up hip he would his suggestion was to make it a traveling parade put in a different place every year. I kinda like that idea . Yeah , mostly of the Amazon their HQ to . Yeah , so we have cities bidding for what they would give to get a parade , given away the store taxes or whatever .

The quote you know it would be interesting about the bidding as who did it and dead.

You know who cities , like San Francisco , I don’t think would bid on something like that. Yeah , maybe not . And you , you know , we don’t need them , but it be interesting the discussion for me would be who didn’t bed .

Who. In reality though , I think it’s quite better off in one place every year . Sure , you know just because you get used to doing it the security everyone .

Something that you want to be annual. Is it something that you want to be , you know , the last time we did operate like this was 91 .

Well , if you need. If this country needs a big deal . Somebody needs to be every year because when you can have again never 25 years and it’s not a big deal , though I go to the moon . Hello Steve Young came Jack .

Good morning. I think the , a good idea , because everybody likes afraid I think something there if we were , you know how good we are and what our military’s like I think we should , how many having elections are small drugs , United States and Shaun how big malicious .

But all the guns are the 300 million guns.

Terrific. Yeah , so if you come across the border . You come across in our country . You know I have just the military but you have the people who love this country would strip stand behind it .

Yeah , I I think.

The the idea of the parade though is to honor the military. Yes . You know there would be a different parade if where everybody with guns show up and March . Yes , we have a lot of people he yes that is a message that we should send to people you know if you think about fighting us . We’ve all got guns all of us , not just the military Brian you’re on KMJ .

FILE. I was the one that called little bit ago accidentally hung up well about having it as a traveling and it can go to each state on different days and go to the 4th largest city in the state , which is us .


The because for that reason is all the big cities they could travel to the smaller cities you know like so on.

Well you Peter Singer on their own picking up her movement of law.

All right.

I do you pick this thing up and move it all over the place.

Well I how your local people like them or are you know like they’re your local people when he states come and have the big parade and you know , so they’re now way everyone can celebrate have some to look forward to you and about the money , you can’t put a price on pride. You know it’s obviously low in this in this time , so everyone and I just need a little to get Joan good about there .

Well , you know , it’s kind of funny cause a lot of the comments that about money.

So now you tell us more money by moving around have this thing I don’t you know who have enough problems once.

It sounds nice.

Yeah , Steve you’re deny reduced there’s another Steve Steve you’re KMJ.

Yeah , good morning. I guess one , I think when we step GOP ugly page interests . You know this make America great again and everybody thought it dollars and and will get the money for the parade , no problem .

That’s a good again actually a good idea who alienated idea.

How much American pride we’ve got.

You know what , that’s a great idea. You know if know they should do . This is what it’s gonna cost you gotta go funny page its $10 million if we get $10 million we do if we don’t you your money back .

I won’t give away more than that there’s , there’s a lot of spirit here and I just. There’s a lot of negative I understand I thought what we’ll get more German dollars and debt . I will pay for the parade , and we’ll show our try .

Yeah , I don’t know how it’s gonna I just throw 10 million , but whatever it costs you say you go 5. Here’s a goal . If we had a , we have a prayer , if we don’t , we doubt that what you get .

I I.

Now you get people to fight to how much they really wanna have it.

Yeah , no. Good idea . Steve .

Mike you’re on KMJ.

You know I rather think whatever they do. I wouldn’t want him real reference to the Bastille Day well then blown out of proportion since 1793 and there was only something like 4 prisoners of the place when they stormed it .

Well they do a pretty good Bastille Day now though , I guess.

Yeah , I mean this is something the , this is from the blown out of proportion. Though that’s really not that’s not important if you in Macon , in conjunction with the saying that women .

Think Donald Trump is going to relate this to Bastille Day and he saw Bastille Day he like that he wants to do something here. He’s not going to say , this is our Bastille Day .

He is quoted as saying I want I won a parade , like the one in France at all. I think he wants flyovers and tanks tables and rules about MGR Theo boom . Yeah .

He wrote Mike Jimena Wallace and today I believe her infirmary opposite race still cruising in the Caribbean Jason as that one. They’ll be more so I stick around like you get a good show coming up , Tianjin .

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