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Roll Hall
Tavern Frank


Yeah , yeah , you know , well not a cookbook. It’s not a illustration that you see in you have to come up in your own head what it’s supposed to look like morality supposed to turn out , right . You get to see it and I think that’s a huge part of the learning process .

That and you just that made me realize that you know we , because I think these celebrity cooking shows have really.

I am a track to have no hard data here but over the last 10-15 years they’ve become really popular in most things become really popular they peak they die off. Unfortunately , the Kardashians have not yet , but I mean these cooking shows you know they they seem to be around to stay , and I think there’s kind of a celebrity Chef for everybody’s taste I I mention I like Gordon Ramsay , I do not like him at all when he’s dealing with adults meanings abrasive just frankly think how could anybody stand be around this , but with the kids . He’s just wonderful near and so .

I think that’s who he is. Yeah he yet there is the guy that deals with the kids got shut out . He a big show God I know I’m not sure but but it could be is I I think is he’s a great Chef and I think he does . Fantastic with those kids you know fun . I mean I’d want to learn from him if I was a kid , if I was interested in something . Yeah , it’s just tough enough then but nice enough and rare teaches you things in the kind of tells you why things work . I think that’s who would , you’d probably find behind the scenes . I don’t know for sure but gotcha but teaching the kids why some things work out the way they do .

Do you still watch any of these celebrity cooking shows I realize you have a favorite slimmer for I watch more of the travel staff the travel but where I enjoyed great the food.

Anthony Bourdain┬ámy writers who the that does the world food. Now that the end of Zimmerman JaVale Chandhok show this and I think and he’s on his show is jumped around networks . But it’s currently on CNN , I believe and it it’s he’s just brilliant , he is just such he’s one of those guys . For me , if you could pick any celebrity that you could spend an evening with and sit down and have you know break bread with he’s the guy from him Alton Brown okay there might there my 2 guys in yeah that’s for me though , but .

Yeah , that’s kind of where I would get my continuing education from a zillion seen other cultures and other Food but I I think the shows are great now I think they’ve stayed around because people are interested in in making their own Food again. It’s a trend that’s more .

Okay. The wealth to the show’s evolved .

Yeah and and I think you learn a lot more than you used to watching cooking shows. Okay . I think the stuff that they’re doing now , it’s , oh yeah , I can do that they show you the whole process in the show you how easy it is because I think Food now has been stripped down so much . There’s actually you know less technique than there was say on it on a show in the ’80s when there was a rule based sauce . You know the real meaning you gotta mix flour and butter together in then cook at to this exact color in then add your liquid and if you don’t do all that exactly right , it’s not gonna come out here and I’m all kinds of different consistency . I think using fresh ingredients and simple techniques . It’s much more attainable to do this stuff and kitchen gotcha .

And more every day , so we ingredients too because I I remember back in the ’80s watching the shows and it just seemed like he’s saying complicated recipes in some cases where it’s involved in of all day long. Yeah , yeah .

Like someone in 1985 is gonna you know cured duck leg for 3 days and then rented it and then cook it in its fat in then fry it throughout. Days later and then pick it and you know now look these book these shows will teach you how to make a Peter they’ll teach you how to make a really cool legs Benedict right .

Yeah. They were , you would end up shots approachable good and also I think it’s evolved to over that the decades that you know once Food Network came around you know was the how to step by step . The new makes this the new mix that because wasn’t . I mean , that really was before YouTube we’re now you can YouTube their own recipe or visual you know somebody in front of exam . So now I think it’s involved in more lifestyle and like he was saying words traveled to different cultures and learn about the different cuisines of cultures . The paramount .

Now show and get ready for the TV. Are you ready for the cameras would you I I love her honor . Yeah , because you’ve got a pretty good you’ve got a pretty , pretty impressive background , don’t you .

I’ve done a couple things to you. Yeah , but you know the show I came out in the middle of nowhere in the country . No one can find me maybe guy .

You think she have her eye and you gotta buy them in the middle is no I like it. Well , here we are just enjoying a great day . In the middle of nowhere , were at the schoolhouse restaurant and Tavern Frank would and 1-80 and we’ll be right back on the restaurant who are sort of .

Hey , I’m Jerry Springer yeah that’s serious him the my podcast is nothing like that TV show we just me , my friends , and a small audience hanging out a little coffee shop near Cincinnati we talked politics Park culture we do some comedy and even sing along with guest musicians check Jerry or on any podcast that you might be amazed to discover there and sort of a normal person just of any podcast 4th call Jerry and check out my new podcast but Chris Daniel show.

For that in the world. You know that we don’t have a abolition of children demanding that weasel they had so beautiful . As you know , not of Dunfermline their encounter with Dirk . I think you’re everything is an opportunity to or something like a lot of Congress News talk fighting 1 0 5-19 it will change .

Health care.

The right mentor is invested in your success mentor is just somebody telling you how they used to do it. Look for these few characteristics when picking a mentor I’m Alex who really with a business rock stars minute number one they challenge you intellectually initial ideas almost always are no good even for world class entrepreneurs effective mentors consistently challenge your assumptions and pull forward a better strategy in the process . Number 2 , their humble mentors who know everything will push you to imitate their previous wins do that and you’ll probably feel work with mentors who are cognizant of inevitable change and understand that the best solutions are yet to be invented . Number 3 , if they’ve then in a start-up . Avoid the mid level corporate Laver , who recently retired and wants to give back , while well intentioned at this individual doesn’t have the slightest clue what it takes to win in the start-up world . I’m now , it’s really , and this is banned a business rock stars minutes .

Brady also used 30th anniversary bash what he in the number you know Mayor Rosie who in Rock and Roll Hall of fevers received hurricane get tickets now hangs heavy Gino out Di Carlo.

Perhaps entrees and drinks a big Saturday the restaurant around KMJ here.

Well , it looks like I’m gonna have to do all the talking in the segment , because you know hurt your capital of the adults. Here it is , right . You gotta love win a Chef is loving his own creations .


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