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I’ll leave it to others to characterize this report. But I think it’s pretty clear , it’s time to move on . I think it’s pretty clear , it’s time to move on now .

Going to see here , move along. Never mind the man behind the curve .

But that’s basically the official word from Hillary Clinton. Nothing to see here and and really the Mainstream Media has just joined in with this if you listen to the headlines , you listen to the coverage from from the Liberal Media . I’ve just been amazed and I say that because I’ve gotten into the report I’ve looked at it . I’ve I I’ve I’ve listened to those who prepared the report and what they had to say about it and read some of the testimony and it is completely different than what you’re hearing from the Mainstream Media . Here’s basically what the Mainstream Media . Here’s a montage of of what they had to say about it .

I was smoking no new evidence to blame for Hillary Clinton finds no bombshells about who were Clinton no new evidence of wrongdoing by Hillary Clinton , no new evidence of wrongdoing. No evidence of Clinton’s housework work does not shed significant new light on Clinton’s handling of the crisis .

I guess the thing that gets me when I listen to that and that’s everything from CBS , NBC , ABC-MSNBC and X , Y , Z Daisy and everything else Fijian why all of them. The thing that I hear there is I as I listened to and he says there is no new evidence . Okay . So it’s , so we’ve always known this from the very beginning . They haven’t shed any new light . We’ve always known that what she told us was not right . I mean I would look at it that way , but obviously the average person out there saying we’ll see you can do anything . No , no new bombshells hear anything like that and I think maybe the key word there is is new which which brings up the point . Do people really care or to quote the Secretary Of State . What difference does it make are are people really going to be engaged on this and I think that’s one of the reasons that the Democrats and specifically Hillary Clinton was just again say nothing to see here move on . It’s time that we move on . See nothing new . The talk about other things that happened years ago tragedy , yes , but really what difference does it make that it’s time to move on from that well . What difference it makes is again here is an individual who is applying for the position of Commander In Chief . Here’s individual who’s going to be an at the , at the highest position in our country and is going to be the leader of the free world . I think I have every right and even more than they had a responsibility to look at how she deals with crisis and this is really the first time under fire if you will . Another time . First time that she’s in that hot seat because this , this was not a military action to begin with , I mean it . It ended up that way . Yes military’s involvement , the don’t misunderstand me . But this is with the State Department . This is one of her ambassadors . This is a friend of hers , as she described it and how do you respond at that time . How did she respond under heat where was see in that . In that call that came in what what was her response and still it is very unclear of exactly what was taking place . We still to this day . Do not know where the President was the EU Finance do you find that in any way , just a little bit curious , the President of the United States .

We , we’ve got an ambassador that is under attack. We’ve got soldiers that were about to send in to a troubled area . This is not something that happened instantly again go back to the movie 13 hours hours are going by hours are going by where they have every opportunity to engage to be involved , to be notified , but yet we still are unclear about where the President was the White House will not tell anybody they’re they’re they’re not releasing that they’re not talking about that that that’s no need to know that I want know that I I wanna know how did the President , United States and now I wanna know even more because I can’t do anything about United States he’s I stating is going to be until until next year till January can’t change that . So I then won a go . Where was the secretary state what was she involved in what was the , what was the decisions that she was making . That’s what this report . He is all about because it is on her watch and and the decision . She makes is going to be the pattern in my opinion of house you make future decisions . Let me play for you some of the sound bites from some of the members of the committee . First of all , Representative Jim Jordan , he gives his reaction .

Now look at. Brian , we learned that no military assets were even that even taken off before the attack was older , as I said yesterday , what did start before the attack was over was the political spin because at 10-0 8 at night when Tyrone Woods is still on the the enacts fighting for his life and his fellow citizens lives he’s making a statement that wasted a video as the catalyst for the attack , which we all know was false . He says some sought to justify this vicious behavior as a Response Inflammatory Material on the Internet . We know that was misleading and false because an hour later , she tells or daughter terrorist killed our people and the next day she tells the Egyptian Prime Minister that the film had nothing to do with it . It was a planned attack not of protests .

Does that make does that make any difference to tune it to you because it does to me as one thing she is formulating this press release. This release to you into to the American people that it’s about a movie when behind the scenes privately she is admitting . No it’s not . We know that it’s not , she tells her daughter , that she tells the Egyptian ambassador that we know what it is , this is they orchestrated terrorist attack . But we’re not going to release that to the public why again for political reasons .

The spin started right away before the attacks over but help getting to our folks did it and that’s why we , Mike and I were our our report we talked about politics drove this from the get go for this administration and that’s something that should happen. America .

3 now think about it. Politics drove this if you’re gonna put her in as the Commander In Chief . Do you want politics to be the decision making benefactor in military decisions . I think we’ve done that before , you know , make it turned out too well for us and especially in the day and age that we are living in of this political correctness . That’s where the Obama Administration . Basically they weren’t even men who are who our enemy has because of political correctness . How can we fight this battle . And here we see the greatest example of it and what took place there in Benghazi that while there is a battle going on while our ambassador and troops are in harm’s way . Fighting the battle , they’re arguing about how are we going to spin this politically that that my friend should not take place . That to me is why it’s so important . That’s why we talk about it . That’s why the evidence is there . That’s why the committee went through this and and think about how long it has been . Why , because the White House , the Secretary Of State has done everything they can to block access to information because when you turn the lights on , it doesn’t look very pretty . When you , when you look at it for what it is and I give you some more information . It’s readily available to you . Now we can look at it now , we can see what the people on the inside were saying at that time . And as I said friends . It is amazing what they were doing . Do you realize that they were setting on a tarmac there in Spain for 3 hours waiting for the release , and you know what they were doing during that time they change their uniform 4 times because the .


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