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Or are your students’ education minarets charter high schools of innovative project based High School , located just north of Fresno , but a High tech Program in which each team worked on a MacBook Air minarets is the school to challenge students in a way it is engaging and will directly translate to their better future emphasis on academic research collaborative writing filmmaking graphic design more at minarets students pursue their passions and their interests.

Students at minarets have been accepted to all California universities as well. Top universities across the nation . Miller has offers award-winning career based programs such as I’ve mechanics involving nuclear science animal science Information Technology media production and I spoke with 9 CIF sports available . One of the highest informants rates in midair and an award-winning I thought they Media Program . The small-friendly environment and minarets offer something for all students buses are available to you in from Fresno morning , afternoon and evening and wrote today a book at or if I’m minarets.US go big go go now golden right .

On streaming live at KPMG He was caught 5-81 0-5 9 GM Jay Fresno accumulate broadcaster 66 and for the ground reduce one o’clock . Good afternoon . I mean debate do you lighten gave JD center there mystery could to doing .

Round the FBI’s investigation into Hillary Clinton’s Private Email Server with very little known about what the bureau’s found so far blocked up a former New York Congressman Anthony Weiner , but both presidential campaigns now trying to use the story to their advantage. Steven Portnoy with the latest .

At a rally in Ohio. Hillary Clinton said she understands the email story is now a top voters’ minds .

Why in the world. The FBI would decide to jump into an election with no evidence of any wrongdoing . With just days to go .

Welcome in the review of Aide Huma Abedin‘s emails Clinton insists investigators will find no case it took guts in Michigan. Donald Trump urged FBI Director James Comey to hang tough through the criticism the Clinton crime spree ends on November it’s gonna end November Steven Portnoy CBS News , Washington .

Well , despite a very tight Race for the White House. California political parties is still struggling to get out the vote . We get details from game Jays may not stuck .

The Golden State is not battleground territory in the Race for the White House and no Republican is in the running to fill the seat in the US Senate. That’s why both Republicans and Democrats here in California are struggling to keep voters motivated ahead of election day for the GOP trump remains a presidential longshot and no Republican has taken California since 1988 . Meantime , Democrats are fighting a combination of Clinton being the inevitable winner and her inability to inspire the undecided . California voters mascot KMJ News .

Michael events now dead after shootout with authorities last night in Oklahoma bench grew in Fresno County have been on the road since murdering 2 of his relatives last week. If the eye , says one officer was wounded in the shootout overseas rocky special forces poised to do if your Mosul in the battle to drive out Isis after sweeping into the last village on the city’s eastern edge today while fending off Suicide Car Bombs without losing a soldier now 2 weeks into the offensive to retake Iraq’s second largest city , they called it a holocaust beauty pageant Oregon‘s explains , there were 14 beauty contestants .

Every one of them already a winner their elderly women in their ’70s and ’80s who strutted the catwalk at Haifa Israel the DG stay in alive played so to Roy Orbison. We’re a beauty pageant in honor of all the women who survived the concentration camps and death marches of Nazi Germany dresses were elegance jewelry glitter normally cartons of CBS News .

The Dow losing 18 points this afternoon , closing at 18,142 Nasdaq flat as was the S&P 568. Partly sunny this afternoon . Right now 65 news on the hour . On the , and when it breaks . I mean Abedin news.5 81 0 5-9 KMJ .

Fresno Bee Max on new mayor , but country elects a new President and KMJ its front incendiary to bring you list already this piece. KMJ .

It’s kind of surprising yet refreshing.

He still rocking the mic stimulating minds this in these the way Appleton show on News Talk buys 81 0 5-9 KMJ.

Just had to determine. We have a letter from Devon nervous , Chairman of the Intel committee to Director Call me over the FBI not read the whole thing for them to talk about Halloween here a little bit , but it says dear director called me just first paragraph . Thank you for your letter of October 28 2016 informing the committee that the Federal Bureau of Investigation . We’ll take the appropriate investigative steps to determine whether newly discovered emails related to the former Secretary Of State Hillary Clinton’s contained classified information . I remain appreciative of the FBI steadfast commitment to thoroughly investigating the extent of the harbor .

Former Secretary Clinton caused to our national security , through the use of Unauthorized Email Server and it goes on and on and on and on and on a non-a non-it’s a rather long personal letter to director called me from Germany who would obviously be concerned because it has a lot to do with intelligence and classified information and that is you know Devon illnesses area of expertise. Now that is the Chairman of the Intel committee . So it’s a very long letter of support and praising his commitment to get to the bottom of this is being draconian .

Hot off the presses.

You into a Halloween much. Yeah .

You can come out of you can if you come from kind of theater background.

Yeah , you know , my wife had to be Akashi. Where that comes in handy right around Halloween . You know , typically . But you know when you have kids in the house . It’s a big deal , but grown up and gone . And so you’ve gotten so much into it anymore . Now with every time , though , could you relied upon your wife’s expertise as a costume . Are you kidding me . Oh yeah costume contest , you know , all kinds of Member down the tower . These have the big costume cornerstone KMJ was .

Located at the Tower district I was down there have been involved in that every year in fact Osama John Brodsky about it this morning I would I wish we were still down there that same location , I loved being in the tower district and that was a huge event. Yeah yeah Halloween was a very big deal for KMJ when we were down the tower loved every flaming minute of it and then we moved over here . I don’t care anymore here earning more you know .

Let’s it had like my neighborhood back we first bought the house at the move late ’90s or whatever. There a lot of young families there at the time . Lotta kids in the neighborhood , so Halloween was a big deal now they’ve all grown up , they’ve gone off to college and gone off to work , and now there’s hardly any kids . The last couple years maybe kids clip the 6-7 markers on the door . It’s like Astana worth going out and .


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