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San Diego


For those room and for you know through this. What’s this area here that’s quite knows what that required on those right now still to do a ring here or speak as if you get in a fight that is something for someone to pool go through , but you have a little diagonal diamond a little diet is nothing is nothing should be .

In your opinion. Yeah we considered like an earring in my opinion . Yes . Rob on KMJ .

He got morning morning. I’m not a big fan and unwavering proof got a couple took her law that have ever important so my feel like I was looking at it and worry a vulgar internal .

Is that why is distracting because you you you look at it. Are they distracting upbringing your nose that distracting Christina .

I don’t know really is different died Academy , however I do know what you’re saying , Rob.

Yeah , I’m not. I mean I think have a solution , catching up on a like a little round they indeed over .

Well , that’s right now she tried it , but they went there they wouldn’t let there to remove it , they want to hear it completely take it out , that’s the rule.

Whilst yeah I mean I think this fall , they will but I do think this you know Blair is talking about. He’s not gonna hire somebody you know if they look at if we’re not worried , but I think that’s a great time for young kids to express themselves when they’re not gonna have a job , a missing if you do that system and let loose a little bit and then know that and when go get a job . My have to make changes . Stan conform because if you know if you want , get their job .

On the other hand , you could say , look at you being young is not the time we’re gonna let you do this stuff get away to you’re 18 you can make your own decision then because I don’t want you messing up your future. That’s why you’re under 18 and you’re not in charge of your life . I am no judge , no tattoos on your face . None of that you 18 million while , but now , no .

Well , I think I can. I think there’s some stuff that’s harmless . And then there’s some stuff that’s there isn’t harmless . To me this is kind of harmless now fight a 15-year-old asked me for this . I don’t know that I’d say Yes . By the way we should say no offer to go to school rules right from your Yes you I agree to go through or wings all summer to have it done so that the whole is established and they can be taken out , while Europe .

Well no rule against the whole just the jewelry correct 4-9 zero 5-8 5 A Brodsky was on KMJ News timeless Kern.

This afternoon Fresno as Mayor Lee brand will be presenting the budget proposed for the 2017-2018 fiscal year the focus on creating jobs and public safety , as well as the continued long term financial stability of the city Valley native San keen Memorial High grad and current NBA player Quincy pond Dexter wants to give back to his hometown. The current New Orleans pelican tweeted on Monday he’s donating $20,000 to Fresno because he loves his hometown now pond extra wants to know what areas the city need the help the most a paint party taking place tomorrow to support children’s literature and community mural . The idea is to create art and money Jamie Sanford is a Library Service Specialist at Fresno State .

It’s a new experience are kinda popping up all over the place so far. Take a price of $45 you kids he canvas , although that pies and a take home a brand , we will have instructors Mark and Wendy deride will all be kind of painting the same canvas and then you get to take the cameras missile .

In the money generated from that canvas and cordial to paint party will be used by the Arne Nixon Center advocates to create a community near next spring by award-winning children’s Illustrator Rafael Lopez this party runs 7 to 9:00 PM tomorrow at me a cup of cafe on Olive Avenue in Fresno. For more information go to KMJ on Wall Street the Dow up 44 points . It is 10-32 A KMJ Valley weather right now 86 and sunny at Radio City hitting a high of 101 this afternoon , a low tonight of 68 . The news on the hour on the half when it breaks I’m timeless new stock 5-81 0 5-9 km .

Sausage for bad song Let’s NASA’s advisable who have 6-4 1-7.

And smart business.

Better start casting black we got out and when that happens you back when that happens. Good morning John brought here Christina my son as usual .

We move on from our topic of dress codes of the unified got a question for our audience Christina. Okay . How important are straws to you .

For straws import to you and your life group.

In my life. Yes they are . There are no wires well for 2 reasons . There were , when I have a child and they drink from a straw have to have to write because he doesn’t quite hasn’t quite grasped the cup tipping without pouring everywhere that could be a problem so straws are important number 2 . When I’m out . I do not like if I go to a restaurant . I do not like drinking from the restaurant glass like putting the glass to my lips for the Cup to my lips really because other people have done that , but I don’t oil doing those are . Yeah . How many times have you gotten a glass or a wine glass with someone else’s lipstick , although I think is that this isn’t my shade and that it makes you question then just exactly how clean . Are they still . I ask for straw and I drink from a straw .

You know well , apparently down to San Diego. There is a move on to not use straws . No , they’re not banning straws . No , they’re just gonna make people request like not gonna just give a tour right . Yep , you can still request .

How like when you order a cocktail , though , you know , we get a cocktail they put like a straw there you know and aren’t these restaurants aren’t even gonna do that.

I will tell you this , you know I’m a wine drinker. Okay . I’ve never seen anybody drink wine with a straw . Neither have I yeah so I I don’t like that cocktail . Now I know , but it’s a asked . It’s a glass with some of his lips on it , like you said right now and I do you drink from the wine glass . Yeah . Nobody ever drinks wine with a straw . This is like for a bit and I think it’s a , the rules of nature something unless it’s the sangria but then we’re not talking you know but in San Diego . You know that there’s all this concern about plastic getting into the Ocean Sandia was by the ocean right and we have another story about you know plaster getting into the ocean , but this one is about struck this kind of blew my my yeah Americans you Yes 500 million plastic straws a day that is now I’ll talk just say this , I don’t know how accurate that is cut a lot of these environmental groups tend to exaggerate . Yes , okay . But there’s one of 330 million Americans . Yes , and 500 million straws . Yes , a lot of straws every day 500 million a day , they say . Now I don’t know if I believe that , but we know he has a lot of people use straws all these coffees on straws don’t go Starbucks you so I strength against the fast Food Places with their you know they’re all their soldiers , you get a strong on a curve .

We can have a movement for reusable straws MI now going to need to along with the bag , they carry into the grocery store now carry like a reusable straw in my back pocket when I go to the restaurant.

Or just bite the bullet now on some of these cough.


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