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I was cited what they’re gonna be doing and I’m to use their words Senate bill Assembly Bill 42 would jointly create a statewide risk assessment tool. Yeah right . As a handful of counties have already done to determine during the intake process whether defendants pose a risk or a danger to their communities , if not low-level offenders would be released . So I’ll play devil’s Advocate . What’s the danger in that .

Right. Ray , I just got off the phone with one of the counties today right now but push into the system that they have , the streets filled them a huge new courthouse it takes them 5 days to get a sentencing order to my client because they were understaffed Fresno takes a half a day through a day because the system that was provided by the state of California is show screwed up that they can’t get everything transfer in a timely manner . This this California has for the past 20 years done everything it can to centralize the criminal justice system into the towers in San Francisco and Sacramento and Los Angeles and not leave it up to the county’s our county knows how the long run knows that particular crimes that all day that that are prevalence they they know . Our town is better than San Francisco and Sacramento and and what Angels and the danger is that the judge is not making the determination that it is based on hold unquote guidelines from the state , all in the effort .

Of centralization only effort of leaving the jail overcrowding doing things like that that are fixing problems that we’ve had that aren’t being fixed in the right way and in the meantime.

They’re gonna have more criminals or accused , I mean , you know , let’s be fair about it accused persons out on the streets. That should not be out on the streets now those people right now to get out on the streets through unless Isabel , but the very ill takes into consideration on every case . A judge has to make just a or termination business person a list of the public and is this person a flight risk based on that that determination . The judge sets of bail but that they’ll have to be commensurate .

With the income of the person so you can’t put in excessive bail if the person can afford it because it’s only supposed to be the amount of bail and ensures that the person comes back and that maybe $50 or $85 if it ensures that the person will come back. It is a system that has worked for 2 300 years and then in English times back to back during all of England times it’s not I don’t understand it .

I would. Why they feel that they need to change it in the first place , then what’s the motive . What , what , what’s the angle here . Why do they feel they have to reinvent something that doesn’t need reinventing .

And here’s here’s where I like I said on the coin a term hit the term heavy politics heavy politicians they are they feel that they’re do-gooders and they can’t just sit around , they have to constantly think from do stuff and they don’t realize that they were making and quite honestly , I think there’s an ulterior motive. I don’t think it is pure just do gooders I think this .

Yeah. Me too . That’s why I asked .

I think there is a testicle , I think they want centralization of the power in their hands , they want to set guidelines for a all the counties as to who goes in and out of jails and would look there in effect.

Doing is very egos are so gigantic their heads are so varied that they feel that they know better over stingy outsourcer and Adams all the signers of the of the the declarations the Constitution’s all the great founders of our nation. Because as you know they Il is one of the issues that is in the Constitution . So they all goes back to the founding of our country , and he says a worked all these years , yet some California do gooders come up with some system that they think is gonna work better than what the founders have decided .

The other big $64 question here is what becomes of the bail bonds man.

Sorry I I forgot. And the problem is the leash . Poor guy .

We should turn right what I when when I was younger and I can stay out later. I would go down to my office you do work late at night and those bail bonds they were there 24 hours a day and we have a personal staffing that office and a person and no family member of the middle like all of this is my loved ones . And you know we’re gonna take and they set for further California Bell schedule . He said I California they say we will take 10% of that with with California says we will take 10% that will you know make payments on it will make the payments affordable and we’re just going to ensure that you war well one appears in court if he doesn’t appear in court . It’s a cut it incumbent upon us with a contract with the state of California to go out and pick them up and turn it in if when we turn . I mean the judge says all we should back out on bail . We can always say hey , you’ve been a good claim you need a mistake .

So we won’t sign another document that says Penny an extra 15 it was 15 bucks and it won’t release you back out on the original bill that you already posted and they call the re-assumption shows these guys.

Or have set up a private system based on our constitutional mandate that were guarding bail they set up a private system that has worked. It cost the state absolutely no money . The money that they get as a reward for picking up a fugitive who was who’s this .

Fled wherever the money that they get part of that money goes to the state’s victim’s compensation board so they’re actually paying the state. It’s actually a cash positive and instead these California do gooders these these disguises a big you had to you knows because he’s hitting politicians are gonna now cost you your state millions and millions and millions more and they’re gonna put all the work on the backs of the county and not themselves and I’m telling you this kind of stuff has to stop people better wake up and stop all this hippie politics .

Hippy politicians. I love it , Mark hold on . I gotta take a break . Mark Capitan Defense Attorney extraordinary full-time and part-time Apple tone is joining us we’re talking about , which looks like the demise , and the end of bail in the state , a California now this looks like something that strictly California Washington DC has been using a system for 20 years with no bail and these guys these hippie politicians won a model this new system in California after the DC system and I’ll explain the DC some DC system to UN Mark right after this break on KMJ state what .

I’m here to Beijing new center coming up the person accused of carrying out a murderous shooting spree in southeast Fresno has today had his arraignment delayed I’m Tony McAndrew in downtown Fresno the US opening a formal investigation into civilian deaths in Mosul these stories and more coming your way. At the top of the hour .

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