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Well regeneration. This is 5-80 Am 1 0 5.9 FM KMJ inflation overnight cumulus immediately this .

BA degrees partly sunny skies northwest Fresno at one o’clock. Good afternoon . I’m out of debate . Do you live in the KMJ News Center a scheduled House Vote on the GOP Healthcare Proposal postponed .

White House correspondent Steven Portnoy.

What appears clear villas that Republican leaders acknowledge they don’t yet have the votes , and they need more time to get their own members in line President Robert met today with the House Freedom caucus the conservative group that’s been pushing for changes to the bill but afterwards. Their leader , said no deal just moments ago here at the White House . Mr. Trump signaled he still seem to think the vote would be held today .

Today , the House is voting to repeal and replace the disaster known as ObamaCare. We’ll see what happens . Going to be very close vote .

Again that vote has been postponed. It could happen tomorrow bill .

So the White House’s said there would be no plan B , Stephen. What is the White House regretting that comment .

Well not yet All week we’ve been hearing that this bill would be voted on today Thursday , but it’s not gonna happen now.

John Spicer said this.

They said it would pass sometime today Sean Spicer at the press briefing. Earlier today , we’ve already seen the results with many members coming out and saying they’re going to be a yes tonight but again is Steven Portnoy just reported from the White House . There appears not to be enough support the scheduled House Vote today on Republican health care has been postponed . It could be tomorrow , Steven reports it may be farther down the line , there is a meeting tonight of the House Republican Caucus CBS News special report I’m rake off .

California Attorney General Javier Becerra filing a brief in support of a lawsuit filed last month by Santa Clara County that challenges President Donald Trump’s executive order targeting sanctuary cities. The brief filed yesterday says from sort of threatens to withdraw federal funds from states and cities that don’t help the Federal Government enforce immigration laws . A big slim and sentenced to 40 years to life in prison for child molestation 31-year-old whale . The girl was found guilty of 2 counts of forcible lewd accounts on a child under 14 the crimes occurred between 2014 and 2016 down Clerk County Californians not turning to electric cars J&J’s Amy guilt eczema .

Despite incentives making some models basically free lease Californians are not picking up the keys to electric vehicles. That’s what the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers is telling the California Air Resources Board , the market share has remained at the 3% to 3.5% level despite state rebates federal tax credits and manufacturer discounts to switch to the zero-emission vehicles , according to Bloomberg . California has pledged to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to 40% below the 1990 levels by 20:30 , while the new presidential administration is looking to roll back federal environmental regulations illegal KMJ News .

The Dow losing 4 points this afternoon Nasdaq down 3 S&P 500 off do 66 partly sunny and present today 46 night 66 also high tomorrow with some rain 58 right now on Radio City news on the hour on the half and , when it breaks. I mean debated new stock 5-81 0 5-9 KMJ-Uni .

Number one in the valley. We have bolted on News Talk 5-81 0 5-9 KMJ .

A bit under the weather today so it’s Blake Taylor along with my good pal terrorists C filling in on this 95th anniversary of KMJ yet. Was this date March 23 , 1922 that we first fired up the transmitters here first . He did you know that 5-80 actually wasn’t the first signaled bounced around a little bit for the first couple of years . I believe before getting a locked in on the 5-80 position on the AM dial then of course it was just a couple of years ago that we added the 1 0 5.9 FM signal to do the full 100% simulcast here at KPMG and terror has been joining me here and we’ve been reminiscing basic rules have so has that song go which one’s reminiscing .

How you killing me Smalls you kill make I don’t know. There were , maybe it was probably played here at one time before he went news and talk at KMJ but . So we’re taking your never taking your phone calls at 4-9 0-58 58-4 905-8 5-8 he won a chime in . The phone’s been goin nuts all day long as people kind of reminiscent tell us they’re still tell us their stories you know history of of what their favorite memories are of KPMG broadcasts of the past , whether it was the Diamond Dogs World Series victory . The Bulldogs victory over USC in the Freedom Bowl way back when there was the , a lot of conversation about captain Scottie if Captain Scott is still out there , give us a ring man and his crashing his helicopter live on the year hit one time not do a traffic report a lot of , a lot of names of great names have have aired here on KMJ the legendary Bill Woodward , which we spoke about Al Smith , the former general manager here in such a wonderful guy and he still does the legends in the legacies feature which is still here here on KMJ Ray of course is celebrating his 30th anniversary , and he’s still not , he’s not even the longest tenured person on KMJ Craig Hansen‘s been on the air continuously since 1976 and he’s still hurt every Saturday morning right here on KMJ . It’s been a real cool thing to be a part of this family , it’s you know legendary .

Testament of the support terror. The Supreme Court is the listeners who have changed and grown over all of these decades that same a lot that it is to you all out there who value substance and you know how to change still keep your your your principal in their values but you able to grow with it and the generational aspect of it . Passing it down from one generation to the next . It’s . I’m loving this .

Yeah , this is , you know , it’s a , it’s a trip down memory lane. It’s kind of fun to break up the monotony of of the typical every day put politics talk , which is fine and Indians were would we bred you only butter or bread with that and then but you know sometimes it’s kinda fun just to take a spin the way back machine . So we’re taking your phone calls at 4-9 0-58 58 . Some of the great memories . You have of KMJ of days past . Let’s go to line to Don Euronext on KMJ thanks going .


You betcha , here’s something that you know they haven’t talked about when I was a personal in the ’60s. Probably 60-61 just 2 KMJ the comics on Sunday live and they chose the students .


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