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Elementary School


Judge on September 27 when this issue comes up because a judge has to finalize this , so if you know what.

We’ve heard where have my friend on Facebook. Sure all wish for .

This , though if the guy that’s handling their in her her DNA is Steve Wright and he is asking for everybody Tipton to email or mail it in , and the info is on our website. KMJ . If you want to do that because that’s what they’re asking for the neighbors to write and in protest this of the can take before the judge and say this is not a good situation for him it’s down the street from a park it’s down the street from an Elementary School . This is not a safe area for him to be . But on top of all of that too . What does a guy need with a 5-bedroom , 3-bath house .

You know as well. That’s kind of a side issue it is and I , it’s not the main issue legal . Why do we have to get him . This large expensive house when it’s coming from taxpayer money and maybe therein lies the answer . Typical government decision making when it’s not their money . Yeah . You know Charles you’re on KMJ .

And here you know I’m I’m listening to this and I have a mother in law that lives not too far from there and.

I did.

All I can see is , let’s say this all goes through this house is going to become a huge target it’s gonna get tagged. It’s going to get vandalized and it’s just gonna bring unwanted attention to a neighborhood that really doesn’t need this kind of attention , even if the guy stays locked up in this house , it’s going to bring everybody how the world works to make sure that he knows he is not welcome .

What do you think it does to the neighbors and what , if you try to sell your house. I mean , you might want to try to sell right now , but it would deliver your home .

Or just the , just the value of the quality of wife. I think it just lets those people in that area know that they aren’t considered very highly .

Do you have to , what if they do have to disclose this when you’re selling your house by the way I live next door to a sexual predator. There’s just been released you wanna take that in consideration when you think about buying my house . I mean you , what would you buy that house Christine .

I you know I no I wouldn’t , but I think that’s a good question , do you have to disclose this could they know like if somebody has died in the home with him so many years who have to disclose that information. So glad you have to disclose your next-door neighbor is a violent sexual offender .

And I I don’t think that you would if want to move into their situation. I mean you can move anywhere you want . Are you going to choose that location . So this is basically damage the neighborhood and damaged your ability to sell your house and at least affected the value but I I don’t even know . I guess there’s some price that somebody would take it and live there if it was cheap enough , but it’s , it’s definitely could have been packed a value . Don’t you think . Yeah I do you Russell on KMJ .

I tell you , I’ve lived on this planet for 33 years and I’m 33 years ago on a degree in social science and administration of justice. My mother is a licensed clinical social worker . A : I got there should retire . Now we have done everything we can to play by the rules and and do things properly and we get no help at all , but this guy goes also will also a bunch of little boys and he did bring housing and real health care isn’t going there bring that exist . It just boggles my mind that we actually put up with that .

Well , I have said many times that if you want no help from the government do everything right you know live you’re right life the right way do everything right. Make all the right decisions go to school .

Raise upstanding citizen.

You have to do it all right , and you’ll get no help. That’s , those are the rules , the people who do everything right get no help that affect the people who get it , do everything right are asked to give to solve the problems of the people who do everything wrong .

And what we’re really we’re really bugs , like I said my my mother , you know , over 35 years experience and social work , including present therapy , mental health all sorts of stuff and she was told over and over and over and over again , you cannot rehabilitate these people.

Well , that’s the question. Now why if you can’t rehabilitate them why don’t they just get a life sentence .

Don’t ask me I’m not a lawmaker.

Because the system seems to say that we can give them some determinate limited said sentence we can rehabilitate them and release them. That’s what the law seems to assume , otherwise there would just be a license .

It should be. I mean when I was going to high Anastasiya justice program that’s there with the whole thing was their child molesters greatest molesters in general . It will give a life stances because there is whether the money is greater than 95% .

Is that right. I don’t know what it is , is that 95% .

Greater than 95% you can go over 95 when I you know made.

Yeah , I don’t if that’s true.

Ferguson is gusting at that’s true and then why haven’t we address this issue then why you know why aren’t these not like sentences.

By the way all these laws were passing is making it easier to get out.

Profit and we just talked about this last week. Prop 57 would make this crime releasable the day that it happens .

All these guys we get released if Prop 57 passes.

Well Karl another car you the neighborhood.

Yes I’m I’m pretty close to that area. My wife and I are pretty fed up about that we’ve heard about the other day suppose there’s got to be a a press conference tonight at 6 o’clock around that area .

Is that right now need some of this people that live there.

You it. What will it be nice if you could get a hold of the owner of this House because I’ve heard rumors about why he’s doing this but it is actually if if someone on the news and talk to him personally .

Well , I , well , you know , I , we will treated as a rumor. But I’d like to know if the rumor is .

The rumor has it that he just wanna makes it makes money off of this and rumor has it that he’s not this this fellas : not can be only guy living there that was we other people living there too. Besides him .

So they’re being so we won’t be I group home type situation from her.

And if that’s the room I’m hearing and you know it it they can release these guys what they need to do is put them next to judges or lawyers or or politicians not not and regular neighborhood.

Now there’s an idea. Yeah , it is an idea .

You know my I’ve got grandchildren this mayhem I’m semi-retired and I was , I was hoping to join my my stay here but the grandchildren were my faith , my wife’s babysitting and to your grandchildren. Now the same neighborhood . She’s really upset that there’s just a school down the block . Just , there’s a lot of parks around here . I don’t understand why they picked this particular location it unless it’s it’s true about this rumor about this guy in the house and try to make money off thing .

Why do you know I don’t blame somebody for try make money on their house.

You right but this way , I mean this is , this is , this is not nonsense. They need to talk to this this owner I I’m gonna talk to and find them . Okay . One thing though , I currently don’t only gun . This is one reason to purchase one because I I will protect my family at any cost .

So I wonder on the selling of the house now. Now there are rules about discrimination right is , is there is , there may be no law that you can’t refuse to sell their house to the state .

Well and win this is a good question , because it is , you know , we brought the sort of the very beginning , which is this house being sold or is it being rented , not sure , but the state is paying for it , no matter what. So we the taxpayer , are paying for that no matter what .

I just wonder when you’re blaming the owner and say maybe he should not read or sell or whatever he’s doing. Maybe he has some legal entanglements , or maybe it’s not legal to refuse to sell it in writing .

I don’t know , you know , I don’t know , we have discrimination laws that you can’t refuse based on race and those kind of things. Is it possible that it’s he can’t refuse . There’s no like anything else you can pretend . That’s not the reason you’re refusing . But , but I just wonder what will kinda laws there are regarding that you know that you your stuck . Yeah , you know it’s for sale . They , what about you can’t refuse . Maybe that’s the law 40 zero 5-8 5 A Brodsky moose on on more your calls coming up on KMJ , who locked up .

Rusty and Mustafa this is new style 5-81 0-5 not chaos.

As a Farmer you.

Chris Daniel for rich uncle’ You can put your money in the bank and earn less than one percent , or you could be the bank’s landlord and take a real good shot a 6.5% annual guilt . Well , it’s a pretty .


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