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Facebook and Twitter , as well as I KMJ now our bus question it came you Amazon implements a 30 hour work week doable in your business. Though now Kim you . The best question sponsored by the bad allergy , asthma incentive center .

By the way , I took that today I voted it was like 90% no , they don’t need you know what I think I’m working. There is a work in their business and I think a lot of businesses would be like that , you know .

I think so , because they don’t have to hire double shifts now. Yeah . The law have to pay twice as many people to do a job right now in Devon UNOS common in here in just a few minutes talk Trump with us , we’re talking about his immigration speech is visit to Mexico . Today , you know , the Mexican President extended this invitation just kinda flippantly not expecting Donald Trump to actually accept it and Donald Trump . You know this is what makes some kind of great he just takes everybody by surprise , so he said sure outcome . Not a problem . And I . And so , yeah so Donald accepted it is headed to Mexico today 5 o’clock tonight he will address the nation with his immigration policy looks like Congressman Devon is joined us , Congressman thanks so much for joining us this morning on with cross Musab right .

Thanks for his great to be on with you.

Sure. Well , so I have a quick question for you and I know . John’s got many questions . But my question for you who is how did it go yesterday how did , how was it yesterday with Trump .

Well , the best part is we finally have a presidential candidate for the first time in in in my memory that actually has a basic grasp of California water and water projects. One of the good things about . Donald Trump is because he’s a construction guy he was fascinated to learn about the Irrigation Systems that were built in California and and one of the things he was shocked to learn . Like , I think all of us are , is it . These systems were completed in the late ’60s and up until 1992 used to supply as plenty of water . We even even during 5 years of drought we could sustain our water table and most of the land would be farmed and so he was a shock to learn that and so I’m just happy that he’s taken the time to come out here twice during this campaign . It’s more than I can say for any previous presidential candidate and if Donald Trump selected at least we’ll have somebody in the White House who won’t just threaten a veto when the House passes legislation and in the Senate does nothing .

On the topic of waters cause you got your water forum today. What are you hoping to accomplish in this forum today .

Well , what we were really ideas were gonna lay out for people were trying to make this really informative one of the one of the areas that we’ve struggled with John and Anne you’ve been helpful with us through families protecting the valley is just getting people from Bakersfield to Madeira to understand how our water system works to understand what laws need to be changed to understand what is the shortfall. What are the consequences of of an action so we we’re gonna look at the 5-county region we’re , we’re in the process we actually developed a current outlook . As you can imagine many of the state and local agencies have not been forthcoming with information so so they have information won’t be perfect but we’re on a on a path to begin to really focus in on how much land is going to have to come out of production and that’s what many of the many of the people in the state of California . I think our senators our governor , even many people within the AG community who are just in a state of denial here that that approximately one 3rd of the land between Baker Bakersfield midair is going to be out of production over the course of the next decade or so .

I guess Ray’s gonna help young a bit down there today.

Yeah , I thought , you know , I mean you got Kim Jay‘s always been great raise just a water warrior along with you guys and and it’s , it’s , it’s really just , it’s always a privilege and honor to work with you folks a KMJ because you help us get the word out , you know we’re trying , and it’s harder than ever before to actually get educate people because as you know , a lot of the News Media is totally dishonest. So we’ve got it’s great to have a place like Kim Jae and did a great have friends who can help to advocate for people to learn people to learn to understand where our water comes from the founding fathers of of this valley , the people that built these systems understood that this would become the largest agricultural region in the world and then they did that by building these huge these huge irrigation projects and it’s it’s important I think for that for for us to know car ourselves are ardent neighbors our children , our School Systems everybody here needs to understand the seriousness of having these Water Systems essentially shut down and having no new construction projects on the books .

Hey , by the way , kind of a side note here , I noticed that Loretta Sanchez in her in a run for Senate against Kamala Harris says she would take a look at the Endangered Species Act. Will you vote for Loretta Sanchez .

