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New York City


Wasn’t that persona he was quiet he listened. He was attentive . I felt like he was taking in what was being said to him processing it you know very respectful very 180 degrees different then he what he per trays out there to the media . So .

Maybe , maybe that’s what it is and that’s what he’ll portray today.

I think if if I were Donald Trump. I would want to use to . I would like to say , you know we’re having our campaign up here in America and and how it , how do you see it down here from your side of the border . How are you , how is it perceived to you I’m I don’t want to hear what they had to say it’s very interesting . He even got the invitation .

Because it it does offer him a chance. I think to improve his standing in Mexico , and 2 people here from Mexico , right , but it depends on how a ghost and I can’t believe he’s just going to go down there said . I’m gonna build a wall . He wrote a 4 and I just don’t think that’s the way this thing is going go . No , I don’t think so either . But I got . I don’t know what exactly is going to happen , but I just think there’s there’s opportunity here is as a safe Chris’s good optics .

Yeah good optics , you’re right. You’re absolutely right . And you know down there with them . Some people that were with him until very yesterday which was former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani . The head of the GOP Reince Priebus , so he’s taken you know some GOP bigwigs along with him , though his meeting with the Mexican President know not taken at the Waterfall Reyes at the Water Forum and so is Devon in the will be calling in here about 9-20 to talk to us .

Yeah , so we’re gonna ask him about that water can ask about this trip to Mexico , we’re gonna ask you about today’s speech on immigration , which is , and you know he’s a couple of big things got you got district of Mexico just works out perfectly doesn’t both.

Well , do you think that’s a mistake. Well no I don’t , I don’t .

Think it’s a mistake but it’s but he had to get the invitation for it to happen you who knows how that all came about. But it really is working well . I mean this is . This is good . The pending and I I you know I’m just gonna be a fly on the wall here and watch . This is an unfolds today that Aleksei we’re gonna get Devon here about 10 minutes , and he’ll be able to answer some of these questions I’m kind of curious about his water for what he’s trying to accomplish . I know we had him on the news and he said he’s trying to get more people to understand exactly what the problem is that what the solutions are , I still think he feels that the valley is not really united in in this cause even the farmers are not all United which most people think farmers are all united . But they’re not necessarily so he’s going to try some or you know Devon’s been on this for a long time trying to get this legislation passed to solve this problem and it just hasn’t happened , that’s why that’s why all those people down there until very yesterday just Donald Trump they see is the only hope .

And he is who he really is the only hope for them at this point.

You know I’m mean now Hillary is not gonna solve this problem now and and so I want to ask Devon about you know what does he think we can really get somewhere , it would be easy even if Trump selected to solve this water problem because Democrats are dug in on the stuff that needs to be fixed , like the Endangered Species Act. They say you can’t touch it . Well , I’d like to be able to touch it .

Right. For the lynching him one thing that a President can do is start asking a lot of questions right and bring to light a situation because we are in this situation , not because of Mother Nature , but because I have .

Our lawmakers man.

Mother legislators. Yes , you know , so all that coming up with Devon notice of him . Any questions . Try to slip . You know , if we can , we’ve only got him for a short amount of time , but if you wanna try 4-9 zero 5-8 5-8 then later after we talk to Devon gonna get into the sexual predator who is being released into a Fresno neighborhood right into a giant house by the way .

Oh my gosh. This house is bigger than my own home .

A sexual predator got a 5-bedroom house for him alone there were gonna pay for that’s just you know that right there is irritating , but just the fact that he might be your neighbor might irritate you little more 5 time convicted felon , with young boys.

Also if you at yesterday’s Trump event. I’d like to hear from you know 4-9 0-58 54-9 0-5 A 5 it if you want away . And I’d like to know where your impression was of Donald Trump , how he presented himself was he you forgot how you thought he would be .

And if you’ve got a face to face. That’s because you spent 25 .

Thousand. I’m sorry I I I what you’re going well it .

But he gave a speech as well , so 2 to those that spent 2700.

That face to face. You need to spend 25,000 right . Yes , and I wonder what what do they have for lunch out . You know I wanna know what what I get for 25,000 for lunch .

I heard it was good golden eggs effect. I don’t know what the lobster already havea .

Well take a break and we come back , we’ll have Devon and will ask him these questions , and see what he thinks about all these things and there will be taking your calls a little later on this sexual predator stuff so stick around on KMJ.

More Lakhdar Brahimi in Mostar. This is new style 5-81 0-5 now . KMJ you hear it all over the valley .

What we do. No matter the G my hair feels horrible hi work , you know , hope we need a new water softener yeah and I’m on it and do . Oh , don’t do it yourself . Leave it to the experts he called demand .

So if you know if somebody get a local veterinary local active-duty member with a really great tale to tell whether it be their time after service or time during service , make sure you get your applications in as soon as possible. Fresno State football season coming up pretty fast , and I know you’d like your veteran to be one of the chosen to be highlighted and honored at a Fresno State football game . Submit your applications to info at solar applications will be reviewed by 3 local VF W folk to select the award winners for hero of the game , all in association with the Fresno State Bulldogs . So with that story in shape . Tell us about your hero and submit it to info at solar negotiators start .

The governments the day she walked down the aisle. I .

Made possible with funding from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. I mean the legendary Ray ample time even close . Boys and girls . This thing is garbage now back Dombrowski a moose on until yesterday .

In their son here on KMJ 4-9 0-58 58 or 905858 and France humor.


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