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Why would have be great if you could have passed as your uncle and they fell for that too. You know .

Yeah , you know , been grade I didn’t. It was close to wayward and you know what he was fine . I I had a really good time doing could buy put of the year . They can’t put it on the spirit . On the whole beers . It was great fun .

You have to stay in character.

Was for a half hour.

Go on , he said. Make me crazy .

Yeah it’s kinda hard to carry trades like that when you serving there but I don’t know.

Good for you and great value will attribute alcohol and yet they anyway. More power to the right when he . Thank you , Mark . Hello area is very good .

What. Yes , sorry , actually for my dad shared with me and it was some time ago I could be Jan years longer than 10 years ago . Maybe not not longer than 20 years ago , but anyway it’s my dad and his wife at the time they lived in Oregon and my my dad Filipino and my and you know why . At the time was a white lady and she was an accomplished seamstress and so they were invited to this Halloween party and she says she created their costume and the confidence she made for herself was an Aunt Jemima costume Wednesday but the make on and and for my dad , she created a grand Dragon KKK .

Tell me , okay.

I really and they like like John earlier they went to this party , they showed up and they never said a word and they mingled among the party nobody knew who they were , but a lot of eyebrows were raised in and finally one of one of the guys there party one of was , but he didn’t do it this thing. Thank you know because I would be against that . Yes , I know that in the south are high and you know though he betrayed you know if it was up like that .

It did anybody take take it negatively , did they get any flak for what they did.

We were , you know they they got a kick out of it.

Well and Jemima and a Grand Dragon would eat KKK or whatever it is.

Yeah and they were gonna party didn’t say a word. I mean there there they weren’t I did so they in pain . I mean , yeah , he is well everybody reacted well to it . They don’t like they have got a kick out of it . If they were not invited either have that while all that was on that but .

Probably not too well. I would think that haven’t violate gender agree with you , I am . Thanks . Thank you .

Well , our people with his KKK stuff that’s close folks pushing the envelope. A little close there , you know , all right . Might hire you’re next .

Hurry. I’ve been a teacher for a long time and at school where I the school district in elementary office where I talk for a long time my principle used to bring in a hay bale and then stuffed men’s clothes jeans long to shirt and the bag was gonna sack and is set that dummy right there . Well I dress up just like it is , and then took the dummy . She admits she had raised and I can feel strange dummy but anyway and I sat there and the hadal and waited for her to come into the , through the door , right , so she can he came in and I didn’t even consider heart attack or anything that didn’t happen but she came in I jumped up and said , hey , and she almost lost it all . It was the funniest thing because she didn’t expect that things become alive .

And you’re dressed a dental to it exactly identical was , it was at Halloween or was it just for kids. Yeah . Now he did is during Halloween yet . That’s a good way . It was a great , it was a great surprise . And did you ever forgive you .

The Year she was extremely supportive of me and is a teacher , and no she didn’t she liked a good joke , so everything was good.

Okay. I like it . I like it . Thank you thank very much like yours Michael when you were the scarecrow . You know I like a scarecrow stuff I try to do it , you know a scarecrow what year another one of my failures . Now how do you screw up a scarecrow that’s just pretty doggone easy but I screwed up a scarecrow today’s Daily Buzz question : do you avoid trick or treaters turn off your porch lights for Halloween . Let’s now came and the buzz is sponsored by the allergy , asthma and sinus centers . I always do that this year . I’ve decided to tough it out . AMR why I was a CVS yesterday picking up some prescriptions and I saw mountains of candy . I thought , okay . This year I’m gonna be a nice guy even though they bring them in by the busload and I mean at the sit on my front porch with a mask and my big dog and you can’t just to dare them to try and do something wrong in my hard you know and hopefully everything will go just just peachy Jack Beatty Desi I I I I was smart this year last year . On November 1st all that candy was like 70% offside stocked up on its I’m ready this year .

Yeah. Yesterday were selling it to you know by one bag it one bag free but was like 5 bucks a bag . I think it was pretty deep for one bag well they’ve gone way I was look at the prices yesterday and for a bag of dumb arms or something they were you know on sale for 79 for a half apparently and get out . Come on , I could hand out crimes of these kids across since Mahmoud chimp cocktails think but happy Els effect the lobster tails cheaper theft it’s BP’s well , it’ll be interesting I participate in Halloween of the trigger treat thing and probably 20 years Hull’s been that long ago . Yes , the easy tunnel easily , so I’ll get my first dose of many years to 9 Brown . We have much to report tomorrow . Yeah , well you know you can always kinda do the speed version where you just grab a handful of candy each kid then wanted out you turn your away out . Yeah , I mean I’m not gonna have enough . You know what I do it’s everyone’s worried start giving up any like my grandparents used to do Kelly’s yeah that each a lot of friends and thought of that their money . I’ve got tons of so quarters and I don’t just a handful of pennies bag for not gonna be dumb enough to eat them orally well I hope .

Who gave the penny , let’s assume what they get mad come on where worth the paper money. You know , all right . More coming up on KMJ 4-9 zero 58-50 if if you ever put together costume for Halloween . There was just killer just best or if you’re of abject failure like I am a accustomed . Maybe a friend did something you just really impressed you beyond the beyond so money though you know . Today’s the day for the creepy crawler so why not .

I’m here to be easier game journeys into giving up to do.

Delays on Highway 58 today after a gas spill last night on Dominic McAndrew , one of 2 Democrats running against each other for Senate was in the Valley. I mean eagle . This is more away . You’re one of the top of the Oil .


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