I don’t know , I haven’t even thought about it yet. John , I can tell you that I’m not gonna vote for Camilla Harris , that’s for sure . I haven’t spoke to her . I mean if you look at her . If you look at Sanchez’s voting record in the House Of Representatives . It’s not very good . She hasn’t voted for the water legislation the David Halliday I have put forward over the last 6 years . But look , I mean I’m willing to listen . And I think everybody should listen but I just don’t want to . I just don’t want farmers or people in the valley to fall for something that that are empty promises . I mean this is what’s happened . We’ve had other senators of who have come here numerous times promised things and then in , in the never deliver .

Okay. Now what you know to tropes big day today , we have you were you involved at all . You know how this trip to Mexico . Got it , got included here .

No , I I wasn’t however I did spend quite a Romana time talking to Donald Trump about immigration and I’m and I’m actually very positive about where he’s where he’s gonna come down. Tonight I think he’s he’s he’s he’s now really focusing in on the problem and in figuring out , you know how difficult the solutions are , I think he’s going to outline some of that tonight so I I talked to on both Monday night . And then I was with him it’s ever Cisco then went with him to Los Angeles and then came with them to the Valley yesterday we spent most of the time talking about immigration and and I think he’s you know look immigration has not been , it has not been fixed for 30 years there is a reason why it’s very very difficult so I Donald Trump credit for actually taking on a very difficult issue and try to come up with solutions and I’m and I’m glad I’m you know , I knew he was going to go to Mexico . Of course , I couldn’t say anything but I’m glad that he’s he’s gonna go I strongly encouraged it because you know , one of things people need they did know one of things we’re dealing with now with Donald Trump is that you know he’s gonna get 45% of the vote in the United States . The question as how does he get the other 6% and the Democrats are very , very good in the Clinton machine a very very good at trying to make . Donald Trump look like he’s you know why older , you know , doesn’t understand the issues and so I think it’s going to Mexico meeting with a good meeting with the leader of another country I think it shows the Donald Trump’s willing to do what the President has to do it , he can do it , just because he’s a Businessman has never been involved in politics doesn’t mean the guy can’t learn it doesn’t mean you can’t meet with world leaders and come up with solutions to 2 very difficult problems .

Any hints about what he’ll say tonight.

Yeah , I mean , look , I know he’s gonna say because I I was there when he was going through a speech and I’d like to think that he even took some of my ideas , but like I said , I think it’ll be what you’re gonna see that they can much more realistic plan wonder that secures the border one that gives opportunities for those that are here puts an E-Verify system and and I think , but they’re gonna be along those lines.

When you say gives opportunities that those that are here. What do you mean by that .

Well , look , I think there’s going to have to be a some type of of permit system in this country for people that are that are doing jobs that they’re Americans are not going to do , whether that be in an agriculture other industries. We also want to be able to bring in really smart people so we’re gonna . We have a permit system that that that works for that we currently a lot of people don’t realize . We actually do have Permit Systems for these now for high skilled employees , we have a permit system . But of course it doesn’t work very well for AG for AG labor . We have a work . We have a work permit system but it’s it’s antiquated it’s it’s not enough people and you know it fills up within the first few weeks that it becomes available . So these systems to be updated and then we need to allow people to to apply form that are actually in here doing work , but in terms of what you know what the Democrats of or are trying to do is totally unacceptable . They just wanna basically say let’s not secure the border . Let’s just give everybody here amnesty as long as they vote and become Democrats then and that’s that’s how they solve a problem that doesn’t solve anything . And so I think people are I think Donald Trump had took on a very difficult issue , I think he’s with he’s walked through all the landmines is being attacked by the left it which is entirely predictable but but look at the end of the day , this is a business guy who’s who’s who hasn’t done this before , who’s who’s got a letter .

Demo wanna go a couple steps backwards here in today’s were a forum here down there. Until Larry , I understand that is maxed out for today is that right .

Yeah , we have , we hope we have enough seats and I think I I think we will , but yeah , it’s been , it’s been a great.


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