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Overall on , he added. J broadcasting live from Sierra Vista Mall the 20-16 Central Valley career fair we’re here for . Just a couple more minutes than raised steps and he’ll be talking some trumped this afternoon he’s here until 2 o’clock the courses career fair going on until 2 o’clock as well , so it a look at for a job . This is the place to be today come by dress nice bring your resume quite a few of employers here , we’ll look at the higher , so come on by will hear talk to , we’re talking about the CSU system pending looming , I should say staff striking and they want a 5% hike and we’re asking the question so they get 5% today . Let’s head to the phones hard cheat you’re on with Brodsky on . Good morning .

Good morning. Hi , John . In Pristina .


I I was coy. I am a part-time faculty member at Fresno State currently and I think there is a lot of misconceptions that people don’t understand . 60% of the part-time faculty teachers . Most of the classes . So and that’s crisis issue 23 campuses . So that’s the percentage between 60% and 65% are talk by part-time faculty now full-time faculty and other was the numbers thrown around they are if we quoted between 3 to 4 classes depending on their discipline we have part-time workers have to make ends meet and people don’t realize . Now we are getting paid less in high school teachers and care for teaching 3 to 4 classes . I am currently treating 7 courses between 3 different colleges last semester I taught 9 classes . That’s double the low of part of full-time faculty and yet we have the DNC degrees . We went to this profession . I don’t go into this profession to say I was gonna make a lot of money . I’ve been doing it for 22 years . I love what I do but I think people need understand we need to be paid a fair wage just like anybody else in the job we have families to support . We can’t just go to work and not get paid .

Last semester would 5 Fresno State.

What did you make it you might LME.

Are but the average of a faculty part-time faculty is making $28,000 a year.

You know that’s not how the here we don’t have to. I had to look at night .

Am I until I did you had to each other. I won’t work constantly going back and forth , trying to get as many causes we can so we can support a family .

Well , this 5% not gonna help you.

This 5%.

The 5% not gonna to do much for you.

Well , the 5% of hike all across a part-time and full-time faculty.

Well , I know it’s a raise , but I mean the money you’re talking is not you know not going to get you where you probably think you should do it right.

Yeah , but you know if you love what you do and you and you enjoy your classes and you enjoy your to do and then it’s over into a new for 22 years. Obviously it’s not the money that you can be there , I mean there is a lot of other things that are rewarding about teaching , but I think people need understand we just need a fair wage and that’s all we’re asking for and he doesn’t mean on the net , they will just survive , teaching know Fresno State alone but apparently Peter Stearns aren’t getting enough classes , so maybe they should offer us some more classes to teach them . I would have to go to 2 or 3 different colleges to make sure I can pay my bills .

How does it work. Margie are you paid like her class that you do you chip is .

Yes we are , you know outwards exactly , yeah. Okay .

Oh whatever our contractors this mess from 3 classes they laugh off 5 classes depending on the need of what the department needs here I am as far as they’re saying to you with a because we can’t afford the rates for the teachers. There’s a $2 billion reserve fund in the Education Fund get that could be using easily to be invested into the faculty and service for the year on the administration and other costs . How much are we paying the coaches of Fresno State .

Well we know and he likes , he who actually teaching the students.

While I think that’s an ongoing debate isn’t it. Margie . Thank you very much . Good luck .

That’s , but you know which had more time because I I’m sure why do they have so many part timers. This is the question . I wanna know we don’t have as many full time faculty offices because they can get them for a lot less .

Running at them for a lot less money right. Absolutely .

Thanks for calling everybody else wish we had more time , but we are out Ray’s gonna be up next. He’s going to talk about . Donald Trump and his his top staff every down little bit of trouble here Gray is here .

A bit of hot water here.

Coming up his voice to be ready to go. Right , got that the career fair Sierra Vista Mall but we’ve gotta go raise up next on J&J .

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