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This is the business news.

Asking her son here on KMJ to call in and weigh in on this if you want for 5854905 A also on Twitter and . I came now frosty moose on we’re talking about this violent sexual predator that is then well has been convicted of 5 felonies that were related to sexual contact with underage boys and back in 2002 he was moved from prison to the state hospital now they say he’s been rehabilitated . So they’re gonna put him in a Fresno neighborhood great Clinton Bullard area 5-bedroom , 3-bath house 2800ft² near a park near an Elementary School .

This is been rehabilitated , guys.

And by the way. You can email to destroy attorney’s office if you protest this I I as you could email if you wanted in your neighborhood is simply wants him in a zero they can email the DA’s office . I mean how many of those who think they’ll get .

For that evoke go to KPMG By the way , all right . Pat your on with bra skin moose on Good morning .

Good morning. My my remarks are little bit off the main stuff but I’m very concerned that was focusing it open remarks who’s on on the sexuality . This man is not attacking these kids because he’s gay he’s attacking his kids because he’s sick and to try Titanic that was up like homosexuality is so on because there are I’m sure millions of homosexual men who would never dream of attacking a voice anymore than they are straight man it would be more attacking at young girl who kind about because there are there’s a level of mentality out there who’s gonna start a field what’s happening there was gay men and gay in . I just like a new analysis for us that they just want to have a peaceful life and be left alone . This man is a sick animal . He should be as far as I’m concerned they could just shoot him .

Well I’m not sorry that you’ve got that impression from whatever I said all I was saying is that we are all wired the way we’re wired okay and there is no rehabilitation fund and I don’t , I can’t see any treatment that’s gonna on wire. The way I am , and that that’s my little boy .

But I’m. He may not be a homosexual , I don’t know .

Well you can join why don’t like never said that he was you know.

I am saying that there are people out there who will grab that and go with it.

Okay. I know what they’re grabbing cause all I was saying is , we all are , what we are is all I was saying whether be homosexual lesbian straight transgender . I don’t see how you go see a Psychiatrist is say , hey , doc , by the way I like women can you turn me into somebody who likes men . You know what what is that therapy but right you know I just that’s the only point I was making so please nobody think that I’m saying he’s homosexual because he’s homosexuals molesting little boys . I never said it never implied it and so hope we got that straightened out . Let’s see Gonzalo you’re on KMJ .

No. Oh well because .

Hagens , although we can’t really hear you. So I don’t know if you’ve got on speakerphone or what we’re gonna put you on hold .

And by the way , but in a speakerphone , please don’t be on a speakerphone take us off speaker Terry , you’re on KPMG.

Good morning Central Valley. Good morning . I hate to stop it . The way I understand the way I understand California law is your first offense . Get 30 years . Second offense , you get 68 and your 3rd offense . You get a life . The sky is on fire you what is he doing . Walking the streets telling to come out here to the Derek county and we’ve got some good ol boys that’ll take care of employee the taxpayers will save a lot of money in the kids will be safe .

Well , we know in California death doesn’t mean death rates and life doesn’t mean life. Right . That’s why people want to have to death penalty casino if you commuted to life that you’re gonna get out and that’s where I stand on it .

That’s just amazing that we have to foot the bill for this.

Well you can officially going to act like that you can put the one way or another , I mean.

As if it was back into a state prisoner status but always go.

Know you know footing the bill in the one caller said he thinks this might be cheaper than that I do my view. Right .

And has what I think what they’re thinking is they’re gonna put more people in there there many years that under the house.

Well that could be the information we have says he’s gonna live there alone. Right . That’s why would like , what the heck is that . But if you’re in the neighborhood in this is done then you’re seeing 5 bedrooms , you’re thinking and are there gonna be more , but that’s going to be like .

As a very comforting either is not very comforting at all. Keith your on KMJ .

Good morning guys and and decide to make a few points. First of all sex offenders do get life sentences detained how they tested a child or the kind of crime that was committed . Well it was digital penetration . Whether they put their hands on them , etc . And each act counts as constitutes a climbing the fence . I know I’ve seen trials where they end up with about 4-5 honey use zero for formal especially so we have to do get right . Second thing Pete Wilson when he was governor . Exeter California released a guy from prison as part of the killing fields . He said him to the most remote part of California , which was the mode at county , and he had several agents sit on him and and California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation staff until they transfered him state undisclosed location . The other thing , Christina , when you said it castration does not work .

So we also clarified that for me.


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