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America's Navy


If you call the highway one bypass where you can just shoot through there because they at the time they expected a few hundred thousand people a year would go see the Catholic turned out , it was more like a half a million. So what is in the water , people . It’s a rock . I know look at , it’s like a white a white Polish rock that you can pick up there along the Beach Skipper Carles look man stones I , you can find it of you don’t know what they .

I will have figured in the end. No no no endangered species now Intel .

For now let’s bring up April here year on K M J high.

So good morning to you. This is my car . I have a question regarding 2007 Toyota¬†Camry Hybrid I’ve taken it into the shop , they had also court through it changed over and search me that I need my strength . I will be or worn out and another heart attack . I don’t know what it’s all the different that goes with the stress .

That there might not here all they’re mounts yes now sits atop a historical.

You need to be replaced and my prayers are cutting this which is spearheading noise I can’t afford all of it at one time. So is there a recommendation on whether to replace dispersed .

Well , I mean what one of the things too about tires Cup in you need to remember too that you have the tread that stays on the ground , then you have the side wall the side wall when his side wall is allowed to flex up and down continually when you go down the road do due to a week suspension or strut issue. Okay , then that that problem . There is a , thus the Strip in week so and when you we place distraught there’s a bearing up Tottenham , which is part of the suspension . So it’s a good idea to replace them both as a unit .

Okay. You can look to replace the stress . Prior to his flight .

Well you we’ve media about the same time , when you take this ride out the bearing sits on top , okay. So when you turn away awestruck and rotate because it with rat continue steering Anne McPherson strut suspension these strut assembly is a major component of the suspension . So is the bearing takes place Europe a control arm . So it’s , there’s no extra labor to do it because that all comes out , you know , a few seconds to change too . So there is there on the right track and they’re trying to take care of the intake of it right .

Okay. I just wanted to make sure to replace all their all one-time or if I can , rather than to deliver replacement Bush in the Porsche .

To do is separately , it would cost you more money you’re gonna be you’re gonna be duplicated. They were charged .

Excellent , thank you so much.

Okay. April . We’ll take a short break here and then grab a couple more questions here on KMT’s auto shop talk .

I had good relations with a lot of Republicans in times like these. I hesitate to mention anymore games they were probably hurts family . There’s no time 2 weeks from their ordeal for most in the mosque a secret light on the election , he continued driving in a pair of shoes to save the Washington establishment : that is it pledged to every single person that’s impacting has gone down . He was by 8105 9th KPMG .

Today , brought to you by America’s Navy working around the world around the clock protecting everything we hold dear back home.


The one and only Paul McCartney on another way.

Giving away Paul McCartney. It was before the curfew Kevorkian know they’re never have seek to expand that will congratulations brother thank you thank you thank you got more tickets to give away through our Paul McCartney right here on Kelly MJ .

2 shy to and cried. Post your question on KMT’s auto shop tough Facebook page then listen to the show every Saturday morning from 70 to 9th .

All right. In the last 5 minutes of the show , so we’ll go back to some questions and calling from Lake Port here’s you’re on with Ron Craig high .

Aren’t good.

I have a 2000 Mercury Mountaineer written all wheel drive 5 final order has about 45,000 miles on it and after considerable warm up there is a tie shelter or vibration when he goes into force here but only when you let up on the throttle Brown though 43 miles an hour , but if you , if you have your foot into the throttle it ships flying.

And then it. It also has improved . This is a hardship like if you’re going through the hills . It has a hardships going in and out of the 4th gear .

Give a check engine light on at all.

No , it never has come on.

Transmission fluid good and good condition.

Do you. It is this : when you’re going up is it was the shift . Okay . Has it been okay and now it’s probe grew progressively getting harder .

Yeah , I’ve learned over the last few months I’ve noticed they didn’t harder.

But you know I if first thing in the morning it I can get it to bit upset that have to try , try , try wall between coalition like for this and after warms up good it all is if you like getting on a freeway.

And you get up to speed in the lineup on the trying just stick like a coast that’s shipped vibrate and you can feel it in the in the seat of the car. It’s like , it’s almost like it’s on the river and .

Okay. Darrell were short on time . So let’s see if we can help here .

Well , I think I were taken , I would. I don’t know that in the transmission is possible , but I would definitely start checking the drive lines , make sure you may use it very possible . You have a you join get loose some like that too .

Yeah. If any thoughts on Iran . Well , you know , I think I would think of it in the ways that not it might become and out of Ataturk a murder he might begin a shuttered to how rapid it is .

Of next year’s readying Clovis.

No , she’s Food. Yes , I got to know for 2004 PT Cruiser replace all the replace the coil pack why off often go palms of the running went smoothly and their hearts surging at them going down the road at high speed you know at them accelerating surging .

Are missing.

Well I you know fire Rico okay that I just checked just now I got a P zero 1-3-2 code.

Which is the first time I’ve seen that I don’t know which will now on it.

Well you know if you were on I decision which we quick when you’re accelerating it is business.


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