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It’s very curable , who has served as the company’s President for the past 31 years. Sun made which was founded back in 1912 and is the world’s largest producer of raisins and dried fruit .

The American Red Cross urgently needs blood and platelet donations and asks donors to schedule appointment to give now every 2 seconds someone in the United States needs blood your blood donation is critical and could help save lives. Please scheduled appointment today . Download the blood donor and visit Red Cross or call 100 Red Cross today you can make a difference .

Netflix Amazon and who are no longer the New Kids on the Block in fact you might even consider them to be the new establishment I’m Stephen Page for

Who scored a first last Sunday night , when The Handmaid’s Tale won the Emmy for Outstanding Drama become in the first series from a streaming service to ever do that now since the ’50s TV has been ruled by the big 3 , NBC , ABC and CBS. But the last 10 years have seen a change in both demographic and viewing habits HBO AMC and Showtime succeeded because they moved past television’s traditional primetime friendly content and now Netflix Amazon and who have taken that Formula 1 step further now completely unencumbered by scheduling restrictions ratings budget certain even the need for advertisers . The next wave of programmers is primed and ready to tell the stories that for whatever reason traditional television has just never been able to tell the . I’m Stephen Page .

Age-related macular degeneration is the leading cause of blindness in people over 55 but with treatment , it can be slow down stopped and in some cases reversed , make sure you see your grandchildren grow protect your vision by requesting information about diagnosing and treating AMD call the foundation fighting blindness today at 100 blindness for a free packet on reversing or managing AMD or go to the website fight blindness or were found so much helpful information or again call 100 blindness today.

Josh slow at the NFL season is here and you are ready for a podcast. It’s not what you’ve already been downloading over and over and over . You know what I mean every former Quarterback with the possible exception of Jeff Garcia now has a podcast for the co-host and it goes along the lines of , say , former Quarterback . It sure does look like a challenging week in the NFL . Let’s get your take on the big Carolina Jacksonville showdown after we hear from Panthers Head Coach Ron Rivera about how seriously his team taking place portals and Ron Rivera says , oh , we think the world of Blake Bortles is gonna be some kind of challenge for our defense . Blah blah blah through to tout Blake Bortles improving in every game . He’s got great any given Sunday , yadda yadda yadda Blake Bortles . Yeah , well , this is not that show this is glitz and giggles , no sound bites no predictions , not a single mention of X’s or O’s maybe a cure for feeling a little weird , but mostly , this is what they see as we just count down the 15 games to be played each weekend like we’re Casey Kasem in a jock strap in a cup we rank and worst to first to give you all the news and notes . You need to sound really impressive during corn hole at your tailgate you downloaded Friday on your way to work . War on Saturday running errands or Sunday underway to the actual game I give it 2 or 3 minutes of snarky insight per game so running time , maybe 40 minutes or so you get to be the guide the tailgate , US at one piece of information that makes you sell liquor totally in the loop . It is John Oliver meets John Clayton Jimmy Kimmel meets Jimmy the Greek no punches pulled no lab animals harmed no Xs no has no muscle no fuss and for those of you who went to high school in the mid 1990s no dignity , no doubt , this is the ultimate countdown to Cornwall . This is pro Football blitz in giggles with me Josh fluent make it part of your stop down Friday mornings or Saturday mornings or whenever really it’s it’s a podcast , not a front college appointment bullets and giggles , making you sound like the smart guy weekend get togethers since 2017 .

Hundred 705 5-9 3 this.

Is farmed you unique look at today’s arm issues with commentator Jill Scott.

Farm is brought to you by Penny Newman grain company supplying high-yielding wheat varieties since 1878 and by the Coalition for property rights. Now here’s Joe .

Hello and welcome to farm view.

