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quieter chip


He knows all about that I’m.

Sure he does a final like steak fries are usually soggy.

You know and we got another food story here to Rideau still read this morning you know this is a strange story , but it is a strange story , you know he gets into how women and men need to read was different.

Okay , so and I I actually I’d love to hear from women on this. I know this is gonna sound outrageous but I really would like to hear from women on this 4-9 0-58 58 to read those is considering a quieter chip for women because quote . They don’t like to crunch too loudly in public and quote .

Do you agree with that.

No , I love to grow. I love to crunch . I do not like to listen to other people crunch my pet peeve is listening to people to food which is inevitable , like , you know , sometimes you just hear people eat . Yeah , but if I don’t like listening to people chew their food so I don’t like listening to to other people need to re-dos , but man I loved it weird to read-o-n crunch and smack and make that noise I hate .

What do you think this theory that women don’t like to crunch there to redesign a sexist comment.

Well. What’s funny is it’s coming from a woman . No .

So I I don’t know that you can see it’s a sexist comment but.

Here’s my point on this. So they’re saying that they’re looking into a quieter check because women don’t like the loud crunch and that women and men eat Doritos differently as you say .

That’s what kinda gets me in this story.

The men , they say. As you watch a lot of young men . If the chips . They love their to re-dos and they lick their fingers with great glee , I do . And then when they reach the bottom of the bag , they pour the little broken pieces into their mouth because they don’t want to lose that test of the flavor and the broken ships in the bottom .

Well , here’s the deal. Let me answer that . It’s not about I don’t wanna lose the flavor , I think you don’t wanna waste the chance . Now I just want to check ups . Yeah , the easiest way to get those broken ships out of the bag is to tip the bag up into sporting your mouth . Right , so it’s not about I don’t want lose the flavor it’s decide . I want to chips and they’re too small to pick up with your fingers . The little bottom of the bag . Yes the reach down in there , try to pick up diesel tiny chips due you to form in your mouth . She’s right about that but all women do there too . No .

According to her no women with love to do the same , but they don’t , they like to crime , they don’t want to crunch too loudly in public they don’t their fingers generously and they don’t like to pour the little broken pieces in that , and the flavor into their mouth is nor what not your work. It’s not true for me . You forum oh man I don’t pour them well . I love doing is sticking my finger in there and getting the crumbs in them looking it and then putting him back in . And with your fingers I lick my fingers return there . I think she thinks were reporters . She is amazing .

Do you think you’re different than were murdered as she don’t think that this is the CEO of PepsiCo yeah they make to read out.

They make to read through.

Believes this about the way women they they have done studies on this , you know , figure out mice in the bin. The boldness and all that they may have done studies on women and how they eat these things don’t you think .

Well , I’m sure they have.

So she may know something here , but you defy the odds here and say this is not true.

Well they say for women low crunch the full taste profile not have so much of the flavor stick to their fingers and how can you put it in your purse because women who loved to carry a snack in their purse.

So why can’t you put in your verse who it was , is that. And .

No I they sell little many bags of Doritos , you could just stick that in your purse.

The sheep trying to figure , you know one your purse Khoza crunches in your purse is at the bottom of why would you would put in your purse.

This. Okay , so I don’t , I just don’t know if I’m if I’m just the odd woman out on this , because all the things that she says women don’t like to do . I I do I’m so guilty of these things I lick my fingers . I like the cloud crunch . I like the cheese on my hands . I you know I am and and I like the crumbs at the bottom . So I don’t know what they’re talking about here , but , but I think the problem here is , is that people do not like separate products for themselves . So I think that no matter where it even if they make a product that does all these things and I’m sure they’ve done the research . I don’t think it’s gonna work because women aren’t going to want to be different . I mean , here we are , as women standing up and talking about the glass ceiling . Right . We want to be equal . We want to be the same we wanna make the same pay we one these CEOs but we . I want my dear readers to be different . I don’t think so , I don’t think that women want there to readers to be different . I tell my husband all the time I’m gluten free right we’ll go somewhere to a potluck , I’ll take like AJ chili or something and walk in and my husband will say , oh , this is so it’s gluten free chili . No it’s not gluten free chili Ralph it’s chilly do you stop the EU free chili because nobody’s gonna eat it , it’s just chilly right so women are computer Reno’s because they don’t want to re-dos . They just want to read those does make sense . Well argon unemployed everywhere .

Time in my life without ever hearing that this was a problem , you know , I never you and , yeah , it was a prime. I know it never knew until today that the CEO of PepsiCo thought that women had a problem crunching there to read retailers and I just . I’ve never heard any woman ever say you know I boy I really wish they would make a quieter Rideau what about potato chips same problem right . Does anybody women’s potato .


And her they I mean , we are really I visited. I just . This is just a publicity stunt .

That’s kind of why I , maybe it is. Maybe it is just a publicity stunt . But they they’ve now guy lead to read as the hashtag lead to readers going on I would loyally Doritos .

If someone , anyone , but that doesn’t like to look fingers like just a just like to hear it.

Born in Ilford in 38 or 9-0 5 A I they do you need to re-dos. Do you not like the crunch . Do you not like to lick your finger .

The only place I don’t like the crunch is in the movie theater when somebody’s behind me eating something like.

I don’t your Cheerios complaining , I don’t see Cheetos coming up with a leading Cheetos and I don’t hear a royal cipher it serves coming women that she of studios really sticks never know really sticks for now look at that stuff to work on.

You can know yellow fingers for a week after if you enough of those things down 4-9 zero 5-8 5 , you could be by the way , there was quite a firestorm. I guess on Twitter after this came out in the people’s comments they were ripping them and now from what I understand to re has come out with a statement saying they’re not going to develop any women’s to read out .

No no no no no with with the chemo says that they are looking into it and they’re considering that.

Okay. But then they changed after they got blasted on Twitter . I think maybe some you know and I’m here .

You sent me the article I must’ve rather article differently.

Okay. Because I got the point they got blasted on Twitter .

They did. You’re right about that .

And then they said , okay , we’re just getting her subject now.

I don’t I will figure this out during the break , I’m not. I read that story differently than the buried in a real football .

Well , we’re not the only ones that did like this , nobody liked it , nobody liked hearing this they thought they make a joke.

John , I don’t think that people want to be different from other people I I think even if women want these things you’re not gonna buy it because it’s gonna look different , it’s gonna have different packaging it’s gonna say something different I I just don’t think that people want different products from other people.

Is there any food product that has a male product at a female product any food product.

Food product. No , but there are food products , who’s labeling and design is geared at a different gender you know one packaging might look more masculine than for instance protein bars , I spent a lot of time looking a protein bars lately . Sometimes the packaging on one brand is more masculine than the packaging on another brand for sure a charm .

Getting women more than men subliminal you know but they don’t seem to sleep for Wembley. Yeah . 4-9 zero 5-8 5-8 looking for anybody any woman in particular who doesn’t like her fingers after eating to readers prisoners not woman earlier something we’ll be right back on KMJ .

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