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Straight ahead journalism at its best asking all of the right questions. I mean an and the vote of the questions and nobody else in the News Media would ask entity Taliban who offers him a segment was even called you know one of the one of the 4 people that lost their lives in Benghazi . She basically called them .

Of one of the victims. A liar . It was it was terrible . It was terrible . One New York gave her up poor Pinocchio for her lack of truthfulness . In the interview , and we’re learning more and more about the DNC hack job it’s it’s now confirmed confirm knowledge that they were warned they were told somebody’s taking up Heath who shouldn’t be taken a big hit into anything about it and Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz her problems are far from over . She’s in the political race of her life against the very well funded challenger . His name is Tim over so this this hack job maybe her political demise in fact Bernie Sanders who hates Wasserman Schultz . I’m sure he engineered her departure from the DNC is a part of the deal with Hillary support in return Bernie might even campaigned for this guy . Tim over and if that happens , you can probably color her gone , you know .

And the Hammers dropped on sanctuary cities are holding onto wanted illegal aliens. Yes . Federal funds will be withheld if these criminals are not turned over to the Fed and what are we hearing about California , California stands to lose our $135 million in federal funding because of a lack of cooperation is this all centered in that city by the bay hang in for the ride today and tell .

And another name in the news. Maryland Moresby we gonna talk about this we gotta talk about this , the state Attorney General from Maryland .

Recent photos of her face.

Tell the whole story.

She looks like she has aged 15 to 20 years.

Ever since every single cop that she vowed to hang in the Freddie Gray case walked.

Judges refusing to try a lack of evidence.

One hung jury.

Charges against the final 3 car tops all dropped.

So why is she looking so beat up obviously when this is a great political loss for her terrible , terrible shot in her career.

But most of the police charged by her are now suing her personally.

Personally , and most of the legal eagles the armchair quarterbacks on this is saying they have got a case they have a case there for sure.

Because of her language at the time of their arrests and because she exceeded her authority so she gets to play defendant now.

5 of the 6 cops have filed suit against her. Oh , but wait , they’re all of those do gooders out there saying to the police . Oh , don’t do that , it’s only going to further the divide in this country .

When you this was their lives.

And their gloves or you know probably forever screwed up because of this.

We’ll get into it. Today we’re gonna learn about Green who lives matter of course .

And you heard of it shared Green lives matter. This is coming out of the University Wisconsin Green Bay .

Green Bay.

Green lives matter. There’s no connection , but I thought it was cute , where they are celebrating the politics .

Of Food.

They’re teaching the politics of Food.

And that eating is a very political act now. The teacher teaching this course . The professor , are you ready for her name .

Dr. Elizabeth wheat wha wha 80 wheat had to be also the very same university you can earn a degree in democratic and socialist policies.

Now what do you do with a degree in democratic and socialistic policies due to go to the work for the the Kremlin bunch graduation.

And also in today’s news.

Comes the revelation from Montclair State University.

Where they are professing the word step ST EP step.

The word step.

Is insulting to those who cannot walk.

The word is insulting to those who cannot walk in this audience , I know there are people listening who cannot walk my mom lost her ability to walk in her ’50s.

Those of you who are paralyzed. Those of you who have lost her lower mobility through whatever it has the word step offend you . I mean I’m betting on a percent of you have never given that a moment’s thought until now and , like me , you’re probably laughing in kind of a sad way but the source of his great discovery about the word step is a real piece of work going to hear about this woman who is a lesbian . But you say you can’t call her a lesbian .

I did that , we will save it for later I’m feeling Smith so out of touch in this world. I was born into , you know .

I feel really out of him and I point out again Hillary interview on Fox. You’ve got to hear this thing . If you haven’t heard yet in its entirety . It’s on the Internet will blow your mind . It is so good .

And blowing up the truth.

I thought , wow , wow out.

For me , well I slowed my coffee.

I was rude. All right , mostly on a talk about Berlin big actually I don’t talk about her so much as those people coming to her defense . All right . She’s the state Attorney General in Maryland .

And if you’ve seen recent voters over she looks like she’s aged 20 years.

If I.

Her attempt to lock up the cops involved in the death of ready Gray came up short short short short short short short short.

He lost out straight across the boards.

She’s facing their own charges.

Last year , after an independent in the investigation by her office must be announced that she was seeking charges against the officers William Porter Edward Nero Miller Caesar Goodson Lieutenant Brian Rice and Sergeant Alicia White for the death of Freddie Gray , who of course was the young black guy that was picked up on some criminal charges died in their custody in the transport van , the police , the paddy wagon , according to a witness in the Patty-wagon he threw himself around like a like a wild-eyed caged animal.

So following the the Equitable’s of.

I think it was near good of rice and the mistrial of Porter.

Most announced last week that he was gonna drop charges against all the remaining officers just forget about it yet , she made it clear.

In follow up comments to the public the justice was not served in a press conference. She sounded more like a protester .

Then a duly appointed or elected. I don’t know . State Attorney General and she shouted the Grey was a victim of police brutality .

After all was said and done by the courts.

She shouted at this press conference. Gray was a victim .

Of police brutality thus defaming.

These officers are all walked.


Most of them.

Charges dropped against the others.

Them even more.

So after all is said and done 5 and 6 officers most be sought punishment for our returning the favor.

They have filed a lawsuit against her a biggie.

Alleging she is guilty of defamation false arrest , false imprisonment and more.

Now the complaint is filed by Porter and white big big from setting that with Mosley made statements for the purpose of quelling the riots rather than prosecuting police officers who committed a crime.

Most exceeded her authority and brought charges against the police that work.

Wholly unsupported by the evidence and probable cause.

The Officers Attorney Michael glass claimed they were humiliated by Moresby.

And she now has to play the role of defendant herself.

Now is that where the story ends. Not really .

Because there are now a number of people coming to her defense not really her defense but they’re saying at this way oh come on police. Please don’t sue they’ll just further divide the country . Take the high road and walk away from this , are you kidding me . There are Democratic legislators saying this . There are people in BLM saying this there are advocates . You know , black advocates . I guess I can call them and that it’s the regular cast of characters saying this , you know .

Asking the police not to sue her begging the police not a sewer or getting downright nasty about it because they’re suing her saying it is only further going to divide the country if they go through with his personal lawsuits against Marilyn Mosby , the Attorney General of Maryland.

What color i say this often , is the son in their world.

These are civil suits. This is a personal action one on one .

Against a woman who all but ruined their careers. Correct . Am I wrong .

They’ve got every right to sue every single right to sue , but maybe I’m missing something here.

Maybe I’m missing something.

It the fact that they are going to sue her. Let me ask you is that further going to divide us , black and white .

Are these charges of that true.

Sure they just take the high road and walk away.

I’m I’m asking you.

Because that again. Maybe , maybe I’m missing something to keep an open mind here 4-9 zero 58-58 should these police officers . Go ahead .

With their suits against Marilyn Mosby.

I mean I I don’t understand why they couldn’t or wouldn’t.

I think it’s just a natural cause of events here.



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