Farmers and ranchers fully understand the importance of protecting the environment they’re very livelihood comes from the land. Therefore they depend on a healthy environment people not only need to be more cognizant of where their Food actually comes from that being a farm rather than a supermarket , they also need to recognize the contributions agriculture makes in bettering our country’s natural resources . Many regulatory environmental programs farmers adhere to are often great disincentives to good productive and profitable farming . If we want farmers and ranchers to continue to produce an abundant and affordable Food supply for America and the world we’re going to have to reevaluate how some environmental AG programs are currently being administered when we get back from the break I make a suggestion in that regard , I’ll be back with that bit of Food for thought right after this and he would bring .

Continues to products to its portfolio to better serve grows carbon plus our newest product is achieving great success helping Rovers get water to penetrate the soil carbon plus been a trip makes sure whether gets deep enough to flush with clinicians the route. So they don’t so it’s carbon defeat microbes in your soil carbon bust penetrate will increase yield and help you develop healthier soils , call us today Kenny Newman by 5-9 4-48 88 hundred .

History documents that the United States of America was founded upon the protection of private property rights , the maze of restrictions on property places excessive burdens on property owners in 1775 Columnist Arthur wing of the Commonwealth of Virginia , said the right of property is the guardian of every other right and to deprive the people of this is in fact to deprive them of their liberty this message is provided by the Coalition for property right.

I was commenting on how we need to re-examine how some environmental AG programs are being applied. Here’s my suggestion regulatory agencies should offer more incentives and assistance to farmers and ranchers when they participate in conservation programs instead of just saying that’s it daughter or else do it right and we will all benefit both farmers and society in general . Also , some of these environmental groups should be more understanding of what farmers indoor in order to provide us all with an abundant and affordable Food supply . I’m Joe Scott and this is been foreign view : the opinions expressed on this program , and not necessarily those of this radio station .

5-35 on the came G AG report. Let’s take a look at your weather forecast for this Thursday . Here’s meteorologists Kevin Reimer .

We’re for more dry weather today we get set for a wet weekend across the valley for today. Mostly sunny and cool 67 the daytime high for tonight becoming cloudy 53 overnight low on Friday . Mostly cloudy with a slight chance of scattered showers rain will move in across the valley for Saturday and Sunday , with snow in the High Sierra above 7,000 feet from became Joe Weather Center and FOX 26 News chief meteorologist Kevin Reimer your hometown whether connection .

Currently we’re looking at 51 degrees in Fresno Andean shaft 52 degrees under a mostly cloudy skies.

More California Walnuts could be heading to India. But in order to do that . The California wall , the Commission wants to keep on promoting the crop to retailers and consumers in India over the next 2 to 3 years the Hindu Business Line reports Pepe California wall that Commission things that India will become a top 5 export destination for or walnuts . From the Golden State King genius time now is 5-36 .

CBS News Update tweeting this morning President Trump is doubling down on his call for the death penalty but backing off a demand for the man who staged the New York City truck attack to be sent to Guantanamo Bay I follow Sipe off killed 8 people on Tuesday , prosecutors say it’s clear he was inspired by Isis CBS is handed over crime Haas told investigators had he not run into a school bus. His plan was the heads of the Brooklyn Bridge and targeted more pedestrians there so I’ve also told investigators he wanted to put Isis of flags on his truck , but decided not to believing they would have drawn it too much attention . New York City . Deputy Police Commissioner John Miller says they’re still trying to figure out whether Sipe off had help .

Is this inspired it just got all this off the internet was it enabled was he actually communicating with Isis officials over encrypted channels or was a directive was this part of a plan.

FBI says its questioning one of his acquaintances CBS News Update I’m Deborah Rodriguez.

This piece KMJ the some lag speech.

Good Thursday morning. It’s November 2nd in a looks like yeah rain is heading our way , find out when we might expect some rainfall will have complete details meteorologists covering her coming up in just a bit also coming up later here on the KPMG Agra pork we’ll be checking in with certified drop adviser witchcraft who offers tips to help out cotton growers became G8 reported sponsored by .


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