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Point 4 generations. This is news talk Am 1 0 5-9 FM MJ inflation on Cumulus beyond me serious .

News I’m Del Ray cock President Trump has downplayed the first 100 days of a presidential administration. He called it a false marker for success , but if you had to twist his arm .

I truly believe that the first 100 days of my administration has been just about the most successful in our country’s history.

He made the comments in his weekly address. CBS News Political Analyst Leonard Stein Horan says most of Mr. Trump’s priorities have stalled .

One of the major initiatives that he put forth repealing and replacing ObamaCare that has failed , he keeps trying he doesn’t wanna lose face , but it doesn’t seem as if it’s going to happen in the way that he wanted.

CBSNews Elections Director Anthony solvent says one reason for the stall out is the near-complete lack of support from Democrat.

Physically we seen the opposing party giving President this point maybe a 3rd support that’s not huge but it’s something. But Democrats are giving him just 10% support .

It’s known someone affectionately as the nerd Prom and while journalists and other celebrities gather in Washington tonight. CBS’s Paula Reed reports is gonna be one notable absence .

The President will not be attending the annual White House Correspondents dinner this evening in Washington. He’ll be the first President since 1981 not to attend the event . Instead he will head to Pennsylvania , where he will address supporters at a rally .

The annual dinner raises money for journalism scholarships climate marches and rallies being held in Washington and other cities around the country today , including Philadelphia.

Was one of the working theories of the the people God that market , she says. It’s one of hundreds of visitor might’ve the located solidarity with the main the march in Washington DC . The government is taking a contrary stamped we we know is true . Several hundred protesters gathered here at 50 Hall for the March scientists are saying by consensus that this is not a hopes coral reefs the oceans full of plastic Oil spills the lies from the government . This protester tells me people are not prioritized over profits . The world will suffer . I think it’s already back in money at that clip CBS News Philadelphia .

As tensions rise over North Korea’s continued testing of missiles and saber rattling. Some experts say the pressure against Pyongyang is the right way to go . Georgetown professor Matthew Critic believes there should be a 2-pronged response from the White House first prong is diplomacy and trying to increase the economic pressure on North Korea to try to get some kind of negotiation to let the nuclear missile program . But the second prong is military and defensive element of the strategy , which is as long as North Korea has these capabilities , we need to be able to defend ourselves and defend our allies China is urging both the US and North Korea to tone down the rhetoric in an effort to stabilize the region . A Delta Airlines pilot caught on video hitting one of 2 women he was trying to separate during a fight on a joy to Atlanta this week Ellis says in a statement that they are backing the pilot in this instance , because they say his actions STI escalated the situation he’s back on the job . This is CBS News .

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Our coffee and just keep accomplice Fred was removed like you never been , have agreed to New York. This is of taste Burger those the personal my life .

It’s time to get your garage on the restaurant owners are on the air right now on KMJ here is your host , Bruce Campbell.

So good to be back in school , Bruce Campbell , along with Michelle Jackson and Ryan Jackson at the schoolhouse restaurant and tavern in saying sponsors of the restaurant tours on KMJ you too. Thank you . You do , you know , hasn’t been that long , but I just feel like it has been , you do you to do a little vacation . Yeah , I get a little vacation . So we were actually all in the same area . So you were then turns that where you live . Yeah , yeah , because I was right on the road in Thousand Oaks , is about a half hour away . We went out to , you know , did you act like it has no he went to the Ronald Reagan music .

So it will be , have you been there. Yeah .

When you get to go on the air force.

Yes , yes it was surprisingly one of the highlights of our little spring break.

Gray , I got to fly they let me fly there you go. There you go . Ryan’s glove and now we landing . I don’t take office had been we have it in reverse . Okay . In the big winner , the that well , we , we can’t do anything either . And you know it , you know that up . How .

But so well it was nice. We had our Christiane your off course last week Ryanair Filin run that’s always fun . Yeah . To have him for years . We are guinea pig .

My , my favorite thing is that Chris Daniel filled in for me. Yes , that’s right , that’s like you know that’s like the Rolling Stones opening up for you know your local band like yeah he going to get allergy when I want to go out of town Beth Daniel filthy and before I mean that’s a pretty I know reached pretty high level .

Because he of course uses different his own equipment when he required so they add all this fancy little tabletop microphone Israel‘s own had said will we get these cheap headsets with the microphone built in , he’s got missing NC acquaintance.

These are cheap. These are the same things they use on Air Force One . When Ryan’s Hamas in there like like cockpit headsets here . Well , we , we have a little bit of a Schoolhouse Food in front of us . So let’s , let’s start off with a little bit a sampling . What do you , what you have here right little snack okay so there something Adigrat in which beat is this , this is just simple Margherita pizza . Oh yeah .

Yeah , you know , it’s just I I I was hungry and wanted to eat a piece of pizza. So we have beautiful roasted tomatoes that we do here this year they’re oven-roasted tomatoes toss and a little bit all Oil and garlic and fresh thyme and just roasting really slow concentrate that sugar rush fresh mozzarella prospect basal housemate tomato sauce filmmaker own pizza dough here . It’s all just fun just little snack for him .

It is the basal off your your wall yet on the back here so that it’s grown fresh right here in my own house. I love that . Yeah , I’d love that hit .

And you know I I don’t know if we’ve talked about this and how shows but I have become partial to oven-roasted tomatoes vs fresh tomatoes and everything and everything. Oh yeah , everything .

Brings out a little this weakness , doesn’t it.

It’s it’s it concentrates the flavor and you know , how do we do it in the kitchen. We like , we take the guts out right , yeah , we do you take the guts out where all the the seeds in action , but since then , and then we do our Oil shop .

Boil fresh thyme garlic salt garlic yes really good so concentrates the sugars and the acids. Okay . And it in , you know , removes the water . No kids . I just . I think it’s better .

And the sugars in the acids , like you’ve always told us creates balance right balance in what you’re reading. This is our list .

It’s a tomato even peaks.


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