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Always engaging always been pretty January and he’s.

I’m KMJ right now.

Debuting with Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez who’s in a race for the US Senate in the seat being vacated by Barbara Boxer her opponent. Another Democrat , the State Attorney General Kamala Harris and Congresswoman , if I may ask a couple ballot measures just get your opinion on very quickly the legalization of marijuana , as we just heard from one of our Assembly cripple their opposes it . Were you were , you add on that one .

Yeah , I haven’t undertaken of public position on there , but I will tell you that one of the areas I have worked on is in the medical marijuana area parents. We took 2 votes on it on a statewide basis and one I I think we need regulation , it’s been apparently need to be ready to put in the type regulation and rules and laws that we need and when I saw my own area Santa here was that we had 119 dispensaries that were in Louisville . So we pass an ordeal ordinance at the local level we shut them all , then down we licensed 19 of those 19 in the past year , we’ve gotten $1.8 million in tax revenues , we hired 30 new police officers and although the dispensaries . He then became unionized do ensure benefits then pension plans for the workers there . So we’re trying to make it safe and I think that there’s a lot of cities and counties , up and down the state of California still haven’t taken control of this whole situation of the medical it issues so .

I’m work much sort of trying to have their medical this is recreational.

We’re trying to set the standard of what it looks like , I think it’s of this this proposition. But I think there are local cities are woefully behind it . The ability to really regulated and make it work as as the as a business when you don’t do that one of the problems that we have is that there’s a lot of cash involved in in industry . So for example , the fact that they , that the Federal Government should still has on schedule . One means that none of that money is going through banks we do . Yes . When you have a lot of cash like that you don’t have a banking system for one of the problems that exist is that you get some real organized crime into this into this arena . So we , we will , whether it passes or not we need to ensure that we can regulate this that we can think this because already an industry our state .

What about the death penalty. I don’t think I’m working at on the death penalty within a couple of Bella measures doing their family .

Yeah , the , you know the vessel. She is constitutional right now , both at the federal and the state level as long as due process is a killer . Well , we know that people , they don’t have money to pay for lawyers and stuff due process may not exist for them . I’m actually a real conservative on this issue in the sense that I think that we are spending a lot of money on appeals and everything on the people who are on death row . And we really haven’t bought any of that to fruition so I’m actually on the 5 let’s give them all life ransom is a lot cheaper to do and and I really feel badly for the people who are actually in a sense , who don’t have the due process and are actually on death row . We need to get our system much better . The difference is we , I mean , I think from a financial standpoint , I would be for for giving them life in prison .

I I have very little time left. What is the biggest difference between UN Kamala Harris for those out there going well Democrats a Democrat that’s that I’m not gonna vote for either one of them .

I think the life experience I’m working class and she definitely has been handed everything. Secondly , the legislative experience they have and my own colleagues Republican and Democrat will tell you that I work across the aisle and I work on issues that are very bipartisan and should not be partisan and I have that Israel voted no against Iraq war for taking the tough votes what everybody else is clamoring to go one way . I voted no on the Iraq war . I voted no on the PATRIOT¬†Act , the so-called PATRIOT¬†Act because it took away our civil liberties , and I voted no on the Wall Street bailout because many people lost their homes that 2 brothers lost their home , they got nothing they got no relief from what was going on in the bankers , but all the money so taken the hard boat when it really counts if jewelry . The Orange County Register opinion on why there supporting me and 39 other newspapers up and down the ballot . The state of California have endorsed by election . And last , of course , the military and national security experience and I have missed terrorist of that though , the difference between a battalion a good age we had no if there , if at all with our veterans or was our military or with the world leaders and counterterrorism etc .

Well , I wish you well and I appreciate the time today you wanna throw a website anything it would be helpful to the voters still need to make up their mind.

Yeah the looking go to L each EPA McDonough , you go in his beloved in the day that I have been on the side of the people.

Okay. Loretta Sanchez . Thank you for the time delay on KMJ . We appreciate it . We do thank you it and that like to you and know .

Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez I’m KMJ running against Kamala Harris in that that seat to be vacated by Barbara Boxer and for us. Republicans is like what do you do you know what you do , it’s like them , you know .

It would be certainly Kamala Harris is not scored any points with a lot of us. You know if if Congresswoman Sanchez is truer word on water and law and order . Fine , fine . It’ll have to work if she sticks to her guns , no pun intended on those particular issues especially the water issue which I do believe she’s sincere about , we’ve got to have somebody in the Senate on our side . Otherwise this is never gonna get off the ground . You know we’ve got Mrs. Feinstein , saying that she is , but we have yet to see any action .

Right , I mean come on with is gone on for so long now. I’m just wondering if the if it’s ever going to end in such a way that we win even a partial victory would be great . At this point .

Number 2 in the African program coming up.

Lately have expended. A lot of worries about the brand .


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