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North America election either. The visit was that well and next kind presidency of this mega count on the continuing Tegra D of the Mexican Government to selected look at soon on a similar it with you know if Mr. Trump , I like to reiterate , I mean it’s , right now what I Puna score expressed your privately place you in my prayer DSP lexicon President and all of my government because to protect something you in Mexicans , wherever they may be if certainty and got is new respond . That is my responsibility and I will team do and even blackened by with it you know you’ve got with old doesn’t even where 20 , we get a little guilty about it either , but it’s a lot in the United States . 3 Mexican publish them . You look at close to where talent and creativity to that’s vehicles . You know , development of both Mexico interviewer solid finally lost Mexicans are passions in the United States are honest people Warrington‘s little is banned there . I think it , it’s good enough for me that respect that family they respect you get respect and I mean midlife in the community and they are respectively . The Law Medicine seeing such Mexicans it deserve everybody’s respect him . Let’s continue working asked the fire Mick Foley says their relationship between Mexico and our United States respect based on the mutual respect will vehicles you know trust won’t Clinton and you need to joint attention to all be common challenges that we have marked respect show would you call the bit where that they Mexican Government doing will be totally respectful of the electoral process of the United States pick on all school . I have been recognize its decision here the , to be honest sustain a constructive dialog things you know I don’t welcome just what’s in Guiness SPS and drought that you know gets people closer to the people who think differently . This is the road that allows for better understanding . Thank you very much .

Incidents : this was a 3rd not why does it be easy with them some judges but it goes to divorce world. Yes , the use of torture . The political hurdle . Mr. De a 52 little noodles , but it all . Speaking in Mexico . Yes . Now here the words that their Republican Candidate to the presidency of the United States of America . Mr. Donald Trump .

Thank you. It is a great honor to be invited by you Mr. President . A great , great honor . Thank you .

We had a very substantive direct and constructive exchange of ideas over quite a period of time I was straightforward and presenting my views about the impacts of current trade and immigration policies on the United States. As you know , I love the United States very much and we want to make sure that the people of the United States , a very well-protected you equally expressed your feelings and your love for Mexico . The United States and Mexico share a 2000 mile border half a trillion dollars in annual trade and one million illegal border crossings each and every day we are united by our support for democracy , a great love for our people and the contributions of millions of Mexican Americans to the United States and I happen to have a tremendous feeling for Mexican Americans not only in terms of friendships . But in terms of the tremendous numbers that I employ in the United States and they are amazing people amazing pace .

I have many friends , so many friends and so many friends coming to Mexico and in Mexico. I’m proud to say how many people are employed .

And the United States. First , second and 3rd generation Mexicans are just beyond reproach spectacular spectacular hardworking people I have such great respect for them and their strong values of family , faith and community we all share a common interest in keeping our hemisphere safe prosperous and free . No one wins in either country .

When human smugglers and drug traffickers prey on innocent people.

When cartels commit acts of violence when illegal weapons and cash flow from the United States into Mexico or when migrants from Central America , make the dangerous trek and it is very , very dangerous into Mexico or the United States without legal authorization I shared my strong view that NAFTA has been a far greater benefit to Mexico that it has been to the United States and that it must be improved upon to make sure that workers and so important in both countries benefit from fair and we sip recalled tried I express that to the United States and and that of the United States that we must take action to stem this tremendous outflow of jobs from our country. It’s happening every day . It’s getting worse and worse and worse and we have to step it prosperity and happiness and both of our countries will increase if we work together on the following 5 shared goals number one ending illegal immigration , not just between our 2 countries but including the illegal immigration and migration from Central and South Americans and from other religions that impact security and finances in both Mexico and the United States . This is a humanitarian disaster . The dangerous tracks the abused by gangs and cartels and the extreme physical dangerous and it must be solved . It must be solved quickly not fair to the people anywhere worldwide you can truly say , but certainly not fair to the people of Mexico . The people of the United States . Number 2 , having a secure border is the sovereign right and mutually beneficial we recognize and respect the right of either country to build a physical barrier or wall on any of its borders to stop the illegal movement of people , drugs and weapons cooperation toward achieving this shared objective and it will be shared of safety for all services is paramount to both the United States and to Mexico .

Number 3 dismantling drug cartels and ending the movement of illegal drugs weapons and funds across our border.

This can only be done with cooperation intelligence and intelligence sharing and joint operations between our 2 countries to always going to happen. Improving NAFTA number 4 NAFTA is a 22-year-old agreement that must be updated to reflect the realities of today , there are many improvements that could be made that would make both Mexico and the United States stronger and keep industry in our hemisphere . We have tremendous competition from China and from all over the world . Keep it in our hemisphere workers in both of our countries need a pay raise very desperately in the United States . It’s been 18 years . 18 years wages are going down , improving pay standards and working conditions will create better results for all and all workers , in particular , there is a lot of value , they can be created for both countries by working beautifully together and that I’m sure will happen number 5 cheap Manufacturing Wealth in our hemisphere when Jobs leave Mexico , the US or Central America and go overseas , it increases poverty and pressure on , as well as pressures on cross-border migration tremendous pressure .

The bond between our 2 countries is deep and sincere and both our nations benefit from a close an honest relationship between our 2 governments a strong prosperous and vibrant Mexico is in the best interests of the United States and we’ll keep and helped you for a long , long period of time America together both of our countries will work together for mutual good and most importantly for the mutual good of our people , Mr. President , I want to thank you. It’s been a tremendous honor .


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