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Oh my hair feels horrible time work , you know.

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Hi , this is dominating the game 10 years here in these stories coming up at the top of the hour. Devin Nunes is water forum just about to start and mushrooms keep growing in popularity . I’m John York these stories and more coming up at the top of the hour .

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Was son here on KMJ hey just something to note here , I just found out that we are going to carry Donald Trump‘s immigration speech live tonight here on KMJ starting at 5 o’clock soon and we will have it right here in 5-81 0 5-9 Kim Jae we are talking right now about this violent sexual predator that may possibly be relocated from a mental health hospital in Kolingba to and neighborhood here in Fresno he’s live by himself. The state us , the taxpayer , are going to pay for him to live in a 5-bedroom , 3-bath house 2800 square feet , $370,000 home .

You know what it with the thought processes their Deutsche. I would like to know what they are not process got a guy we’re gonna we’re gonna locate him and put him in a house . I mean why would you find a neighborhood with a one-bedroom house .

Well that is a great question , John. Brodsky . If I had the answer . I’d be a millionaire Victor you’re on with Ruskin moose on Good morning .

Good morning , Chris. You know I heard you say castration is the solution .

I don’t know , I think you know I was then maybe I might feel little bit better. If he was castrated but again . Okay .

But , but let me just , let me just where high although that castration. But the ability . It’s doesn’t stop but White in the world . They still have that want will praying is broken and we’re safer is broken . You can’t fix . I’m not a doctor . I don’t pretend to be one , but yes , and with desire that is not a normal desire , which we all know it’s not acceptable and truly there is no set up in .

Well I don’t usually like you say you say you’re not a doctor , but the doctors say that people can be rehabilitated.

How do you rehabilitate somebody that has will for a little children.

I don’t know yet.

I don’t know the answer to that. But they say that’s the whole theory here is that you can . That’s why they’re not given life you know I’ve and seems to me when they get out they they generally today there are some that don’t commit crimes again . But if you . We hear a lot of them that do this has been convicted 5 times .

Well , exactly. And you’re not going to fix it and it’s been incarcerated 5 and he still has the wealth . You know , he may not have the ability , he still has the wealth .

Well that’s the difficulty , isn’t it. You’re In Prison . Of course you’re good . There’s no opportunity , right . There’s only one way to find out if your fixed and that’s to let you go . But I’d like to hear for so that people in their neighborhood bully , he says . Bullard and Greta Lind , yes , around that somewhere a little bit your own KMJ .

The morning. I’m in complete agreement with all the negative comments , I mean right now , but there is one caveat I want to mention just 3,000 square-foot house is probably cheaper to operate for him and putting him in person .

Yeah , that’s probably true. Yeah . You’re probably right . If there is one comforting thing in this would be about $370,000 house may be cheaper than incarceration . So I mean .

You know , spending 10,200,000 lire on him.

In prison , and in the hospital. Yeah .


Yeah , it’s hard to calculate what the price of that is you know there’s Psychiatrist Psychologist whatever there’s therapy there’s medication. Yeah . Their incarceration and guards all that we know what is it , where they say cost $50,000 to be In Prison right something like , yes , so what , what is the cost of being in a mental health facility with all of the professionals that entails . In my view . Right . But , but that’s not very comforting the people in that neighborhood .

Well , I’d like to hear from people in their neighborhood you live around there literally really this is , you know , so I think to sit here and kinda talk theoretically about this but this guy’s like 3 day or 3 doors down.

I mean what , what do you think this is not of not a comforting thought.

But this is not the person I would want as my neighbor , especially as somewhere that has a brand new little boy.

You know , go take a break here call and we’ll be right back on KMJ.

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