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This is the farm , you need look at today’s brutal barn issues with commentator Jill Scott.

Barmby was brought to you by heart of measures sober sulfur potash reduce the peerage of your soil now instead of later and by Valley Now here’s Jonah Hull welcome to fine view on this .

Program we try to inform our listeners and entertain them as well. We’re fond of saying that by listening to farm view you get to learn a little bit about agriculture and you get a smile , a little bit too . So whatever we come across anything they can be both informative about agriculture and entertain as well . We like to pass that information along to our listeners . With that in mind , I’m going to talk a little bit about an activity that definitely does those 2 things and that activity is visiting a pick your own or pick yourself farm near you this time of year is a great time to take the whole family out to a picking yourself farm . The weather is usually excellent this time of year and all kinds of fresh green fruits invest will are available about now also the whole family , especially the kids get to learn how a real farm operates and had a lot of fun . At the same time , when we get back from the break , I’m going to give you a website address to help you find a pick your own farm near you .

Part of nature offer super sulfur potash a sulfur based Agricultural Mineral Product that makes it possible to immediately reduce the pH of your soil with other software products , you might have to wait over a year. An SSP is approved for organic crop production SSP is the 100% natural way to reduce the pH of your soil now instead of later ask your fertilizer distributor about heart of nature’s SSP or call Scott Tyler toll free at 877-324-3278 or go to heart as that’s part of .

Valley is your one-stop for birth control ammunition for farmers plus gun Smith services and hunting supplies at Valley you’ll find an extensive selection of new and previously owned firearms that fulfill a variety of needs for all types of Sportsman collectors law enforcement , military and general firearm enthusiasts. You can visit Valley right now from your desk and take a tour of the store and services upcoming event some specials , just go to Valley again that’s Valley I said I would give you a website address that would help you find a great pick it yourself farm near you . So here it is , just go to pick your again that’s pick your this website provides a detailed list of picket yourself farms for strawberries blackberries blueberries . In fact , if it’s a Food that’s a color you can find it along with all kinds of other fresh spring fruits and vegetables . Again that’s pick your so go out and visit a farm and have some fun as well . And I mean know what you think you know he’s email me by just going to fund new . I’m Joe Scott and this is been .

Foreign view : always remember no farms no Food so long.

I’m 35 on the game. J farm report Kevin Reimer weather forecast for today .

Good morning. No April Fools’ joke here , it is going to be a beautiful Friday for your lots of sunshine and warm 78 degrees . This afternoon : mostly clear and cool tonight 50 one the overnight low before here Saturday and Sunday . Here in the valley lots of sunshine and high temperatures topping out in the low ’80s from became J weather center fax 46 chief meteorologist Kevin Reimer .

And we’re looking at 52 degrees. Currently in northwest Fresno they came Jay farm report is sponsored by Wells Fargo your leader nag lending Culkin remiss your business and act specialist at 5-5 9-4 3-7 30-81 Team GB’s time 5-36 .

CBS News special report just in from the Labor Department 215,000 Jobs were created last month , according to numbers from the Labor Department. The unemployment rate is 5% . The experts are believing that employers remain confident enough in the economy to and their staffs with more employees despite signs of Sluggish Growth Economist just for shape .

13 strong job growth in construction with improvements in both home building , and then commercial construction service industries generally are doing well. We’ve seen a slowdown in manufacturing job growth and then we’re seeing large job losses and Mining because of a downturn in Energy Production .

Recalling 242,000 Jobs were created in February compare that with 215,000 last month creation , averaging 229,000 last year.

Consumers are spending and that’s power in job growth , we continue to see improvement in the housing market , we continue to see improvement in commercial construction.

In March 2 and 15,000 Jobs created CBS News special.

PC he’s the 50,001 voice of agriculture , he was talking fighting 1-9 10 MJ. Now , the host of central California‘s only live at the local farm broadcast KPMG director John York Good Friday board .

Saying it’s April 1st no full and here. Yes . Indeed , it is April 1st and coming up later here on the game’s EU farm report certified crop adviser Mark Silverman talks about soil temperature much more ahead please stay with us there .

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