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And that is going to live in by himself $370,000. It’s also by the way late 4 doors down from a park and not too far from an Elementary School what they hack is this Healthcare Facility Thinking . I don’t know . India , they cannot make the argument to me that this man has been rehabilitated . He has 5 felony offenses against him .

Well , why are we paying for him to live the rest of his life in this home.

We are paying for this. This home is bigger than my oh my .

I don’t know why needs a 5-bedroom home.

I don’t know why he’s living by himself. But there’s a couple of issues here . I don’t think he needs extra bedrooms wouldn’t think let’s hope not because hope he does a new toaster bedrooms I’m aware why would we give a sex offender extra bedrooms .

Couple things come to mind to me here. Number one is that , I mean ethanol , one is actually . Number 2 , but there’s just the size of the house , you just go what why if we’re gonna Thatcher is gonna fund this . Why can’t we find a small house . You know let the guy go get a mouse one bedroom house somewhere . What’s with a 5-bedroom house , I get that . But the number one thing though is just releasing these sexual predators . I guess they feel like he’s been rehabilitated . Now maybe he has . I don’t know I have a question about rehabilitation okay because somewhere along the line . Some people have a desire for young boys , young girls , whatever . I don’t know what happens to them to make them want sexually to have young children of whatever sex . He’s a man he likes young boys . I don’t know what goes on in your head to make you like that .

But I ask myself , you know , I know how I am I. I consider myself kinda normal I like women .

And I ask myself , could I be rehabilitated to like something else that’s a than women. Yeah , I mean that’s what you’re basically asking he’s wired to like young boys . How do you change that they were , that’s not how would you change me , how would you make me like something else because seems to me you kind of are what you are and that’s why these people I think are repeat offenders because they like what they like . Now we can call them whatever we want to call them , but they are what they are . Now he’s been he’s been in prison . Then he was released to a state hospital so he’s been incarcerated and with some form for a long time . He’s been in this hospital situation for 12 or 13 years . I think if I’m reading the story right and he was being let out of jail for the possibility of parole at that point when they objected and put him in the hospital because I guess they didn’t feel like he was ready for society . Our district attorney’s office is still protesting his release .

Yes. They say that you should not be released .

Now , so that’s not very comforting when our District Attorney , by the way they are soliciting comments from the public. If you want to do that and we can give you the . The address , to go to do that .

What you can go to our website came to and pull the story up and it’s all in there. Okay , okay .

Because they they want our district attorney’s office is objecting to this , but there’s not anything they I guess can do about it. This is going to go to , like you said before a judge in September and he will determine if this residence is acceptable . I guess that’s part of his decision and whether he will then be released . Part of this is , is just the law . You know you if you have molest a child you get life in prison . You get some determinate sentence , which is generally I think maybe 5 , 10 years and so at the end of year sentence URLs will for role like he was now somebody made a case that he should be released . And he wasn’t but now here is 12 or 13 years later . So I guess you know some of us would say you know maybe these people just get a life .

Well , you , you know , in fact when we promote this story this this story this morning on the KMJ Morning News with Tony we we were talking about this is soon as we got off the air. My office phone was ringing and listener call me and that’s exactly what she said , she said . Why is this man even being released now she advocated for the death penalty for someone like this but it I agree , why you he being released the DA’s office . It is calling this man a sexually violent predator .

Now , I mean hasn’t done anything for a long time because he couldn’t because we had put away.

Maybe the only way I might feel better about this man being my neighbor would be if he was castrated. I don’t know if you think I don’t think he has been castrated but that might be the only way I would feel better about having a sexual predator be my neighbor but I am definitely not gonna feel better period about a foul and being given a house by the state via our taxpayer dollars for them to live by themselves and a 5-bedroom , 3-bath house that is 2800ft² .

Yeah , but I mean that’s aggravating , but you wouldn’t feel a lot better even if he was renting his own house with his own money , which you know my would , by the way , because he has got any money. I suppose I suspect and how’s he gonna get a job . Those kinds of things which was Roy’s talk about these fellas they get released have trouble getting jobs this particular kind of fell and would really have .

Trouble do that I I guess I would advocate for not being released. Then we don’t have to worry about that . No .

But the with but you have to change the law because the law says what you serve your time you’re eligible for parole and then they have to find reasons not to let you go. If you’ve been a good presenter we’ve done everything right , everything you’re supposed to do . I’m sure they have therapy and I think they have to go through if they’ve done all that and they look good . I guess you have to release them .

Now that you know this guy Stephanie served his time he’s been in there a long time. So what we do it . The only other way to deal with that .

Good luck you everybody. So let’s go talk to the 5 little boys who’s lives he changed and will never be the same after their encounters with him . Let’s go talk to them .

Well , that’d be a good idea. Why would with there like now , there’s a lot of times they say what your molested this you can turn into a molester .

Right. A lot of times these predators are victims themselves and this guy might have been a victim , he could have been .

4-9 zero 5-8 5 whole Kurt.

Are you going I I I wanna put Christina right over the edge , because I don’t know if anybody thought about this but these guys this this company’s gonna use taxpayer dollars to buy his house. This guy is going to be there for however long he’s gonna screw up , they’re going to send him back to back to the prisoner the mental ward or whatever then they’re going on this house and then they can turn around , they can Stanton gonna be able to make a profit off of it off of taxpayer dollars .

No , I haven’t seen anywhere that thereby are they buying this house. I don’t know I just thought they were , they were running at . I don’t know .

No , no , it’s being purchased disguise. Okay . Yeah .

Their purchasing this house for almost 3 360,000 or almost $4,000 and so this guy you know he lived in it for 6 months or a year and you know he’s gonna screw up again and.

Well , you now going away on a PC.

That’s kind of what we’re all thinking. That’s why we’re having a problem isn’t it . That’s what we’re all thinking .

But this guys that were so even as far as I’m concerned.

Well , I think you know like this.

Thank it well when it comes to little kids. I’m sorry that that I I draw the line there I draw the line when it comes to children .

But if that hard , but I have a dog as a draw the line. The law gives them . As I said , is not like well .

I I I understand that , but that’s where the people of this state need to stand up and say , absolutely not. This is not right . We are going to change this law and we are going to give these guys to do this . The death penalty and we’re gonna put him in an express lane to get on there .

You know I I think when it comes to molesting children. A lot of people feel that way but that’s not what our law . Yes .

Even inmates inside prison feel that way you know these guys are targets in prison. No , because of what they do know little kids so there’s even a Code of Conduct amongst criminals but also serve their time because our law doesn’t say life . No , you’re right . Our law doesn’t say life .

Or 5-8 5-8 Brodsky was on KMJ sleep train is not really.

Picture this year sprawled out on a tropical beach sipping on of those curly umbrella drinks the sun warms your skin. The ocean breezes blowing the waves gently hit the sand as you watch the palm trees sway this is paradise .


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